More and more people are getting interested with taking care of pets, especially dogs and cats. But the story does not end once they have a pet at home, as taking care of them is a responsibility they have to take for the entire lifetime of their most loved pet.

Apart from sending them to a veterinarian and feeding them with good food, it is also important that you make sure that they are pest and insect free. The good news is, more and more repellants and insecticides are being introduced in the market today, hence people are given many means of finding what would really fit and be the most effective for their most loved pet.

You might have heard and read about powerful synthetic repellants and insecticides and wondering if they are really a good option considering that you want to take care of the overall welfare and protection of your pest. Wondercide offers a wide range of insecticides and repellants made of natural ingredients, but is it a real good alternative or just a waste of money?

There are many wondercide reviews to read, and considering them is a good idea if you want to know more about wondercide.

Moving on, to help you get started in knowing more about wondercide, read below. 

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What Is Wondercide?

Wondercide gives people a wide array of products that use different essential oils as its main ingredients to repel pests and kill insects. Their products include shampoos, spray concentrates, tick and flea wipes, insect repellants and skin oils.

Most of their products are heavily concentrated of cedar oils. Wondercide ingredients are a combination of many essential oils making it effective to solve different pests’ issues without serious side effects.

Wondercide Ingredients

Wondercide Ingredients

Does Wondercide Really Work?

This without a doubt a question worthy to be asked, does it really work? When you visit their website, you will be given 6 ways how cedar oil could kill pests, but none of these claims are connected to scientific articles. But needless to say, there are studies that attest that cedar oil, which is Wondercide’s most used ingredient, is as powerful as permethrin when killing nymph ticks and has equal repellency effect as the popular DEET.

Different essential oils have different effects and level of toxicity to different insects, although cedar is tagged to be as an effective killer for different insects, it is not as powerful as tulsi, pine, palmarosa, orange, nutmeg, lemongrass, or eucalyptus oils in terms of killing mosquitoes.

Needless to say, all of them, including Wondercide, since it contains enough amount of cedar oil, can do the job.

But, applying products like wondercide yard spray multiple times is required if you want to get its maximum result. Although they are working, they are not as volatile, meaning, it evaporates in a short period of time.

If the product is made of essential oils alone, it can only provide efficiency in repelling and working as an insecticide for about 60 to 180 minutes. There are some fixatives that can boost its effect, but definitely, it won’t be as effective than insecticides and repellants made of synthetic chemicals, which are known to last for 1 month or even longer on surfaces.

With this, if it is used inside the house Wondercide can be considered but if it is outside the house, it may not be as effective compared to insecticides and repellants made of synthetic chemicals.

Wondercide Reviews

How To Use Wondercide

Wondercide comes in different forms and uses, and here are a few tips in using their most popular products:

Ready To Use Outdoor Mosquito Spray

This comes in bottle that can be attached directly to the garden hose. Once attached, you can turn on the water faucet and direct the spray on the lawn, around the foundation of the house, landscaping, etc.

It is instructed to reapply the solution after thirty to forty five days. When it rains, expect that it will wash out the solution, hence best to spray it when everything is dry and no rain is expected to happen soon. Or you can reapply when the rain falls unexpectedly.

Ready To Use Flea And Tick Spray For Yard + Garden

It may be close to the mosquito spray, it has a different instruction for use. To keep the ticks and fleas eliminated from the yard, spraying the solution twice in the next 2 days is a must. Make sure that you spray it all over the house to prevent ticks and fleas from finding a way back to your pet’s body.

wondercide yard spray

Dog and Cat Flea And Tick Sprays / Wipes

Wondercide flea and tick spray and wipe are known to effectively kill ticks and fleas. You will do this by simply spraying or wiping the product directly to your animal’s coat. Make sure though you are reaching the skin of your pet when wiping and spraying the product. For areas that have high tick and flea population, applying the product every 2 to 3 days is recommended.

This has a low concentration of cedar oil compared to other products hence expect that it is safe for most pets.

Is It Safe?

As per Wondercide, their products are safe from off target animals, although no clear scientific evidence to testify their claim, the cedar is known to be used in different consumer products, from furniture treatments to shampoos and are generally recognized safe by the EPA.

Cedar may cause respiratory problems to small reptiles and rodents, hence, if you are taking care of small pets, make sure to use this product with caution.


If you are looking for an alternative for synthetic insecticides, this can be a good choice, but this may not be as effective and as long lasting as those with more powerful ingredients.

It is very easy to use, hence you do not need to worry about figuring out how to properly use their products.

Their products are 100% safe, but there are still precautions when using it.