Veterinarians are not legally qualified to make that decision in the mental health field; hence they cannot write an ESA letter for you. Only a qualified mental health professional such as a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed social worker, can write an ESA letter.

Veterinarians prioritize the health and well-being of animals over people in their work. Therefore, a veterinarian is unable to write an ESA letter for you.

People who already have pets and want to certify their pets as Emotional Support Animals usually ask about from whom they should get the ESA Letter. Or can their existing veterinarian write an ESA letter for them?

As responsible veterinarians, they must refuse patients who ask them to write an ESA letter and must inform them that they cannot provide an ESA letter. Even if they write an ESA Letter, it won’t be accepted as an official document under the law that protects you as the Federal Fair Housing guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing says that a valid emotional support animal letter must come from a licensed healthcare professional only.

How Can My Vet Help Me And My ESA?

As mentioned above, a vet cannot write your ESA letter. But they can help you with housing purposes as some landlords require a “Reasonable Accommodation Form” along with the ESA letter. That form needs to be filled out by your pet’s veterinarian, which asks about vaccination records and other health information. So, with this form, your veterinarian can help you and your ESA.

Can My Veterinarian Write An ESA Letter For Me?

Vets can also help you and your ESA while traveling. In some flights, bringing an ESA requires completing an “Animal Behaviour Form.” The Vet can fill out the form by entering the pet’s name, breed, weight, vaccination history, and health information. However, with complete Vet verified documents and other essential records, most airlines allow pets to travel.

Who Can Write an ESA Letter for me?

An ESA letter is a legitimate document that confirms a patient is receiving treatment for their mental or emotional health condition with the help of an emotional support animal. An ESA letter is an authentic document that can provide you with various benefits:

Providing accommodation even in a no-pet policy building.
Keep your ESA in the flat without paying any charges or fees.
Keep your pet inside a dorm at a school or college.

Now the question is, ‘Who can Write an ESA letter for me’? Federal Laws have made it clear that only a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) can write an ESA letter for you. The licensed professional can be anyone like:

• A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
• A licensed Professional Counselor
• A licensed psychiatrist
• A licensed psychologist
• A licensed doctor qualified to conduct mental health assessments
• A Licensed Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
• A Licensed Addiction Therapist
• Any Licensed Mental Health Professional
• A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• A Licensed Behavioural Therapist.

All of these mental health professionals are qualified to identify your mental health condition and can write an ESA letter for you so that you can get the assistance of an Emotional Support Animal. Once you find a mental health professional, you will be able to discuss your disability with them, and you can ask for an ESA letter for needing an emotional support animal in your life. Once they approve, you can receive an ESA letter and be effectively accompanied by an emotional support animal.

How To Get An Free Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You can get an ESA Letter from any state-licensed mental health professional online. But make sure that you find a legitimate source to get an ESA letter. Many companies provide fake ‘ESA letters’ or ‘ESA Registration.’ Only the Certified ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional will give you the rights and benefits of having an emotional support animal letter.

Can My Veterinarian Write An ESA Letter For Me?

To get a legitimate Emotional Support Animal letter online, you must apply on the company’s website so that the Licensed mental health professional can evaluate your mental health condition. To get an Emotional Support Animal letter online for your emotional support animal follow these steps: follow these

Apply Online

Visit the website of the company that you have decided on and start the process by filling up the application form by mentioning your basic medical details. After that, answer a few questions related to your mental health. Once done, you can submit the form on the portal.

Get Evaluated

The Licensed Mental Health Professional will review your form based on the details you have mentioned. Through the details mentioned on the form, the LMHP will decide whether you need ESA assistance or not.

Receive An ESA letter

If you qualify for an ESA letter, it will be sent to you in your email. You can download your ESA Letter from your email and print it for use.