Basset Hounds are companions for life! There is a lot to know about Basset Hounds’ personalities and behaviors, except for their droopy eyes and incredible howl. Although they mesmerize us with their iconic, adorable looks, there is still a lot to know about them. In this blog post, we’ll talk about their traits, desires, and existence, and fascinate you with Basset Hound facts you’ve never heard of before.

They’re Originally From France

White And Brown Basset Hound Dog

Basset Hounds have been around since the sixth century, and are originally from France. And they are descendants of the renowned St. Hubert Hounds. Basset Hounds are the shortest breeds, whereas the long-legged ones are called Bloodhounds. They gained significant recognition among French aristocrats who hunted rabbits and hares. Basset Hounds were one of the few dog breeds to become popular in the United States in the same year they were introduced.  

They Have The Best Sense Of Smell

Due to their short legs, they can easily and quickly follow scents from meters away. Although they’re slow runners, they are still the best at hunting. Basset Hounds are among the top dog breeds with the best sense of smell. It is no wonder why they are called Basset Hounds since the word “Bas” means “short” in French. According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), they stand at 2nd in the ability to smell, following their cousin—Bloodhound.  

They Need Special Care

Basset Hounds need special attention when it comes to their grooming, bathing, and shedding. Most pet parents don’t have the proper set-up or necessary dog room decor that aids them in keeping Basset Hound clean and hygienic. However, they pay close attention to their needs and schedule things for proper grooming. Since they have floppy ears, which don’t let sufficient air pass through, making Basset Hounds are susceptible to infection. Basset Hounds require regular brushing, grooming, shedding, and sometimes, a haircut, only if it’s recommended by your vet. 

They Have An Incredible Voice

The Basset Hound has an iconic personality, which is known for lifting one’s mood. Due to its iconic voice, they have been featured on several TV shows, from Flash – The Dukes of Hazard to Sam on That’s So Raven. Its incredible looks and charismatic features make you have a pet portrait. Also, they are regarded as one of the few breeds with loud yet melodious voices by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

They Can’t Swim

Can Basset Hound swim? No, they can swim for many reasons. Their stubby legs, thick bodies, and large heads make them terrible swimmers. However, they are good at non-water activities. They love to socialize with other people but avoid walks on the shoreline, which is loved by other dogs. According to the AKC, the Basset Hound’s floppy ears and droopy eyes make them susceptible to water diseases. 

They Enjoy Playing On Dry Land

As a friendly, easygoing dogs, Basset Hounds enjoy leisurely walks and frolicking in the park. Apart from swimming, they love outdoor activities. Whether it’s socializing with friends or other pets, or playing with dog toys, they enjoy playing on dry land. Basset Hounds are quick, obedient, and friendly pets who can also adapt to small apartments. 

They Were Bred To Hunt

Even though they are friendly and obedient pets, French aristocrats would pet them for hunting purposes. Primarily to hunt rabbits and hares to protect one’s land. Generally, dogs with good paces were bred to hunt. However, in the case of Basset Hounds, their impressive ability to smell made them the famous dog breed of the sixth century, in France. 

They Make Great Mayors

Interestingly, Victoria, The Basset Hound, was elected as co-mayor of Concord in 2011, with Nelson. Funnily enough, she made her appearance in parades, went on to foreign countries, raised funds for several programs, and was involved in various social movements. Victoria was the first canine who served a complete five years, along with Nelson, a great-looking done. 


These tiny, short-legged dogs are among the world’s brightest breeds. Additionally, because they are sociable, submissive, and laid-back dogs, they make wonderful family pets. Adopting or petting this dog has many benefits, including its remarkable sense of smell and extreme friendliness, which may defend and amuse you all day.