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How To Pick The Right Basset Hound Names For Your Pets

Pets are raised for a variety of reasons, the primary reason being love and companionship. The unconditional love of adorable Basset Hounds can melt away your worries. When you take home your pet, you are actually taking home a relationship [...]

Best & Professional Dog Nail Trimmers For Thick & Soft Nails With Sensor

The length of your dog’s nails needs to be trimmed and maintained at the proper length always. There are many compelling reasons to have the Best Dog Nail Clippers for their owners. Pets scratch themselves with their paws, and [...]

How To Get Rid Of The Basset Hound Smell That Afflicts Pets At Times?

Dogs, generally are not known to smell really good, or like roses. They are not meant to be so, and is attributed to the diet, the behavior, health, fur, and surroundings. One or a combination of many reasons can [...]

How To Pick Baby Basset Hound Puppies?

The approach to select newborn Basset Hound Puppies can sometimes be flawed because of a variety of reasons. It is best to identify the traits of a particular breed and then look for those characteristics in a Basset Hound [...]

The Lovable Beagle Hound | All That You Need To Know About Beagle Puppies

It is not without reason that the Beagle Hound is ranked as the fifth most popular breed by the American Kennel Club. The adorable hound has come a long way from hunting down small prey like rabbits in the UK [...]

Must-Have Basset Hound Dog Clothes And Merch For Holiday Season!

Most people would consider basset hound dog clothes a luxury. Others would think it’s a necessity. But no matter which side you are on, you cannot deny the fact that giving your dog clothes makes them cute [...]

A Quick Guide in Choosing a Basset Hound Kennel

Imagine your particular Zen space inside the home or in the backyard. You go there to relax, meditate, and just take your time to slow down. Now, think of the basset hound kennel as your dog’s Zen space. A [...]

Most Comfortable & Best Dog Harness For Basset Hounds – 2021 Updated

Due to their low gait and unique body structure, Basset Hounds can be challenging to walk. They aren’t fit to be leashed because aside from they’re not very physically active, their body is stocky. Also, basic leashes don’t [...]

Basset Hound Grooming Tips – Personal Insights Here!

With a thin fur, it seems that Basset Hounds are one of the easiest breeds to groom. Their laidback personality also cuts the fuss during bath time. However, they have a bigger body and their ears require more attention [...]

Common Basset Hound Eye Problems Your Pet Might Have & Solutions

>>>> Introducing Chewy Pharmacy - Free Shipping on Pet Meds! <<<< One of the most distinctive features of a basset hound is its extra skin folds and wrinkles that give it a sad, droopy appearance. Whenever [...]