When you want to choose the best tool for your pet, you can seek help from your veterinarian before buying. Media like the paw perfect as seen on tv, is another source of tools. There are different size tools to trim nails of different size dogs. The covid pandemic made the pet owners spend more time with their animals. They now take up the grooming process. Cutting your pet nails may seem intimidating at first, but with time, it’s a lovely process.

Here we will review the Paw perfect tool and see how it can prove helpful in grooming your dog

The Paw Perfect Detailed Review

Bell + Howell Paw Perfect Rechargeable Pet Nail File

The tool has proved to be effective. It makes high rotations between 7000 to 14000 per minute to file away sharp and long nails in minutes. It has high power but very efficient on energy. The ultra-powerful rotating head has a cover protective sheath.

The protective sheath on the ultra-powerful rotating head maintains your safety. It’s also responsible for the protection of your pet. The nail slots on the machine tool keep only the pet nails in but the skin out.

The device has an inbuilt LED light. It automatically lights up whenever you switch on the paw-perfect machine. The LED illuminated Light makes the grooming process safe and more effortless.

The machine has three modes; high, low, and off modes. The high mode makes 14000 revolutions per minute, while the low mode makes 7000. To use these modes, you press the high-quality paw shape red button on the machine. The rotating fine files of the tool are fit for tough nails or more giant animals. A very fine file is for delicate tasks like the grooming of small dogs. The small dogs need a more soothing touch.

The Bell and Howell Paw perfect has extra-fine rotations. The well-tuned internal part provides super fine spins. They make the tool not to be impossible to hold or shaky. It lets you maintain a secure, confident, and stable grip of the paw-perfect device when using it on your pet. The extra slip-free rubber handle enhances an ultra-comfortable grip as you operate it.

In most cases, puppies are prone to electrical cords chewing. The Bell and Howell Paw perfect tool is cableless. It thus reduces the risks that come with electric groomers.

Basing on customer ratings, this paw perfect is easy to handle, comfortable, and easy to use. Customers enjoy the high maneuverability of the tool.

Dog nail trimming can always be risky and expensive. When you decide to use clippers, it’s easy to hurt your animal. If you choose to use professional groomers, it will be costly because you will have to take your pet to their salon.

According to paw perfect nail trimmer reviews, such changes won’t arise as you will be able to grind down your pet claws from your home. There is no hustle and no extra cost. You will save dollars as the tool is compatible with any pet, whether small or large.

If a dog is sensitive, have a warm-up session for it to get used to the tool. You can use treats that will make the dog comfortable for grooming.

To use the tool, start by acclimating your pet to the motor sound, which can naturally be scary to some animals. When using the device, apply it for two or three seconds for your pet to be comfortable. You don’t have to clip the pet nails before filing. The machine works in all dog sizes. The 19.0mm slot inside will fit big dogs that need claw care.

It’s easy to buy replacement rollers for the paw perfect. The kit comes with an extra-fine roller and an order form to purchase replacement rollers. The replacements are four fine rollers and two very fine rollers. The paw-perfect pet nail has a rechargeable battery. It makes it fit the systematic process of trimming.

To know you are through with the nail, don’t trim past the dark streak middle part of the nail. Only work on the outer whitish part as the darker streak is a blood vessel.

Bell & Howell Paw Perfect Specifications

  • It has a LED Light to brighten up the area of work.

  • Compatible with any pet type, whether small, medium, or large.

  • It has a shake-free grip that promotes maximum confidence.

  • It has dimensions of seven inches in length and a diameter of 1.5 inches.

  • It has reduced noise to the level of a battery-operated toothbrush.

Different File Types And Slot Sizes

The tools’ file types and slot sizes fit all animals.

  1. The 12.7 mm slot: The slot is fit for smaller pets like miniature dog breeds and cats. It also fits non-mammalian animals which need claw or nail trimming regularly.
  2. 15.8mm slot: It’s designed to serve medium-sized dogs.
  3. 19.0mm slot: It’s ideal for giant pets like Newfoundland and Great Danes that need regular claw care.
  4. Superfine nail files: Ideal for small pets. It’s also used as a finishing touch after using the finer file on any pet size.
  5. Fine nail files: It’s ideal for big pets that have tough claws.

In Conclusion

We cherish our pets, and keeping their nails clean and trimming them is expensive. It’s fun to do this process at home to reduce the expenses and also to have fun. The introduction of the paw-perfect machine has made it easy, safe and fast means to trim your dog’s nails at home.

Unlike when you use regular clippers, you don’t have to worry about cutting into the nerves. You won’t pinch your pet animal when utilizing the perfect paw tool. The rotary filling action offers you the nails you want as a pro.

There are many pets nail grooming and grinding tools available in the market. It would be best to try paw perfect reviews to get a fast, safe, and easy means to trim your dog nails at home.

The perfect paw files away long, sharp pet nails with ease.