Finding the best service dog training program is critical, but this is even more crucial. For the best outcomes, it’s important to listen to directions and pay attention to the timing of training activities. If you are extremely consistent with the training program and follow everything precisely as it was intended, you can teach almost any willing dog to be a well-behaved, receptive service dog.

For each kid in the GAK9 Service dog program, a hand-selected puppy is chosen and matched. Dogs will learn what you want them to do via repeated training, and they will comply by obeying your directions. We believe that when a puppy is specifically picked for the child it will be serving, the attachment is much stronger.

Here Are A Few Crucial Tasks That Dogs Can Perform


When your dog begins to achieve behavioral objectives and learn to live up to your expectations, it’s a wonderful feeling that everyone should have at least once in their life when they are aware that their dog is obeying their directions and attempting to please them.


Jeff and Kelli, founders of GAK9, invented a trailing program for service dogs for autistic children. The person who self-trains the dog is the owner. If the owner is not a trained dog, then this approach is more difficult. However, it also has a benefit in that it enhances the relationship between the dog and the owner.


While performing its job, the GAK9 service dog should be completely at ease with all kinds of sights, sounds, and smells. Anything left on the floor that might tempt them shouldn’t. Never let them sniff food or other customers.


Due to its ability to meet disabled people’s demands at a price significantly lower than that of human assistants, service dog training has a significant positive impact on society. Service dogs can also offer sincere friendship and unwavering commitment.


The therapy dog certification procedure was developed by GAK9 as a tool to help those in need and give rescue canines a new life. GAK9 trains rescue dogs to become therapy dogs that visit places for children and people with disabilities. These working canines offer treatment plans, such as assisted group activities, after receiving training and certification.


When a service dog is available, it will be trained to bond with the patient, who will also be taught how to give orders. Should a kid go missing, this training program may be useful. We also provide services for tethering, physical aid, and mental support. It typically takes some time, but after the two have gotten used to one another, everything will be OK.


A service dog is trained to carry out a task that its owner can’t carry out on their own because of a physical, mental, or emotional handicap. Of course, these canines may offer emotional support and comfort, but their training focuses on helping in ways that go beyond soothing benefits.

A support dog is a companion animal that offers therapeutic advantages to a person with a medically documented impairment. It is not necessarily a working animal. The classification of a support animal does not require training, but it does require the submission of supporting medical information.

Training a service dog is a difficult task, but it is not impossible through GAK9.