It is not a secret that fleas are your dog’s worst enemy, hence, when you see that there is one crawling in their body, all you want to do is to immediately treat it away. Sure, these fleas can cause so much suffering to your most loved dog.

They will suck their blood and could make them very uncomfortable. As a responsible dog owner, you have to make sure that your dog will be free from their most hated enemy.

There are more and more dog medications meant to treat and kill fleas, and this becomes a challenge for dog owners, as almost all brands claim they are the best in the industry.

But, not until you research further you would know which of them is the best to treat fleas. If you have not heard about Bravecto, it is time that you read on different bravecto for dogs reviews to know more about it.

What is Bravecto?

This brand has been around for a long time and was approved to use by FDA or Food Drug Administration in 2014. It started only as an oral treatment, and their claim is that one chewable tablet can protect your dogs from fleas for 12 weeks. After a while, they then introduced bravecto spot on for dogs .

Bravecto offers two solutions, and it is all up to you which of them would you use.

How It Is Administered

First off, you have to know do you need a prescription for bravecto? Generally, the answer is yes, but since there are more and more online shops that freely sell this product to the public with or without prescription, it is highly encouraged that you speak with a vet first before you give your dog a bravecto to chew or apply on your dog’s shoulder blades.

If you are using a tablet, you need to let your dog swallow it, and expect your dogs to be free from fleas and ticks for about 12 weeks.

If you accidentally forgot to give your dog a dose after the 12th week, do not worry, as all you have to do is let them take another tablet as soon as you remember, and start counting 12 weeks from the actual day you administer the tablet and not when is the 12th week on your old calendar.

Meanwhile, not all dogs can afford to chew tablets, hence others prefer bravecto topical for dogs. What made Bravecto a good option for dog owners is that they have the option to choose between topical or tablet, but the latter is more recommended.

How Does It Work

In terms of effectiveness, this is a gem for vets as it is main ingredient is the fluralaner. The oral formulation can start killing fleas within two hours and with ticks, twenty four hours. And after 72 hours, the topical application is known to kill fleas by 100% and ticks over 90%. A dose of their formula is effective to up to 99%.

After 8 weeks of administration, the lone star ticks will be on the line for killing.

You have the edge when this is used, as they are not only to kill the parasites but also to ensure that they won’t come back provided that the 12 week gap is followed.

How does bravecto work? It works perfectly. Make sure though that you are buying the right kind and type of Bravecto as there are bravecto for small dogs, for medium sized dogs, for large dog or anything in between and beyond.

Are There Any Side Effects

Side effects are just common to any medicine not just for dogs, but for other animals and even for humans. But even if fluralaner is known to be well tolerated by most pets, there are some animals that still suffer from side effects after taking a dose of this medication. Some of these are tremors, seizures, and twitches. Most, if not all side effects, are non-life threatening and short lived.

It is highly advised that this medication is taken with a professional vet’s prescription. Most vets won’t recommend it to dogs with history of epilepsy and seizure.

Is It Safe To Use

The good news is, bravecto chews for dogs same as with the topical form, is safe to be used. It won’t get an approval from FDA if in the first place, they found dangerous effects in it. The other question to ask for safety is, “is bravecto safe for pregnant dogs?”, and the answer is yes, it is safe for both pregnant and lactating dogs.

You do not have to think twice about giving this to them, as yes, it is safe for them.

Final Takeaway

If you love your dogs, one thing is a must, you have to make sure that they are free from any fleas and ticks, and all the other insects that are using them as a spot for a perfect meal.

Yes, these are best to use with doctor’s prescription, but since bravecto for dogs without vet prescription can be purchased online, you have to make sure that you are consulting a vet before administering it. You have two options; you can use the tablet or the topical form. Whichever you choose can give wonderful results.

There are known bravecto for dogs side effects but most of the time, the side effects are non-life threatening and short lived, hence if you see side effects that are more than that, seeking help from a professional is strongly advised.

It is advised to give the medication to your pets 12 weeks apart, but when forgotten, you can administer the medication immediately after you remember. Skipping a very long time may cause the fleas and ticks to come back, hence best to mark the date on your calendar.
To answer the most worrying question for dog owners, “is bravecto safe?” the answer is yes, since it is FDA approved but proper administration and professional advice is still a must. It is known to be purchased only with prescription, but most online shops do not require it.

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