Whether you’re a professional dog groomer or are looking for a dog dryer for your at-home grooming needs, you’ll find a vast selection of dryers from which to choose online.

So, how do you know which dryer will work best for you?

To get in the know about dog grooming dryers, you need to review the types – the benefits and disadvantages. As a dog owner, you must also consider your dog’s temperament. If your dog is sensitive to noise, this is important to note.

When selecting a dog grooming dryer, you’ll probably choose several if you’re a professional groomer. As an owner, one specific dryer will usually suffice. Most online sites offer forced air dryers and finishing dryers for review.

Dryer Terms to Know

To understand what you’re getting, it also helps to consider some of the terms associated with dryer use.

Let’s look at some of the definitions below:

Air volume measures the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, or the actual measure of air that a dryer creates.

Airspeed is represented by feet per minute (FPM).

Volts show the electricity the dryer uses.

Amperage or amps represent the rate of the electrical flow.

Watts represents the amount of electrical energy a dryer uses when it is operational.

Horsepower notates a unit – showing the power of a motor.

Heat is represented by one of two heating elements

1. A cal rod heating element is similar to the one found in a burner on a stovetop. This element is also known as a resistance heater element because it is slower to function. As a result, it can last a very long time.

2. A coil heating element is frequently used in hand-held forced air dryers. This element responds quickly to heat controls. However, the mechanism may also degrade relatively fast due to the higher temps it produces.

dog dryer

The Most Popular Dryer Types

To get a better understanding of dog grooming dryers, it helps to delineate them and define the differences. Below is a list of the dryers that are featured online.

Forced Air Dryers

These popular dryers emit a high-speed forced stream of air. They are used to push excess water and dead hair out into the air quickly and efficiently, which also reduces brushing times.

Finishing Dryers

Finishing or stand dryers are used to complete the process of drying and serve to remove any trace of moisture from a dog’s coat. They come with a heating element that assists in straightening curly dog coats.

Finishing dryers

Combination Models

Combination dryers may combine forced air with finishing. Because of their versatile operation, they serve both as a good start-up and backup dryer.

Final Thoughts

Use the above info to make a selection. Also, consider the level of noise and the purpose of the device before you decide Choosing a suitable dryer will also cut down on removal methods – used when pet hair settles on furniture and fabrics.