Barking is a challenging behavior to break, but with a suitable training device. A bark deterrent like a dog whistle might be your best option when nothing seems to be working. Many other devices claim to do the same job as a dog whistle, but they use more potentially harmful methods.

Also, there have been instances where the use of the devices like shock collars and prong collars has increased aggression in dogs. It’s impossible to deny that we all adore our dogs, but constant barking can drive anyone insane from time – to – time.

If you are hesitant to use prong, spray, or shock collars on your dog, Bark Begone could be the ideal device for training your canine friend. This article will thoroughly review Bark Begone and highlight the features, benefits, pros, and cons of this device, where you can buy it, and how much it costs. Let’s begin!

What Is A Bark Begone?

Bark Begone is a market-leading ultrasonic dog whistle. This device is practically a whistle but a high-tech one designed specifically for dogs.

This device is designed to assist you in controlling your furry friend on walks and other outings.

Because the device’s sound is not audible to humans, you won’t need to worry about bothering the entire block just to train your canine.

does bark begone really work

However, the same cannot be said for other dogs in the neighborhood. Bark Begone can deter bad behavior while also protecting your dog.

Because not everyone can speak to dogs, it can be difficult for dogs to understand what we want at a particular time. This device assists in teaching your dog the difference between right and wrong in an appropriate manner.

Furthermore, Bark Begone comes with a flashlight in addition to the sound it emits to distract your dog. The flashlight will certainly catch its attention if your dog isn’t startled by the ultrasonic sound.

This device is also an excellent tool for late-night walks. Some people may object to the ultrasonic frequency because they believe it is harmful to your dog’s ears, but this isn’t the case. Bark Begone was created by experts and is entirely safe to use.

How Bark Begone Stops Barking

You may be wondering how Bark Begone stops barking? A dog whistle can produce a much higher sound frequency than a regular whistle. The ultrasonic sound startles dogs and gets their attention which helps stop them from barking.

However, you cannot rely solely on Bark Begone to control how your dog. Combine Bark Begone with solid training and positive reinforcement to achieve the best results.

Another great about this Bark Begone is that it can be used as a training tool and a barking deterrent. You can also use it to keep your dog from jumping on visitors or excavating your yard.

Once you’ve mastered how to control your dog’s barking, you can progress to teaching it other behaviors. Moreover, don’t be concerned about your dog’s hearing being harmed. The Bark Begone produces a high ultrasonic frequency but at a low volume.

However, the frequency is not audible to us because this device was designed not to bother people training their dogs. Furthermore, Bark Begone can also be used on other dogs and certain animals.

For instance, if your neighbor’s dog is aggressive and frequently enters your yard to cause a raucous, you can stop this behavior by pressing the button.

However, keep in mind that Bark Begone will always be a temporary fix for naughty dog behavior unless you combine this dog whistle with long-term training.

Features Of Bark Begone

Here are a few features of Bark Begone.

  • Bark Begone emits UV Sound Waves. The portable device includes a sound generation chip that emits 25 kHz high range frequency sound waves once you click the button.
  • Bark Begone features a luminous LED with a flashlight to grab your dog’s attention and arouse its senses. Also, the in-built flashlight can help guide you and your dog in the dark.
  • The design of Bark Begone is portable and easy to operate. You’ll have no trouble carrying Bark Begone in your hands, bags, or pockets.

Benefits Of Bark Begone

Bark Begone provides a few benefits allowing you to train your dog without much hassle. Here are the benefits of Bark Begone.

  • Bark Begone can stop your canine from running after strangers.
  • This device can make your dog obedient and deter violent and rebellious behavior.
  • Bark Begone allows dog owners better control their pets without much fuss.
  • This electric dog whistle helps train your dog to perform different activities.
  • One of the best benefits of Bark Begone is it stops your dog from barking.

Bark Begone Pros & Cons

This section will highlight the pros and cons of Bark Begone.


  • The design of Bark Begone is compact and lightweight. This device is comfortable to hold and simple to operate. The compact size makes Bark Begone portable and easy to carry around.
  • The sound frequency is approximately 30,000 Hz, which isn’t audible to humans. As a result, using Bark Begone won’t bother you or anyone else in the vicinity. Furthermore, this sound frequency is not high enough to hurt the dog’s ears making this product risk-free.
  • The built-in flashlight helps you guide your dog and stimulates the dog’s senses.
  • Bark Begone comes at an affordable price compared with similar electric dog whistles on the market.
  • Bark Begone device is also very durable with a long lifespan. Therefore, you can expect to use this device for a long time.
  • Bark Begone works faster than voice commands and prompts speedy feedback from your canine.


  • This device is only available online, and no retailer sells this device offline. Dog owners can only get this device from and on the official website of Bark Begone.
  • The small size of this device makes it easy to misplace and tough to find.

Where To Buy Bark Begone

You can purchase the Bark Begone ultrasonic anti-dog barking device on their official website and Bark Begone isn’t sold in retail stores. So, if you come across a device with the same name or design in a store, it is most likely a knock-off.

How Much Is Bark Begone

Bark Begone can be bought at the affordable price of $45.95. However, the total cost might be higher when you factor in delivery costs. We recommend verifying the authenticity of the product before buying it.

Tips And Tricks For Using Bark Begone

Here are tips and tricks for using Bark Begone to get better results.

  1. Using Sight Barriers: Creating sight barriers is a way to reduce annoying barking. This will help keep your dog from barking at passing cars and other dogs. Barriers help keep your pet in check, better control the pet, and keep the dog safe.
  2. Training: It is essential to put your dog through a training program. We understand how tedious training can be, but the results will help you better control your dog’s unnecessary whining. We recommend properly researching the right tools and resources for training your pet, which will greatly help you during training. However, if you can’t sustain an intensive training program, consider hiring an expert dog trainer. Although, you might have to shell out a sizeable amount to get your dog an experienced trainer.
  3. Correction Level: Different dogs respond differently to similar levels of correction. To keep your dog in order, ensure you exercise caution and awareness; otherwise, you risk hurting your pet. We recommend using signals that aren’t too high or too low to achieve the best results. All dogs are different, so understanding your pet goes a long way in correcting any bad behavior.
  4. Battery Performance: Durable battery life means a device performs longer. For this reason, it is crucial to maintain the battery properly to derive more value. Firstly, avoid charging the device any longer than necessary as it will quickly deplete the battery. Also, make sure you don’t expose the device to moisture. This device will be useless with a bad battery, so endeavor to follow these tips.
  5. Maintenance: Anyone who wants Bark Begone to last a long time must perform basic maintenance such as swapping out a faulty battery with a new one and ensuring the device is always clean. Proper maintenance guarantees consistent performance, so make sure you carry out these basic maintenance tasks.

In Conclusion:

Having the right device to combat annoying dog barking is a problem most dog owners face. However, dog owners can rest assured because Bark Begone is just the right device for controlling your pet.

With the help of Bark Begone, you can have peaceful nights with little to no barking. Once you understand how this device works, it will become easy to train your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the range of Bark Begone?

Bark begone works within an 11 yards range. The closer you are to your canine, the more effective the device will be. However, you don’t have to stand directly in front of your dog while using Bark Begone.

Q2. Is Bark Begone worth buying?

Yes, it’s worth it. Bark Begone is a simple and effective tool to train your dog. This device is effective on all dog breeds and works speedily. Furthermore, Bark Begone is relatively inexpensive compared to other anti-barking devices on the market. This device also has a high durability and safety rating. As such, it’s worth every penny.

Q3. Is it humane to use the Bark Begone on my dog?

Yes, because you are not in any way endangering your dog. Because most anti-barking devices are designed to work with a wide variety of breed types, they use a frequency range of up to 30,000 Hz. This frequency range will not harm your dog’s hearing.

Q4. Does Bark Begone work?

Bark Begone has worked on numerous dogs worldwide, assisting customers in better training their noisy dogs. As soon as you turn on Bark Begone, you will notice an immediate difference in your dog. You can use the device to train your dog to obey different commands other than just stopping barking.

Moreover, training your dog with Bark Begone and hand gestures can embed actions in your dog. Finally, subjecting your dog to several experiments with Bark Begone will help you train your dog better. Also, after a few training sessions with rewards, your dog’s behavior should start to improve.

Q5. What are customers saying about Bark Begone?

The majority of customers are pleased with the Bark Begone because it assisted them in effectively training their pets. According to Bark Begone reviews, it is worth noting that customers who do not own dogs have purchased this device for its ease of use when running and exercising outside.

Despite this, there have been some customer complaints about the late delivery of Bark Begone and other complaints regarding ineffective performance, which may occur if the device is used from a distance.

Q6. Why is Bark Begone better than other alternatives?

Bark Begone is not your average dog whistle. Thanks to the built-in flashlight, it can deter undesirable behavior through sound and sight. It doesn’t even need to be close to your dog to work because the range extends up to 70 feet. Just make sure you’re close enough to provide positive reinforcement right away.

The Bark Begone also has two levels that can be customized. The first level is suitable for dog training. It’s just an unusual sound that is not audible to human ears and is intended to catch your dog off guard. Level two is the most difficult and is not ideal for training. The sound is louder and can be used to frighten aggressive dogs.

The Bark Begone has a built-in LED flashlight, which gives it a competitive advantage in the market. Some dogs may be unaffected by the ultrasonic sound. In this case, you can achieve better results by combining the LED flashlight with the ultrasonic sound.

Q7. Does Bark Begone Work for All Breeds?

Bark Begone is designed and tested by veterinary technicians and tested on various dog breeds with permission from the Ethical Committee for Animal Testing (ECAT). The results of the tests were meticulously recorded and studied further and have been shown to work on nearly all dog breeds with good hearing.

Bark Begone is also effective on puppies and toy dogs. Nonetheless, this device is not harmful to any breed. Although, it may unsettle your pet for a few days. Aside from that, it is completely effective and safe for all dogs.