What is a Fawn French Bulldog? Fawn French Bulldogs are common kinds of bulldogs with a light to dark reddish color. All French bulldogs have darker facial colors, and the beautiful shape of their faces with these colors makes them unique among other kinds of dogs. The life expectancy of these dogs is 10 to 12 years. Many dog lovers all around the world love to pet these dogs due to their different abilities, like their bright, playful, social, and friendly behavior. This popular dog breed is one of the most expensive. Because of their abilities, skills, and behavior, everyone wants to buy them; therefore, there’s huge demand and less supply, which creates huge price hurdles for dog lovers. If you are thinking of having such dogs and want to learn about them, then this is a complete guide that will help you understand how these dogs are good for your specific dog needs. 

Are Red Fawn French Bulldogs Rare?

Overall, fawn French bulldogs are not rare, even though they have huge demand in the market. They are common, but red fawn French bulldogs are rare. These reddish-brown color dogs are rare kinds of French Bulldogs; therefore, most dog lovers ask for them. The good-looking appearance and friendly behavior of these dogs make them the favorites of dog lovers all around the world. Due to their unique red color combination, Fawn French Bulldogs are rare and expensive. If you want to buy such a dog from a reliable breeder, it will cost you from $3,500 to $6,000. The price depends on different factors like their ability to train, friendliness, being social, and living style. French Bulldogs come in various colors and patterns, but reddish brown fawn French bulldogs are rare, expensive, and precious for dog lovers. The fawn bulldogs are not flat red; instead, you’ll get red-mixed fawn color dogs. The red fawn French bulldog comes with these color combinations and characteristics:

  1. Redish brown color
  2. Tant fawn coat
  3. Light to the dark reddish combination
  4. Black face mask

The Physical Appearance Of Fawn French Bulldogs

The red-fawn French bulldogs have unique characters, colors, patterns, and abilities, therefore, people ask whether the red fawn French bulldogs are rare and whether they are unique just because of their specific facts and origin. The unique and good-looking color of these dogs makes them better than other common kinds of dogs. Bulldogs with red fawn colors are liked by many dog lovers. These dogs have good heights in the small to medium range of 11 – 13 inches. The weight of a red fawn French male bulldog is between 22 – 30 pounds, while females have a 16 – 18 pound weight range. These dogs are good for families who are looking for a dog that can play with them like a good friend. The Fawn French bulldogs are easy to groom, and pet lovers can sit them on their laps easily. With their lightweight and size, you can take them with you on both long and short travels to make your travel moments more fun with friendly dogs. You can train them easily, as their small physical appearance is a good fit for quick pieces of training. The whole beauty of these red fawn French bulldogs lies in their large heads with unique facial structures, lightweight, and small to medium size. 

Kinds Of Fawn French Bulldogs

These are different types of Fawn French Bulldogs. Each dog has its own uniqueness, character, and ability to do different things:

Fawn and White

These French dogs have a good and balanced combination of fawn and white colors. The mixed fawn color makes them more attractive. The combination and color margin between white and fawn may differ. 

Red Fawn French Bulldog

Red fawn French bulldogs are the most beautiful and favorite bulldogs of many dog lovers. This is one of their best coats and has been liked by many people who want to have a rare kind of dog in their home. 

Fawn Brindle

This kind of French dog has bindings over its fawn color. These are also good-looking and somehow common in their color. 

White and Fawn

The French bulldogs also come in white and fawn colors; it’s a reversed version of fawn and white because of a large area of their white skin. These dogs look cute and wise in this color, given their other capabilities. 

Blue Fawn

The blue fawn French bulldogs are one of the rarest kinds of bulldogs. They have a bluish combination with a brown coat. This rare color of bulldogs makes them more beautiful with perfect blue shades and eyes. Although there are no full blue dog in bulldog variations yet a little bit of blue color make these dogs cute, innocent, and good-looking. 

Pied Fawn

The Pied fawn french bulldogs have white blends with some fawn patches all around their bodies. With fewer blend marks they look white and with a large number of fawn patches make them fawn.

Important Facts

Have you ever thought why most people like red-fawn French Bulldogs? People love to have unique and amazing pets with their various features and abilities. The red fawn French bulldog has so many things that people are crazy about like their appearance, size, color combinations, and characterizations. Some of the important reasons people like to have these dogs in their homes are as follows

Small size

Red fawn French bulldogs are not only good-looking but also low-weight and small in size which makes them easy to carry anywhere and teaches them interesting things like jumping, snatching, running, and other quick tasks. 

American Genre

All red fawn French dog balls migrated from French to America, and now these are called most favorite dogs of American people due to their unique powers and colors. 

Great Watchdogs

Although these dogs are small, they are best for watch purposes. If you have red fawn French bulldogs you don’t need to have a separate watchman outside of your main gate for security because these dogs do better this job than any trained watchman or watchdog. They will never allow any stranger without your permission and training to allow them with some specific signs, gestures, or indications, but for these tasks, you have to train them first. 

Rare Colors In French Bulldogs

The famous French bulldogs have multiple rare varieties that you can not find them easily or at cheap prices. Some of them are:

Blue Fawn

These bulldogs have a light fawn color with a blue mask or blue spots on their faces. This is a rare kind of French bulldog. 


A complete black bulldog without any kind of mark is the rarest kind of these dogs. These are the most expensive dogs due to their uniqueness in color. 


You can’t also find a plain blue dog easily there are only fewer numbers of completely blue colors in such dogs. Some in terms of blue color come with grey with a bluish shine color. 


These dogs have light grey with an ashy mixture of colors. This combination of colors makes them unique, expensive, and rare. 


Platinum color is a mixture of white and unique kind of genetic colors which make these dogs not only beautiful but also expensive and hard to find. 


This is almost similar to lilac but it comes with a brownish shade and some unique patterns on it. 

Blue Brindle

Finding a bulldog that has blue color with light fawns is a really hard job. There are only fewer such dogs with this color and they are expensive to buy. 


Merle French bulldog has a unique color pattern with dark mottled patches on their light-colored coat. This is also a rare kind of bulldog. 

Some other rare types of French bulldogs are Black Merle, Blue Merle, Lilac Merle, Tan, Black and Tan, and Blue and Tan fluffy long hair dogs. 

How Can I Find A Rare French Bulldog?

To find a rare kind of French Bulldogs that are discussed earlier in this article you have to spend a big chunk of money thousands of dollars because standard and famous types of French dogs are expensive then these rare kind of French bulldogs will be more expensive than standard ones. You don’t need to find only a rare colored breed because if it’s not approved or from a reputable breeder then chances are you may be scammed with non-verified breeders. you can find these rare kinds of dogs in the following shops: 

Rare Color Breeders

Some shops are made only for rare kinds of animals and pets. Search and visit search stores physical or online. When you visit such a store you will find multiple rare types of French bulldogs. 

Check Online

There are multiple online dog stores some of which are specifically for rare types of French bulldogs. By visiting some reputable pet and French bulldog online stores you can find easily any kind of rare French bulldog. 

Visit A Nearby Pet Store

If you are living in an area where there are multiple or some reputable pet stores must visit them and check sometimes we find great rare kinds of pets easily within the same price range we afford easily. 


Red Fawn French bulldogs are rare because of their super unique fun characterization, skills, and ability to learn new things quickly. The fawn color has various types of such dogs lie reddish brown, tant fawn coat, and black face fawn bulldogs. Physical appearance and size are the only things people like the most and want to have them as cute friendly pets. In the fawn category, there are multiple other fawn types of dogs most famous of such dogs are fawn and white, red fawn, fawn brindle, and blue fawn. Before buying a red fawn French bulldog must check your breeder is a reputable, reliable, and experienced one.