How to Get Rid of the Basset Hound Smell that afflicts Pets at Times?

Dogs, generally are not known to smell really good, or like roses. They are not meant to be so, and is attributed to the diet, the behavior, health, fur, and surroundings. One or a combination of many reasons can actually leave your pet smelling musty. This can sometimes be nose wrinkling and uncomfortable. It is actually possible to control the typical Basset Hound smell and keep your home clean and free from odors. All it takes is a little bit of observation and simple methods to rid your home and your pet of the odor. Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Identify The Reasons Behind The Basset Hound Smell

There are many reasons that can cause the odor. Basset Hounds are genetically disposed to having an oily coat, which gives the hound protection in the outdoors.

Basset Hound

In other words, the oily secretion in the glands of the coat are relatively heavier, and this is the reason why you find a shiny coat for your Lovable Basset Hound. It is this oily secretion that collects dirt and grime easily, resulting in foul odor and there is also the possibility of yeast infection. The loose skin and droopy ears of your Hound are a pleasure to watch but require adequate care. The droopy ears can easily collect dirt and bacteria, which will begin to smell after a period of time.  Similarly, the loose skin folds are a natural habitat for bacteria. The low profile and the stunted stature of the pet make it easily susceptible to dirt and grime. To get rid of your lovable Basset hound Smell in your house taking care regularly is important.

How to get rid of the smells effectively

The smells can be tackled easily after you have identified the reason. For instance, if it is because of bacteria on the oily skin, you can give your pet a nice bath and groom.

Basset Hound Smell

It is important to note that the oily skin is a natural protection for your pet, therefore, your dog shampoo should not be too harsh. Do not use any hard abrasive substance to scrub your pet. Remember to scrub the underside, the armpits and the loose folds of the coat properly. The bath needs to be periodical but not too often, as this will rob your pet of the ability to secrete oil. You can use a good pet ear treatment solution to keep your pets ears clean all the time. In the event that your pet has atopy/dermatitis, visit a vet for treatment. In case the anal sacs of your pet are impacted, you will also experience foul odor. This requires the attention of a vet. You can easily understand the symptoms of anal sac impaction, as your pet will drag its bottom and show discomfort. Observe your pet for different signs and treat it accordingly to eliminate the foul odor.

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