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The Best Dog Deshedding Tool Comparison And Testing

Do you ever find yourself involved in endless sweeping of pet hair? According to Joe Bartges, shedding is a natural occurrence in pets. It allows pets to lose dead and old hair to create space for the new one [...]

The 6 Best Dog Ear Cleaners (2022 Reviews)

The health of your dogs’ ears is an essential thing in their life. Even when a dog doesn’t have any ear infection currently, regular ear cleaning using the ear cleaners will prevent bacterial, mites, and yeast from developing in [...]

5 Best Puppy Toys To Keep Them Busy

The short legs of a basset hound are prone to bone and mobility diseases such as patellar luxation (a condition wherein the kneecap is misaligned with the thigh and calf bone) and wandering lameness (an elusive disease that [...]

Most Comfortable & Best Dog Harness For Basset Hounds – 2022 Updated

Due to their low gait and unique body structure, Basset Hounds can be challenging to walk. They aren’t fit to be leashed because aside from they’re not very physically active, their body is stocky. Also, basic leashes don’t [...]

A Quick Guide in Choosing a Basset Hound Kennel

Imagine your particular Zen space inside the home or in the backyard. You go there to relax, meditate, and just take your time to slow down. Now, think of the basset hound kennel as your dog’s Zen space. A [...]

Must-Have Basset Hound Dog Clothes And Merch For Holiday Season!

Most people would consider basset hound dog clothes a luxury. Others would think it’s a necessity. But no matter which side you are on, you cannot deny the fact that giving your dog clothes makes them cute [...]

Best & Professional Dog Nail Trimmers For Thick & Soft Nails With Sensor

The length of your dog’s nails needs to be trimmed and maintained at the proper length always. There are many compelling reasons to have the Best Dog Nail Clippers for their owners. Pets scratch themselves with their paws, and [...]

Top 5 Of The Best Dog Bowls For 2022 – Your Trusted Review

Most pet owners spend adequately on pet food, but unfortunately, ignore the need for the Best dog bowls. The focus needs to expand, as the dog bowls are actually an important aspect of feeding practices and good health. [...]

Adorable and Cozy – The Best Dog Sweaters for Pets

Man’s best friend has evolved over the years and pets are now not as tough as their ancestors at the time of domestication. While the instincts of dogs remain unchanged, the adorable creatures that were used to living in [...]

Dog’s Day Out – The Best Personalized Dog Collars of 2022

Pet parents find themselves confused between choosing a dog collar or a harness. For new dog owners, both appear the same. However, it is important to note that a dog collar and a dog harness are not exactly the [...]