Basset Hound – A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting and Raising

Basset Hound

Pets are adorable and more so in the case of basset hounds, the appearance and distinct features make this breed one of the most endearing pets that you can have in the family. The breed is best known as an affectionate pet, that is gentle, sensitive and safe around kids. The right temperament makes this an excellent family dog that craves the company of humans. The short stature of the dog can be deceptive, considering the fact that this is an excellent hunting breed. Here is all that you need to know about the breed – with focus on the important characteristics of the breed and how you need to train and take care of it.

Scent Training of The Natural Hunting Breed

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are scent hounds, bestowed by nature with the unique ability to pick up scent trails and follow them over long stretches of time without strain. This is possible because of the low stature of the hound. Unlike taller dogs which have to bend down and strain their necks while walking along a scent trail, these low profile hounds are built to pick up scents and stay on the trail for long without getting tired.

While it is true that you may not actually intend to use your pet to pick up these skills, you could look at scent training as an option to keep the pet engaged and build a stronger bond. Pets need to be involved in physical activities that leverage natural instincts. Professional trainers employ different methods to train pets to pick up scent trails. These methods are basically meant to give pets a very sharp sense of smell and advanced skills in picking up scents.

however, for the purpose of training your pet to pick up scents, you could use very simple methods to engage your pet and also equip it with skills that make full use of its natural ability. The most powerful rewards during training are food. While praise and affection also work, the best bet is always to use food. Begin with a very simple scent booking task. Place a reasonable chunk of food in one location, and draw an imaginary straight line from the food to a distance of around 30 feet. At the end of the line restrain your dog with a leash or take the help of someone to hold it. At gaps on the imaginary line place small morsels of the same food, which will lead the dog to the chunk of food at the end of the line. Tag a verbal command to the action of the dog moving. For instance, firmly speak out a single word or command, and leave the dog free. The dog will slowly move from crumb to crumb, finally reaching the big chunk of food. When the dog has reached the other end, show affection as a reward, in addition to the food that it gets. The whole idea of using monosyllable commands is to make it simple and less confusing to a pet. Dogs do not have the gift of language, but it is possible to train a dog to understand one-word commands over a period of time.

With the right kind of training, it is possible to make the dog understand simple words like good, go, sit, no, stop, fetch, come etc. It is necessary to choose words that do not appear confusing. For instance, go and no may sound similar, it is, therefore, necessary to use certain actions with those words. Simple training methodologies can be employed to make your pet more sharp and disciplined.

You can make the scent trail training a little more complex by involving other distractions or extending the gap between one waypoint to the other. The reward could also be buried or tucked away behind a stone. Bye slowly conditioning the pet with cyclic complex training it is possible to make the pet highly trained with a powerful sense of smell.

Dogs are intelligent creatures and the ability of a dog to perform certain actions entirely depends on the pet parent. By carefully planning and executing training sessions, you can easily train your pet to develop a very sharp response to your verbal commands and cues. Read all that you need to known about obedience training of your basset hound. An alert dog is always a treat to watch. By developing a very strong rapport with the dog through training, it is possible to build greater trust, which will help you to check the dog for infections. Additionally, you can also keep the pet under control when it is distressed. A strong relationship will also help to reassure the pet when you are around. Ensure that you make the pet understand that you will take care of it in every possible manner. This will encourage the pet to allow you to touch it even when it is in severe pain or discomfort.

Health Concerns That You Need To Be Aware

It is essential to note that this breed like most other breeds needs proper care and minimum basic attention to prevent the onset of diseases and health complications. The breed is predisposed to certain illnesses and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that risk is eliminated through adequate care. Here are some of the common ailments and health conditions of the breed. For additional information about health issues and eye problems of your pet check this detailed post.

Infections are common among all pets and it is no different in the case of the basset hound. Neither is there an additional risk, nor is there lowered risk level when it comes to common infections including rabies, distemper and parvo virus.

Basset Hound

It is necessary to ensure that pets are frequently and thoroughly checked for parasites. Basset hounds fall in the high-risk category when it comes to parasites because of the low stature. The short legs and the lower level of the torso make it susceptible to contact with contaminated water or soil. Consequently, the possibility of hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and common ticks investing the pet are high.

Obesity in pets is either inherited or acquired as a result of lifestyle. If your pet does not receive adequate exercise or time outdoors, it is highly likely that the pet will put on more weight than desirable. This will get further compounded when the diet is irregular and unhealthy. Most pet owners tend to err on the side of overfeeding and end up with obese dogs. The chances of this happening with basset hounds are higher due to the sad and forlorn look of the breed.

It is essential to have a kit to take care of any canine emergency. You may never know when you may have to help your pet. Here are some of the important supplies that you need to have as part of an emergency canine kit.

Emergency Canine Kit

Hydrogen Peroxide or Betadine

It is absolutely essential to have either hydrogen peroxide or betadine in the kit. Hydrogen peroxide is useful for cleaning wounds and also to induce vomiting in a dog. Betadine is primarily used for cleaning wounds in pets. It is important to bear in mind that both hydrogen peroxide and betadine need to be sufficiently diluted before use. Use of either of the substances without dilution is bound to cause a severe burning sensation.

Dusting Powder or Cream

The emergency kit should have a dusting powder or a cream that will kill maggots in open wounds. Most pet lovers sometimes fail to notice that the pets are infested with maggots. Open wounds may appear normal and if left untreated this could result in serious complications. This is especially true in the case of wounds that are very near to glands. A good dusting powder like negasunt can quickly kill the maggots permitting swift treatment of the wound.

Topical Application For Removing Ticks

Dogs are one of the most favorite hosts for fleas and ticks. The fluffy coats of pets are preferred locations for ticks to reside. Left unchecked ticks can result in the manifestation of possibly fatal diseases. It is, therefore, necessary to have topical application for flea removal as part of your emergency kit. Tare reputed brands that market spot-on treatments, which basically involve the administering of the topical application on a spot along the spine.

Records and Phone Numbers of The Vet

It is true that we are in the digital era and most records are maintained digitally. It is highly likely that you may have stored the medical records and emergency contact numbers of the vet in your phone. In the event that your phone does not work, you will not have access to the records. It is, therefore, necessary to have a copy of the medical records which includes vaccination and medication prescribed for your pet along with the contact numbers of the vet in the emergency kit. This will help you to quickly refer to the medical history, and will also help anyway to understand the health condition of your pet.

Ear Cleaning Solution

A large number of individuals often use your cleaning solutions intended for humans on pets. While this may not actually result in complications always, the same cannot be ruled out. It is therefore essential to have an ear cleaning solution meant for pets. Basset hounds have long droopy ears and this makes your cleaning absolutely necessary. Foul order from the ears is an indication of ear wax or infections. It is always advisable to keep the dogs’ ears clean always and not to allow it to degenerate to a situation where a foul odor emanates from the ears. Hence a good ear cleaning solution meant for pets needs to be a part of the emergency kit.

Spare Leash and Collar

If you take your pet on a leash for walks it is absolutely necessary to have a spare collar and leash in your kit. You may never know when the collar or leash may snap. In the event that either the collar or the least snaps, you may have to actually wait till you get a replacement. And this may deprive the dog of a routine. This will be more of an issue when you are out on a trip. You will find it extremely useful to have a spare set with you when you travel outdoors. Here is all that you need to know about dog harness and leash.

Prescribed Medication

While you make carry the record of medications in the kit, it is also necessary to have the actual prescribed medication itself in the kit. This is more applicable to situations when you travel station. Rather than trying to look for a pet pharmacy, it would be a good idea to carry the required amount of medication for the trip.

Warm Blanket

It is necessary to have a soft and warm blanket which you can use to get your pet under control when it panics. Pets often run scared when firecrackers or loud noises are heard. It is necessary to comfort the pet and bring it under control quickly before it enters into a higher state of panic.

If you have a friend or know of a family with a basset hound and would like to gift your friend something for the pet, here are great gifting ideas.

The Need For Spaying and Neutering If You Do Not Intend To Breed

If you are raising a single hound and do not intend to get a partner for your pet, it would be a good idea to spay or neuter the pet. This will prevent unwanted complications and will also be easier on the canine. The surgical removal of uterus or testicles also helps in reducing the risk of cancer. If the dog is unsupervised at home and ends up getting impregnated, you may find it difficult to handle the situation later. This could be in the handing over of puppies or raising all of the puppies. It is best to avoid such situations if you do not intend to raise pups.

Basset Hound Puppies

The ideal time age for spaying or neutering is when the hound is between 4 and 9 months. This is not the only time that can be neutered are spayed, but is the ideal window during which the procedure needs to be carried out. Different weights are likely to give different suggestions, but there are scientific and medical reasons behind the suggestion of this period. The benchmark or stage which can be considered as the ideal time for spaying or neutering is when the male attains puberty, and prior to the female entering into first heat.

Among the standard benefits of spaying and neutering are the health benefits. Spaying illuminates the risk of cancer and infections related to the uterus, while neutering eliminates the risk of cancer related to the testes. Apart from the medical benefits, there are behavioral and emotional issues involved. A pet that is not neutered is most likely to exhibit behavior that could be potentially embarrassing. Most importantly, if it that has a strong urge, which is deprived you certainly bound to have behavioral issues.

Both the procedures are typically carried out under general anesthesia, and as a result, the pain associated with the procedure will not be experienced. And contrary to perceptions, which are basically myths, pets are not known to become obese as a result of these procedures. A combination of conditions can result in obesity, but it is wrong to conclude that neutering and spaying will increase the weight of a pet. Read more about the reason why breeders avoid inbreeding of Basset Hounds here.

Common Health Complications You Can Expect

Basset hounds are typically predisposed to certain diseases that include eye problems, neurological complications, bleeding disorders, dysplasia, and spinal deformities. While it is hard to actually list out only the specific genetic predisposition, more numbers of the breed are found to be typically predisposed to these conditions.

Eye problems need to be treated as a high priority for the simple reason that impaired vision or lack of full vision will seriously impact the life of the pet. A basset hound that is fully blind or partially blind may actually make it difficult for a pet owner. Wild dog lovers are known to take care of pets regardless of the condition or abilities, the average pet parent preface dogs that are healthy and unimpaired. It is therefore essential to be aware of the possible problems related to vision among pets.

Cataract and glaucoma are the common vision-related health complications. It is easy to discern if a pet as cataract as the lens will cloud, resulting in impaired vision. The age-related cataract will not be a very serious condition as the dog will adapt itself to the gradual loss of vision. Like humans, 80% of cataracts in pets is age-related. Therefore if you are pet falls in the second category, it is necessary to consult your vet for possible treatment or surgery. The other vision-related problem – glaucoma is more of a high-risk disease which can lead to rapid vision loss along with severe pain. Pets have different thresholds for pain, and if your pet has a lower threshold for the pain it will experience severe discomfort. Periodic checkups by a vet are essential to help understand and identify these symptoms. A competent vet will be able to diagnose health complications by looking at the symptoms. In the case of glaucoma, squinting, bluish cornea and reddish color in place of the whites of the eyes are giveaways of possible glaucoma. As pets do not generally possess the ability to clearly express pain, it is necessary to look at visible symptoms to understand possible health complications.

Neurological diseases in pets are inherited or acquired through mutations. As a result of the improper transmission of signals to and from the brain, pets are likely to display a lack of control over their movements and balance. This manifestation can be easily observed by a pet parent. Rather than dismissing symptoms that are first observed as general weakness, it is important to contact a vet at the earliest for medical intervention. Symptoms that one needs to be worried about, include a lack of balance, poor control over the hind links and frequent stumbling when walking. These conditions can be managed through a combination of exercises, supporting braces, surgery, and medication.

Like most other breeds of dogs, the basset hound inherits bleeding disorders which can be mild or very severe. In some cases, the bleeding disorder gets aggravated or noticed when the canine undergoes surgical procedures. Bleeding disorders in pets require advanced tests to conclude the nature of the disease and the recommended intervention/ procedure.

The risk of dysplasia comes as an inherited disease, manifesting as arthritis. These conditions are extremely discomfiting to pets that are more accustomed to frequent movements. Pet parents who observe an unusual decrease in activity or difficulty in the pet’s movement, need to consult a suitable specialist to work out the best possible intervention.

This breed falls in the high-risk category when it comes to spinal deformities. Statistics show that this breed has a higher incidence of spinal deformities at birth. As a consequence of this problem, the pet is likely to have a damaged spinal cord. It is essential to check the pet at a young age to ensure that it does not have these problems which may manifest and aggravate with age. There are different options to treat this condition, which rehabilitative procedures and suitable medication.

The Need For A Proper Routine To Take Care of Man’s Best Friend

Basset Hound

It is absolutely necessary to have a proper routine, which will help to keep the pet in good health. This includes the right diet, regular exercise, and basic care to diagnose any developments or deterioration in health. A pet is more like a little kid at home and demands affection and your time. Taking care of a pet does not mean feeding it and providing a place to stay. It needs to be cared for, to develop the bond between man and animal. Check out all the information that you need to know about taking care of your pet with the right kind of clothing.

Brushing the coat once a week, will not only help to keep it groomed, it will also help you to understand if the pet is infested with ticks or fleas. Gently running the hand over the court will help to easily identify ticks.

Brushing the teeth of the basset hound is a good idea as it will help to prevent infection and also tackle possible bad odor. This requires a little bit of time; therefore you can limit this activity to once a week, which is actually sufficient.

The ears of pets need to be cleaned regularly. This need to be a routine throughout the pets life. Ideally, the years need to be cleaned once every week. This needs to be done without the use of force. It is also important to use only recommended cleaning solutions to clean the ears.

the diet of pets needs to be consistent. After you have understood it’s preferred and healthy diet, it is important to stick to the diet. Ideally, the diet needs to be well balanced. Never feed your dog with the food that you consume. It is necessary to avoid the use of salt or spices or extremely cold diets when feeding pets. Your pet that needs to be a special diet, and should not depend on what you eat.

The diet needs to be modified with age – both in terms of nutrition and potion. While it is not necessary to severely cut down the quantity, the portion can be slightly reduced with advancing age. However, this needs to be balanced with the right kind of nutrition as suggested by your vet.

Exercise is Imperative

Animals are meant to move around and remain active. Basset hounds, by virtue of falling in the hound category, are destined to be more active. It needs to be remembered that the level of Activity should not be to the point of exhaustion. If you push your dog too much, and it keeps panting, it is an indication that you need to cut down on the activity. The breed needs adequate space to run around or should be taken on walks as a matter of routine. However, this should not be to the point of extreme exertion or exhaustion.

Potty Training of Pets

Potty training of pets is important and in the case of basset hounds, it is mandatory. In large houses in the countryside, pets are likely to be raised in special shelters outside homes. However, in apartments and row houses, pets are likely to be indoors most of the time. Small pets are basically grown indoors with regular outings. This makes it necessary to potty train the pups. This is best started as early as possible. There is a need to establish a routine, which will be followed by the dog as it grows.

Training is all about conditioning the pup in a manner that it adapts to a pattern. To begin with, it is necessary to restrict the puppy to a relatively smaller space in the house. This is ideally to observe the movements of the pub and its cues before it needs to relieve itself. Learn all about choosing the right kennel for your pet here.

All dogs without exception exhibit common cues when they experience an urge to relieve themselves. Pets are known to move around in circles, while simultaneously sniffing the floor. The number of circles may differ from breed to breed, but it has been observed that a dog will circle at least thrice before it relieves itself. This could also be accompanied by soft whining.

The moment the pup exhibit this behavior, it is essential to take it out to the designated area. In its early stages right up to 3 months, the control of the pup over its bladder will be relatively lesser, thereby necessitating frequent trips. It is important that pet parents spare the time to take the dog out for as many times as possible or necessary to enable the dog to relieve itself. This could also be rewarded with small treats or a gesture of encouragement. However, it is not mandatory to treat the pup always.

Advanced potty training involves the restriction of a pup resting place to a smaller area. This is because pets typically do not urinate or defecate in the location where the rest. The exception would be pets that are changed for long periods of time. By restricting a limited space, the training is directed at helping the pup to control its urge. Potty training is all about establishing the link between the specified area for relieving and areas that are not meant for relieving itself. If you want to check how to pick basset hound puppies, you can check here

Training The Hound To Interact With Other Pets and Humans

It is essential to let the pup familiar rise with people and other pets within the first year itself. This will give the pup more confidence to handle strangers and other dogs. Pets that have not been exposed to strangers and other pets are likely to have one of two behaviors when growing up. The pet may either withdraw in fear/apprehension or maybe aggressive. Both of these reactions are not the best for pups. This is precisely why it is necessary to train the pup at a very young age by taking it out for frequent interactions. This should ideally be with dogs of different sizes and breeds, and human beings of different age groups and genders. Dogs have a very powerful scent of smell and this interaction will help family rice the pet with other new experiences. This will prevent the dog from having behavioral issues. Here it is important to note that this interaction should be in atmospheres that keep the dog comfortable. A dog that is suddenly exposed to a threatening situation is most likely to have an adverse reaction which would get registered in its mind.

Apart from potty training, it is essential to give the dog basic training which will fit it into an established routine. The pet needs to adjust its internal clock to the timings intended for eating, resting playing and relieving itself. This will also make it easier for you to work out your schedules better. Regularly waking up the dog at a particular time, taking it outside the home to relieve itself, brushing its teeth, brushing its coat, a simple inspection of its nails and ears, followed by a meal, will program the pet to adjust its internal clock to the requirements. Likewise, all activities need to be anchored to specific timings. Getting the dog to relieve itself before going to bed, or playing outdoors at specific times of the day, will give you a dog that is fully trained, disciplined and well adjusted. This training needs to be done over a period of time when it is young, which will then go on to remain in practice forever.

Dog Training Tips

Man is gifted with the power of language. However, it is important to know that language is not learnt by instinct but by training, formal education and practice. Animals can be trained to a certain extent to understand commands and few phrases. It is hard to expect an animal to understand whole sentences and complex phrases, regardless of the amount of training. The instinct of animals are powerful enough for a dog to understand emotions and situations. This is ideally because of the powerful abilities of animals to sense fear and aggression. This explains the reason behind animals being used as service dogs to help individuals with a history of seizures or disabilities. More information about obedience training of Basset Hounds are available here.

Master trainers combine the natural instincts of pets with advanced training to get the pets to respond to commands and orders. Here are a few tips that can come in handy when training your pet. The whole purpose of training your pet is to teach him or her good behavior and to get the pet to respond to your commands. It is necessary to make your pets understand what the words mean rather than a forced response. A pet that understands the words or commands of the master can be considered to be in some state of communication where the human communicates through words, while the pet responds through actions.

A pet that is a state of communication with the human will develop a strong sense of bonding and trust. The pet will completely trust the human and will follow the commands dutifully. This will also ensure that the pet does not run into trouble. For instance, if you were to walk your basset hound on the road and it were to spot another dog or some object of interest, the natural instinct would be to run after it. A well trained pet that responds to your commands can be stopped from sprinting across the road.

It is essential that you train your pet and not leave it to be trained by others in your absence. There are multiple possibilities associated with the training of pets by strangers/in a strange location. Most animals are territorial – they are more comfortable in what they perceive to be their territory. A pet that is taken out of its territory will feel comfortable only in the presence of its master. A pet that is taken out of its territory will feel compromised and vulnerable when in the presence of strangers. This may of course change over a period of time as the pet gradually gets used to the new people at the location and it may also consider the new territory to be less of a strange place. However, the fact remains that this will come as a shock to the pet initially.

Training centers may rely on various techniques to get the pet to understand commands and orders. This is typically resorted to, in an effort to complete the training as agreed. As a result it is possible that certain stronger methods of training may be used, which could involve the use of a choke chain, or snack deprivation in an effort to get the pet to understand the commands and respond accordingly. This is not the best option to train your pet and the ends does not certainly justify the means. It is true that many centers use better training methods that are less harmful. However, regardless of the methods used, it is not advisable to pack off your pet for training. You certainly cannot expect your pet to be programmed by someone else to listen to your commands and respond.

Your pet needs to read your expressions and understand you and the words that you command. This effectively means that you need to train your pet. You may take the assistance of a master trainer to learn how to train your pet, but the actual training needs to be conducted by you. This will establish the rapport and bond between you and your pet.

Your body language and subtle expressions need to convey your feelings fully to your pet. With the right kind of training it is possible to actually train your pet to understand phrases that involve mix and match. For instance, the common phrases which are used to train a pet are sit, stay, stand, yes, no, eat, stop, come, shake, jump, wait etc. With the right kind of training you can actually mix and match commands. For instance, “go there” is a command which is used to get a dog to go to some place, with the direction often pointed out by hand or indicated with something in the hand. This can be actually modified to make the dog understand terms like “go upstairs”, or “go outside”, or “get in the car”. Your pet can be easily trained to understand these commands. It depends on how good you use the commands and how you engage the pet during training. It is important to understand that this takes perseverance and patience. After all your pet is not meant to speak a language.

Pet parents often make the mistake of linking treats with commands. While rewards are a good way to train your pet, if you were to rely on rewards and treats all the time, then you can be sure that the pet has not understood you. The pet needs to understand you and not merely link a command to treat.

The best training is obviously one where the commands are linked to the instincts of the pet. This effectively draws out the best response as instincts are natural in a pet. If the commands and the instincts are combined effectively, the pet will be at its best behavior.

To understand the instincts of a pet, it is essential to observe its actions and understand the cues first. In other words, you need to understand your pet, its actions and the various cues to understand the possible actions of the pet. Only after you have understood the instincts of the pet can you actually use the training to combine with its instincts. For instance, your Basset Hound is basically a scent hound and by instinct it picks up trails and scents naturally. You can combine commands that work with this instinct to make it sniff and pick up a trail.

The Right Kind of Toys and Chews For Your Basset Hound

Basset Hounds like all pets need adequate exercise and activities that keep them engaged. Most owners may sometimes find it difficult to be with their pets all the time. Pet parents may find it easy to spend a fixed period every day with their pets to take care of their grooming needs, walking and playing. However, the pet is likely to be bored for the most part of the day in the absence of the pet parent. This makes it necessary for a pet owner to leave the pet with the right kind of toys. This will keep the pet engaged in a manner that is absolutely safe and interesting.

Here are a few tips on the type of toys that need to be picked. This will ensure that the pet is engaged and interested in the activity, looking forward to it. There are instances when pets that exhibit fear due to any of many reasons, have been known to calm down when presented with their favorite toys. In other words, your pet finds reassurance when in the company of its favorite toys. So here’s a little checklist that you can use, you can also learn about the best toys for your pet here.

#1 The toy that you choose for your pet should not be too slippery as this will make the pet annoyed when it does not get a firm grip between its teeth.

#2 The toy should be durable and should never be something that is meant for one time use. Remember, the pet needs to keep it as a prop/an anchor that it will use whenever it is bored.

#3 The toy needs to be made of material that is not toxic or harmful. The pet will spend most of its time around the toy, sinking its teeth into it and sniffing it all the time.

#4 The toy should never me made of stuffed material like soft toys as this will wear out in the first session of play.

#5 The toy should be of a size that makes the pet comfortable. A basset hound’s size needs to be taken into consideration while picking the toy. It needs to be able to carry it in its jaws and move it around without too much of a problem.

#6 There should not be any sharp edges in the toy or any material that can snap and form sharp edges.

#7 Ideally you need to look at toys that have some bounce in them as this will give a variable action to the pet as it follows the trajectory of different bouncing actions.

#8 Toys that let off some sound when squeezed could be a consideration, but may not be the best choice always, depending on the pets timings for play.

Dogs Love Chews and Treats

Dogs love to chew, and it is this desire to keep chewing that makes pups chew the ends of clothes and leather, trying to gnaw at anything that will fit into their mouth. Treats used as rewards are basically small in size, and intended to get the dog to link rewards with actions. However, the regular chews that you give your pet needs to be of the right size and something that the pet will look forward to all the time.

Pets love carrots. Carrots are of the right consistency and hardness for a pet of all ages and sizes. Carrots have a chewy texture that dogs love and pets simply sink their teeth into carrots and chomp on them with gusto. Remember that the carrots need to be cleaned thoroughly before you give them to your pet. And the sizes need to be monitored. Do not give a very big size as your pet may try its best to bite off a piece bigger than it can handle. Choose carrots of the right diameter. The length does not matter as pets typically chew carrots across the breadth.

Crunchy treats are the safest bet. A crunchy treat will keep your pet hooked to the treat. These are suitable for pets of all ages and you can easily keep your pet happy with the right kind of crunchy treats. Pets love the sensation of sinking their teeth into treats that crumble noisily.

Soft treats are suitable for pups. If you need to treat your pup to a treat, go in for the softer varieties of chews. This will help the pet to strengthen its teeth slowly without damaging it while at the same time keeping it engaged and fulfilled. Pups love the soft nature of treats upto a point and it is best to stick to this type of treats till the pet shows a preference for a harder variety of treats.

Dental Chews need to be a part of the pets diet. Tartar buildup is most likely to affect your pet over a period of time. If you are the type who periodically brushes the teeth of your pet – twice a week, then you will not face any issues. However, if you are unable to do that periodically, then it is necessary to get your pet dental chews that are made of hide. This will help to get rid of the tartar buildup and improve the oral hygiene of your pet. There are dental chews made from corn starch – generally made in the shape of bones. These are also good as the amount of chewing that is necessary will stimulate the gums and promote the secretion of saliva in addition to cleaning the teeth.

The diet that you feed your pet may be good, but that will never be enough if you do not include treats that will fill in during the little gaps during meals and during training/playtime. Take a look at the best dog food for Basset Hounds reviewed for the year 2019.

Breed Characteristics

Here is a quick look at the distinct breed characteristics.

Average lifespan 10 – 12 years
Average height 13 inches – 14 inches
Average weight 50 to 60 lbs
Ears Floppy
Eyes Droopy
Legs Short, bow legs
Face Long
Coat Smooth, short and hard textured
Coat shedding Moderate and manageable shedding

Read more about shedding here.

Color Tri – color pattern (black, white & tan)


Hound color patterns

Exercise Minimum daily walk
Grooming requirements Low
Pet care time Moderate
Physical size maturity Close to two years
Relations with other pets Friendly and easy going
Training Extended
Relation with kids Warm and close
Ideal time to take as pet 2 months

The adorable Basset Hound has a characteristic bark that comes out more as a howl, and the breed is known to whine when seeking the attention of the pet parent. The gentle pets are safe around kids and a well trained pet can be the best companion in your home. Grooming is comparatively easy, considering the short and hard texture of the coat. The color is typical hound color combination. If you are in a dilemma if a basset hound is suitable for you or a beagle, then check here for complete information.

Pet owners need to bear in mind two specific requirements. One is the need for keeping company with the hound as it has a natural tendency to yearn for company. Hounds are generally pack animals, with genetic traits of hunting in packs. Resultantly, the hound will expect to be in the company individuals or other pets. In the event of it being left alone for too long a time, it is most likely to start whining continuously. After a period of whining it will then start barking, in an effort to draw the attention of its companion. When that fails, it may attempt to dig in the premises out of frustration. Often, the barking and digging are clubbed together and it is always necessary to ensure that the pet is not left alone for a very long time.

Many individuals consider the Basset to be a companion dog, due to the perception created in the media, with televised animations and advertisements. However, its history goes as far back as five centuries, when it was first used in Europe to hunt small game and track wounded game. The small stature helped hunters on foot to match the pace of the hounds. The incredibly powerful scent picking up ability of the pet, combined with its short stature made it a winner. It managed to remain on the trail of game without tiring easily by virtue of shorter distance between the snout and the ground. This gave it more range in staying on the scent trail. For indepth information on the comparison between European and American pedigree, check here.

As a hound, it is strongly inclined to exploring and as a result, it is known to scoot off on one of its trips. It therefore needs to be properly trained to follow commands, which will make it a disciplined pet. In the event that it is not properly trained, then it needs to be monitored to prevent it from wandering off, when no one observes it. However, its pack animal characteristic makes it most suitable as an indoor pet. It would not be a good idea to restrain or restrict the pet to the outdoors, as this will compromise his/her emotional well being. The pet needs to be right with you, and let outdoors for its routine exercise and ablutions. This will keep his temperament at it s very best and you will not experience difficulties raising him. Additional grooming tips are available here.

Its small stature and bow legs do not permit the pet to be involved in too much of physical activities. Its imploring appearance, and small size sometimes evoke sympathy, resulting in overfeeding. Combined with the lack of adequate exercise, this could result in obesity in the pet. It is therefore important to feed the pet as per a routine and not treat it to too many treats in between meals. It would be a good idea to have one individual in the home to take the responsibility of feeding it, as this will help to keep the diet in check. This will also discipline the pet. A pet that is fed by multiple individuals is most likely to look forward to every one for food and will make that a mini routine, till the pet feels full. And multiple individuals feeding one pet will lose track of the amount of food and the type of food fed. This is one of the reasons for obesity in pets. Therefore, identify one individual who will feed it as a matter of routine, and the pet will also not look forward to others treating it.

Zeroing In On The Right Basset Hound Breeder

Unless you happen to have pair of hounds that have littered, you will need to get in touch with a basset hound breeder to get your pet. It is therefore necessary to choose the best breeder to get a good purebred hound. Most individuals get carried away by the look of a pup and ignore the need for ascertaining other information. This is very important as you may end up with a pet that has genetic issues, or temperament issues, or one that does not have the actual characteristics. Here is a quick checklist of all that you need to do to check about the breeder before you take a pet. For more reading on picking the right breeder, check out this section.

Basset Hound Puppies

Specialist breeders are a better choice – Quite a few breeders will mostly likely breed multiple breeds of pets. From large sized ones to small sized pets, the breeders are most likely to claim that they possess extensive experience from exposure to all pets. While this could be partly true, it is not the best option. A breeder who specializes in one or two breeds is most likely to have expert knowledge about the breed, and is most likely to have a special attraction or passion towards the breed. A breeder of multiple types of pets will only have a general idea and experience, but most likely not be an expert. It is therefore necessary to choose a breeder who specializes in just a couple of breeds.

Learn more about the breed as a whole and the pet in particular – A good breeder will not hestitate to offer complete information about the pet. Never trust a dealer who refuses to share more information about the breed and the actual pet. One who is passionate about the variety will hold enough information to help you learn all about raising the pet. From the temperament, to the preferred food, rest, exercise, general health and common problems, a good breeder will offer all the necessary information. For instance, a reputed Basset Hound Breeder will certainly tell you that hound with the tri-pattern color is plagued with disease if It has shades of blue or gray on the coat. The color on the pattern is an indication of some genetic issue and the pet is most likely to face problems as it ages.

A good breeder will offer additional and interesting information about the pet which will help to train it better. A breeder will also help a prospective owner to understand if the pet is indeed suitable or a different breed is more suitable. One who is passionate about the breed will explain all about the pedigree and will also help the owners to understand how certain traits of a pet will impact its health. For instance the bow legs, the coat health, the stature and many other distinct characteristics of a pet are indicative of future health issues or complications. A good breeder will help owners to identify possible issues.

The number of litters raised by a breeder will certainly help to understand more about the health of the pup. The cycle of rising litters and giving out the pups to new owners should not be too fast, as this will impact the health of the pup. Very fast turnaround is indicative of lesser care, and it also points to the heavy commercialization of the activity. In other words, the breeder is not very passionate about the pets, but is only interested in quickly handing over the pups and moving on to get the next litter. The initial weeks of a pups growth are vital to its health and temperament. It is therefore necessary to ensure that he breeder raises only a limited litter annually.

It is essential to check the documentation about the pup. This will indicate its health, and the health of the parents. Knowledge about the parents will help to understand if the pet is purebred and fully healthy. And most importantly certain breeders ensure that inbreeding is avoided. Learn more about inbreeding here. This is a very healthy trend as this will avoid the complications that arise with inbreeding. Good breeders typically wait for atleast 24 months before allowing mating of pairs. While the hound may be actually ready for mating a little earlier, good breeders typically wait for atleast two years to check for defect manifestation. In some breeds this may actually take three years, but with Basset Hounds, disease manifestation is most likely to occur or symptoms may be discernible after it crosses two years. This will also make it mature and healthy enough to handle the litter.

Never choose a breeder who experiments with targeted breeding and cross breeding to get a particular size in the pets. This is most likely to result in compromised health of pets, as the sizes and characteristics need to evolve naturally or be a part of normal traits, through natural genetic inheritance. Using mating techniques and planned pairing may not be a good idea, as the temperament of the pet will also vary. For instance, you may be expecting an adorable pet, but as the pup grows up, it may be displaying characteristics that are different from expectations.

If you get a chance to look at pets taken by others earlier from the breeder, you will get first hand knowledge of the pedigree and will also get to know from the owners about the experience. A breeder who specializes in just one or two breeds will be in a better position to give a reference to an owner of a pet of the same breed. This will help you to quickly understand all about the pet and will help you to prepare yourself to take the pet home.

The infrastructure of the breeder will give a good idea of the care of the pets. As the Basset Hound is expected to assume the role of a companion that will live in close proximity to humans, it is necessary that it inherits the right kind of temperament. A pup or parents that have been raised in less than desirable conditions may not be the best companion as temperamental issues and insecurities are bound to crop up or manifest at some point of time.

Choose a breeder after ascertaining all the above and checking out for yourself about the pet and its pedigree. Make the right decision and enjoy the company of an adorable and disciplined companion for long. Take pleasure in pet tantrums and the joy of watching the small pet prance around the room and brightening up the life of members of your home.

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