You will see various discussions about whether the dogs can swim or not. Many dogs by nature can swim and most of them can learn after some training. In the mixture of these questions, we see a query can basset hounds swim?

Well! Bassets can swim but their body structure makes it difficult for them. It doesn’t mean that your basset can’t swim like other hounds. You can train to become a pro swimmer. This will take a little bit of extra hard work to train them to swim. Bassets are the best hunting dogs. 

Can Basset Hounds Swim? Detailed Overview

If we talk about the nature of dogs, we can say that hounds can swim. But the problem occurred with the way can basset hounds swim. Is their body shape. Their body makes swimming difficult for them. 

Their short legs and long back becomes a real problem when they swim. They can’t stay in the water for a long period. They had not only short legs which makes swimming difficult but also their lengthy back is the reason. When their back end sits in the water, it will become challenging for them to get up.

On the same side, their long ears didn’t cause any hazard in swimming. 

Did Bassets Like To Be In Water?

Although bassets are bred to hunt or track any secret, they don’t have any natural vibe to jump into the water. They prefer to track secrets on dry land over watery land. Behind any retriever, maybe they can jump into a lake or a large puddle.

Did Bassets Like To Be In Water

can basset hounds swim

But most of the basset hounds didn’t like the water. You may convince them to swim to train them that jumping into water is fun. If you want a dog as a swimming partner, we suggest looking for another breed. Basset hounds didn’t make you as comfortable as any other hound.

Challenges On The Way To Swim Basset Hound

You can find that most bassets can swim. If some of them can’t swim then it is their natural problem. Their body shape and structure are the main challenges in swimming. Their short legs, long backs, and large heads make it rigorous to swim properly. 

They are heavy muscle hounds. They are bred to hunt and track any secret. On the other hand, they are not naturally friendly with water. They can’t hold their body for a long time inside the water. Their body shape is not comfortable to float. This is the biggest challenge for them.

Some Lessons For Hounds To Swim

Like other hounds, if you want your basset to also swim, then keep the following instructions.

Never let your hound go into deep water at the very first stage. First, give him tries in shallow water so he can get used to water. Gradually by that time, he will become friendly with water presence. Then you can give it motivation with some rewards.

Never force your hound to go into the water. Let it go to the water by itself. A doggie life jacket will help your dog a lot. You will remain in peace when your dog swims with a life jacket. 

Until the hound doesn’t learn how to swim, never allow it around the swimming pool. It can be dangerous for it as it doesn’t know how to swim yet.

Stop Doing These Things While Your Hound Is Learning To Swim

Never force your dog to go inside the water. It can make your dog anxious and depressed. There will be a fear of water in your dog.

Always start with a low leveled water. Don’t let your dog into deep water as it will be challenging for it. At the start, try to touch their feet in water then increase the water level when they become confident. 

Never let your dog beyond any supervision. Always make sure that you are somewhere around the hound. They can get tired inside the water and this can put their life in danger.

hound is learning swimming

can basset hounds swim

Never punish your hound if he shows any fear towards water. Try to be soft and generous with the dog. This will build positive vibes to the dog and it will learn to swim quickly. 

Try to teach your hound regularly. Don’t try to skip any day without training. Gradually make the process tougher and make your hound an expert.


So you want to make your basset hound swim. Yes, you can do this. Your basset hound can also swim like other breeds. You only have to pay more attention to the training. You have to keep yourself around your dog. 

You have to become more soft and positive towards your dog. And that’s it. You have your answer to the query: can basset hounds swim? Make sure that your dog is safe in water. If you are a pet parent then must visit the pet care story for more details.