Basset Hounds are a lovable pet, who will instantly make you fall in love with them. They will give nothing but love or affection to people around them. However, they are not known to smell pleasant, do not even think close to roses or lilies.

Basset hound is one of the smelly dog breed that are not meant to smell good either, given their diet, behavior, health, fur, and surroundings. But, why do they smell real? The smell can make you wrinkle your nose and even very uncomfortable at times.

Therefore, it is crucial to find out what is the real reason behind their smell. Plus, to adequately control the unpleasing odors of your dog. It is possible to curb the typical basset hound smell and keep it notably pleasing and clean around your home.

With little care and observation, get rid of the pet odor from your home following a few tricks and tips.

Why do basset hounds stink or smell

why do basset hounds stink

Basset Hound is blessed, with a heavy coat that is a bit oily and sticky. This coat allows them to beat the odds of weather. Furthermore, the basset hounds are a breed with big long ears and a lot of loose skin. Therefore, giving them ample opportunity to have a lot of sweat and grime.

In other words, the slick and naturally oily coat of the Basset Hound is the prominent reason why they smell a lot. However, this also allows them to stay protected from the weather. Their heavy coat is useful for getting rain to glide right off their coats. Therefore, resulting in a smelly situation.

How to tackle the odor

Keep Checking:

The Basset is prone to various infections all year round. Make sure to keep a check on your Basset regularly. Be sure to give your dog a regular bath, weekly or every alternate week. In case you find any foul or distinct smell, make sure to get an expert’s opinion.

Furthermore, it is crucial to keep a check as the Basset can venture off on their own and pick up anything unsavory or smelly. Their mouth has extra skin around the corners that is quite suspect able to bacterial infections at times. Dental checkups are crucial as well. Make sure to give due acknowledgment to anything coming out of the ordinary.

Bath Time:

Give a clean shower periodically. However, use your judgment to identify how often you bathe your dog. Plus, you do not want your dog to have dry skin. It can affect the oily texture of their coat.

It can become a profound reason to cause other issues as well. Use an apt shampoo that keeps the PH level alright along with cleaning their fur coat well. Make sure to clean their ear. However, it should not be too abrasive to cause harm to the delicate skin of their ears.

Their armpits need attention as well as any other areas that have loose skin. After you are done shampooing your dog, dry off your dog well. Give attention to the same loose skin you took care of while cleaning.

basset hound odor

Any dampness or wet skin can cause issues arising from moisture. A thorough bath along with careful drying can go a long way to reduce your hound to smell for a long time.


If you still find your dog smelling, you may want to look again in the diet of your dog. Some of the proud Basset owners, have reported that altering the diet of their hound helped them see favorable changes in their smell. Research and keep trying and testing the diet and food combination.

Your dog may have an allergy or any underlying issue due to their food and diet. Experts suggest that a grain-free diet might be the solution that you need. Changing the diet, can significantly help if bathing and dental hygiene are not making much difference to their smell.

Basset Hound Odor Remedy:

Use a deodorizing shampoo and cleaning aid to keep the regular maintenance in check. Plus, let your Vet decide what can be the reason for the trouble. He can be the best judge to identify, what might be the reason for the smell to settle and suggest the best remedy.

Sometimes simply brushing every day can solve your issue. However, brushing harshly and cleaning firmly can cause their coat and skin to have serious troubles and infection. Furthermore, creating the perfect ground for smelly bacteria to make their breeding ground.

basset hound odor remedy

Some even complain that bathing frequently can contribute to the odor problems in your basset hound. The more you bathe your dog, the oily glands will work even harder to protect the skin and cause a smellier odor.

Crucial aspects to take care for the Basset Hound smell

It is critical to make sure to take proper care of the diet you provide your hound. In many cases, the food you give your dog can majorly be the reason for your smelly hound. The more thought you give to your dog’s food, the more you can find out about the consequences of that food.

Read the labels of your dog food the same way you read the ingredients labels of your food. In other words, many supermarkets and makers use things like peanut shells as their base for the protein in dog food. However, they would generally refer to it as protein on the content on the product label.

You will be surprised to know that some even claim, that the manufactures of such dog foods even use the by-products of human-food to utilize their wastage. It does make sense. No profit-making dog food maker will give your 40-pound dog food bag for $12. In other words, that dog food does not have any health essential content.

why do basset hounds smell so bad

Give your dog around off diet to enhance their health and well-being to ward off any unpleasing odors from their body.

It can be a possible reason that your dog has an underlying health crisis. It could be the prominent reason for the weird smell coming from your hound. For example, your hound might be suffering from a simple food allergy concerning corns. Try keeping a check on their health and see a significant change in your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Bad Do Basset Hounds Smell?

Ans: Malassezia Dermatitis is a skin ailment that affects Basset Hounds. In comparison to other breeds, Basset Hounds have more Malassezia organisms on their skin, indicating a risk of yeast overgrowth. A strong odor, itching, and even the presence of papules are all signs of this.

Q2. How Do You Fix A Basset Hound Smell?

Ans: Smelly Dog Deodorizing Conditioner and Shampoo from Healthy Breeds. Try a specialized kind like this one for a good shampoo for your Basset. It has baking soda in it and is made with a conditioner specifically for basset hound coats.

Q3. Do Basset Hounds Have Stinky Breath?

Ans: If your Basset Hound emits a foul odor as soon as it opens its mouth, it is suffering from “halitosis,” a medical term for bad breath. This is typical in dogs, and if you don’t react, it can endure a long period. Halitosis in your Basset Hound, on the other hand, might have a variety of causes.

Q4. Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After A Bath?

Ans: Almost every dog develops compacted anal glands at some point. An infection might develop as a result of a buildup in the glands. However, the buildup can leave a strong odor that’s impossible to ignore. The glands can be expressed and checked for health by your dog’s veterinarian.

Q5. What Is The Best Thing To Absorb Odors?

Ans: Baking soda is excellent in absorbing odors from both the air and surfaces. To get rid of odors, put baking soda in your garbage can and sprinkle it on any ground that emits one.