Are you tired of your dog’s behavior? Are stray dogs a problem with your daily activities? Barx Buddy is the solution. It doesn’t have any side effects either on you or the dog.

Dogs’ affection and love is a feeling that you can’t turn down. The unconditional love of a dog can turn to be quite annoying at some point. The situation can result from unbearable behaviors like barking. Dogs are like human beings, and they aren’t perfect. When a dog barks, it can be a sign of hunger, loneliness, danger, anger, or excitement, among other feelings. A dog barks to trap the attention of the owner.

Dogs’ frequent barks can turn to be annoying when you have guests in your home. The barking can be a nuisance to neighbors and at times make friends fear visiting your compound. Barx Buddy is a device that will help you to control your dogs barking. It helps controlling and training a dog using the high pitch frequencies.

Only a dog can hear these frequencies but human beings cannot. The device resembles a pet whistle but it’s more refined and useful. Barx Buddy can aid in immediate dogs’ behavior without any harm. It guarantees the dog’s health and wellness.

Barx Buddy Reviews

Barx Buddy Features

  • Weighs 18.1 grams
  • Yellow or black color
  • 10 meters output range
  • LED Light
  • 25kHz Frequency
  • Infrared light
  • Three settings for LED, training, and bark prevention
  • 12.5 by 4.5 by 2.6 cm dimensions.
  • 9-volt battery – not in the buying package.

The device is handy and small, having an ultrasonic frequency. It helps control the incessant barking of a dog. The sound produced by the gadget is only audible to dogs making it safe for humans who don’t hear it. It also doesn’t affect your dog. The noise produced is at least 30,000 Hertz which dogs only perceive. The sound irritation and discomfort don’t harm your dog. They capture its attention to stop the barking.
The LED light captures dog’s attention and keeps them calm. At night the LED light aids in dog walking. This Ultrasonic device is easy to use and very handy for all dog sizes, whether aggressive or not.

The sleek design makes it handy, small and portable to have it around when walking your dog. It comes in different fancy colors that attract the dog’s attention. When you add a reward or a positive reinforcement like a part, the machine keeps your dog civilized.

When you receive the device, it doesn’t need installation or assembling to use it. Its use is immediate the moment you receive it without hassle, unlike other products.
At times taking your dog to a training school is a waste of time. With time they tend to go back to their initial behavior and thus waste time and funds. The device will make permanent changes in the dog for good.

The infrared light comes when the device is on to scare away stray dogs.

The materials used to make the gadget are reliable, strong, and durable. It can stand free falls without damage, offering service for a long time.

With all these benefits, this device is cheap. You will get a discount when you buy it online from the main website. There is 30-day guarantee money back policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you are free to return it within 30 days after buying.

Why Barx Buddy device?

The device has a wide range of uses, from controlling the dog’s behavior to use as a torch. It’s the best dog trainer in the market. It prevents embarrassment when you can’t manage a pet’s behavior.

It also serves those people who have dog phobias. It helps to protect people from stray dogs. It will also help those dogs that make noise when they will meet you on the way. It keeps the noisy dogs you meet calm and focused.

Use the LED light directly into the eye of a dog when it starts to misbehave. The light diverts the dog’s attention and keeps them calm.

The device can go to the extent of controlling house rodents. The emitted sound irritates the rodents. Imagine a device that trains your dog and, at the same time, chasing away rodents from the house.

The device enjoys a wide range of five-star positive reviews from clients worldwide. It doesn’t need any other extra tool to have it perform its duties.
It’s designed to work only on all dog types. It can’t work on other pets like cats.

Barx Buddy Device

How to use it ?

The advantage of this product is it comes with everything needed for its use. You only press the button and wait for your desired response. The device has two buttons. The upper button turns the machine on and off while the other button is for training purposes. When the device is on, the gadget starts emitting ultrasonic frequency. It aids in trapping the dog’s attention.

When the dog engages in aimless digging, chewing, or barking, press the training button. Do this while pointing it directly to the dog. It will produce a sound together with the LED light, which irritates dogs and keeps them calm.

Always use positive reinforcements whenever the dog responds well to the training. They boost the dog’s morale in training.

Where to buy the product ?

The product is in high demand, and thus it quickly gets out of stock. You can’t buy it anywhere else if not from the official website of the manufacturer. There is a discount you will earn when you buy from the official website.


Barx Buddy is cheap, handy, and light to fit in your pocket. You can use it to terrain your dog to change their lousy barking, digging, or chewing behavior. You can also use it to scare away stray dogs and also use it as a torch.

The LED light and ultrasonic features don’t harm human beings and dogs. You won’t be able to hear the irritating sound produced. You can as well use it to control and chase rodents in your house.

You don’t have to be a dog owner to get this device. Any person can purchase it for protection against stray dogs.