Your feline or mutt, despite their adorable look, they bring different unpleasant things on your furniture and carpet. Many other surfaces in the house aren’t spared. Accidents are frequent in our homes, some of which result from dogs and cats. They can soil, puke, or pee the expensive carpet you imported. They can also knock over a coffee cup or wine cup. It will stain your floor covers or sofa covers with horrible hues.

These accidents don’t need drastic measures. Some people get new sofa covers, movement restriction of the pets, and removing the carpet. The best basset hound stain remover on carpets will cut all resistant stenches. Smudges from your items in the house are also not spared.
Finding a better urine remover will be an overwhelming task.

The situation is worse when you have many options to choose from. In this article, you will get information about the diverse types of pet urine removers. Tips to use in selecting the best product and advice on usage are also here.

The best types of pet mess removers

There are many types of pet mess removers in existence. It’s easy to get the best product that will match your preferences. As an interested pet lover, you have to choose the best product to use. The following classifications exist in the market.


Concentrates are floor and shampoo cleaners that have powerful enzymes. They help in removing trenches and cleaning smudges. To eliminate unpleasant spots, you should apply the required amount of the remover to specific areas. Follow the intrusions provided on the manual guide to complete the process.


Spray removers give an effortless and straightforward way of removing pet messes. To remove any lousy spot, you have to spray this remover direct on the smudge. Scrubbing isn’t allowed in this process.


They are powder elements that help in removing stubborn stenches and smudges. In case your pet has sensitive skin, it’s advisable to get a remover that has plant-based contents. You can choose a scented or unscented detergent based on your preferences.


They are fabrics that have cleaning abilities used for wiping regions messed by a pet. As usual, these wipes are safe on marble, vinyl, hardwood, and plastic surfaces. After use, it’s good to dispose off them nicely to evade your pet’s choking hazards.

Best Types Of Pet Mess Removers

How you can pick the best pet stench and smudge remover

A good pet stench or smudge remover should fulfill several essential considerations. When you will go for your next shopping, ensure you abide by the following:

Cleaning capability

A carpet cleaner should deal with most rugs well. Removing pet pee is challenging. You should always choose a product with the capability to deal with stubborn stains.

Ability to remove the stench

If your pet is fond of peeing inside the house, it can be tough to cut the stench. Check the features of the product to ensure its ability to get rid of removing pet odor.


An excellent product shouldn’t harm you, your carpet, or your pet. Ensure the product you buy doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.


It’s good to know the operating speed of the pet pee cleaner. Some products work for long while others in seconds.


The best basset hound cleaner should be enzymatic. Active enzymes in a pet cleaner are excellent in removing foul smells.


Strongly scented cleaners can deceive you. Most of the time, the products with strong scents don’t remove bad smells on carpets. Instead, they mask the odor. Results from such products are worse than the initial pee smell. Choose between the unscented and the mildly-scented product to get the best service.

Pet sensitivity

If your pet is sensitive, always buy products that are pet and child-friendly. Such products don’t have harsh chemicals in them.

Effects on the surfaces

The best odor cleaner and remover must be effective on stench and stains. It should be gentle on household surfaces. Don’t use a product that will bleach your sofa, rugs, or carpet.

The best way to remove pet pee

You have selected the best stain and pet pee remover. How will you use it? The very first step to do is to read instructions that come alongside the product. Different brands have unique methods of application.

The common method used by many users and manufacturers is spreading/spraying. The pet product gets applied to the stained region and then leave it to soak. Let it soak for minutes to hours, depending on the remover you are using. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area, or if not, you clean the usual way you do.

Keep in mind that when using a new product that you don’t know, it’s always good to test it on old rugs. It should be before you apply it on the carpet. You will be able to see the strength of the product before using it.

With this great information, you are now able to select the best pet odor remover for your carpet. The best cleaners have no shortcuts. They vary in prices, making them affordable to all. Always start by comparing them to come up with the best option to pick. Please don’t choose a product because of the excellent job; it should be safe for household use.

Best Way To Remove Pet Pee

The Best pet mess remover options

Pets are family members, but the stains they cause are at times hard to clean up. Whether you buy a cleaning product or a DIY solution, go for a formula that will counter the tough odors and stains.

DIY Cleaners

These are cleaners that restrain pet stains from damaging surfaces in the home.

Basic DIY stain remover

When you spot a stain at the exact time, and the size is small, the DIY cleaner will serve you well.


  • Spray bottle
  • Dull butter knife
  • 3 cleaning cloths
  • A cup of water at room temperature
  • ¼ teaspoon dishwashing detergent

You can get rid of the solid residue using a blunt object or a dull butter knife if you want.

Blot the mess with a clean piece of cloth to absorb all moisture.

Make a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent in the spray bottle. Gently shake the mixture to combine it and spray on the mess.

Blot using a clean, damp cloth. If you can, resume the spray bottle process until when the mess disappears.

Remove with baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda and vinegar work well in removing pet stains. They help get rid of unnoticed old stains instantly. Combining these two supplies is handy, making it a need to have always have these in the pantry.


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Old plate

  1. Wet the mess on the carpet using enough vinegar.
  2. Add baking soda in small amounts to the stain. There will be a formation of a yellowish tint. It doesn’t need blotting or scrubbing.
  3. Use the dinner plate to cover the spot and let it stay for at least a day. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the area.

Citrus enzyme cleaner

For tough stains, this cleaner is the right choice. This version is instrumental but needs patience. It works for at least three months to mix the components and use the citrus cleaner.


  • Funnel
  • Clear container
  • Container lid
  • Spray bottle
  • 1 liter of water
  • 7 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1½ orange and lemon peels

  1. Add sugar to the container using the funnel.
  2. Dump in the citrus scraps and peels
  3. Add water, seal the container, and shake well to mix.
  4. Loosen the cap to release gases to avoid an explosion.
  5. Safeguard the container in a secure place. Let the mixture be for at least three months. Put it in a spray bottle and use it

Types of purchased cleaners

If you can’t make your product, buy the right product from the shop.

Kids’ N’ Pets

The product has existed since 2001. The product aims to deal with harsh odors and stains like feces, vomits, and urine. The product is safe for all surfaces, including walls, mattresses, and clothing. The product is biodegradable, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

The product has won the women’s choice awards from 2014 to 2016 because of its effectiveness.

Kids’ N’ Pets

FiZZion Odor and stain remover

It’s an eco-friendly cleaner having a reusable spray bottle to limit waste. It works on the spot when it gets in contact with the stain because of the CO2-patented cleaning process. You only need to wipe and watch the stain disappear. The product has won many titles.

FiZZion Odor and stain remover

Bubba’s Pet Odor and Stain Terminator

It’s a top-ranking product for cleaning on It’s highly recommended on the site as a daily stain remover.

The product cleans pet waste and urine, blood, and other organic stains. It completely removes the odor instead of masking it. Pets can’t find the area for later use.

Once you decide on the best cleaner to use, always have the bottle in your hands if your pet has an accident. With the best cleaner in your hands, make memories with your pet.

Bubba’s Pet Odor and Stain Terminator

How you will remove pet mess easily on your carpet

Getting rid of stains on your carpet is a job that all pet owners get used to it. The good thing is that it’s an easy and straightforward process when you know it.

How to remove new pet stains

If your basset hound has stained your carpet by peeing, you should act quickly and clean the carpet.

Things you will need

1. Clean paper towels or cloth rags.
2. Sheets to absorb urine(optional)
3. Water
4. Vinegar
5. Spray bottle
6. Baking soda
7. Commercial pet mess cleaner(optional)
8. Enzymatic cleaner
9. Vacuum


  1. When you spot the stain, use cloth rags to soak the wet stain. When a mess stays for long on the carpet, it becomes harder to remove it.
  2. Repeat process 1 with many new layers of rags until no moisture remains. Press down on the rags for all urine to get soaked.
  3. You can use absorbing urine sheets like Zorbit-up sheets. They have outstanding performances in absorbing urine in a few minutes.
  4. Clean the stain after absorbing all urine.
  5. Make a DY cleaner with 50% warm water and the same amount of white vinegar. You can decide to add at least a tablespoon of baking soda to the solution.
  6. If you don’t need a self-made DY cleaner, buy high-quality cleaners. For example, the oxy carpet formula and Bissel professional pet eliminator.
  7. Spray the solution to the stain and let it soak for ten minutes at most.
  8. Use a different white cloth to blot the mess gently to soak all moisture. Scrubbing isn’t allowed here.
  9. If the stain is still seen, add baking soda to it and spay it with the mixture. After ten minutes, blot the area again.
  10. Use cool water to rinse the region and use a rag to blot excess water.

Remove Pet Mess Easily On Your Carpet

Using hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap

It’s another method to use instead of using baking soda and vinegar. It’s not recommended on bright-colored or dark carpets. You need to first test on a small area before using the option to clean a carpet. Make a mixture of ½ hydrogen peroxide and ½ mild dishwashing soap.

Using enzymatic cleaner

When you complete the cleaning process, complete it with enzymatic cleaners. They prevent pets from urinating at the same point again. The sensitive pet nose can predict the stained area when you use regular cleaners.

They will locate the places again and spot urinates there again. Enzymatic cleaners break the urine bacteria. Spray the stain and allow it to cool. A strong scent can come from the area while drying, but it disappears when fully dry.

Vacuuming the area

It’s the final step in cleaning stains. It removes all remaining residue on the carpet.

How to clean pet feces mess on the carpet

Always clean the feces before they stay longer on your carpet.

Supplies needed

  • A toothbrush or soft scrub brush.
  • White rags
  • Paper towel
  • Absorbing sheets for urine(optional)
  • Poop bags or gloves
  • Hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing soap, or white vinegar.
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Commercial urine cleaner
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  • Vacuum


  1. Get rid of all feces with gloved hands, paper towels, or scooper into poop bags.
  2. For moist feces, use damp paper towels or a scraper. Be gentle not to stain the entire carpet.
  3. Use commercial stain cleaners to clean the place. Use resolve stain remover carpet or Woolite advanced pet odor and stain remover.
  4. You can use DIY cleaner, but commercial ones are more robust and efficient in removing feces mess.
  5. Soak the area stained with stain remover. Use a toothbrush to scrub using warm water gently. Hot water isn’t applicable here.
  6. Repeat process three to five times if feces signs are still there.
  7. Absorb the moisture using paper towels or cotton cloths. Repeat the process until you absorb all the moisture.
  8. Use cool water to rinse the area. Blot the area until the carpet dries up.
  9. Spray enzymatic cleaner to the area and leave it to dry.
  10. Vacuum the area after the carpet dries up.

How to remove the old feces stains on a carpet

Your dog can poop without your knowledge, and the feces dries up. What will you do?

Break the dried poop using a brush and vacuum the area.

Use either baking soda, vinegar, or water, mixture or you use a commercial cleaner to spray the region.

Allow it to settle for 20 minutes at most.

Use a toothbrush and scrub the area. Blot the excess water using a paper towel.

Repeat process 2 up to 4 if the stain is still there.

If not, spray the enzymatic cleaner and allow it to dry.

When it fully dries, vacuum the area.

How to get rid of pet vomit on a carpet

The process involved here is the same as the process of removing feces. Remove all the solid pieces, then embark on cleaning the area using the same procedure.

What not to do for getting rid of carpet stains

For all pet lovers, it’s wise to have these tips in time. You need to completely avoid certain things when trying to get rid of carpet stains. Here are some of them:

Don’t use steam to clean.

The heat from steam cleaners can set the odor and stain permanent on the carpet. The proteins in the stains stick to the human-made fibers.

Never use ammonia

Avoid all cleaners with ammonia components. Ammonia smells like pet urine. Pets will quickly locate the area and stain it again.

Avoid hard scrubbing

For the better health of your carpet, use gentle methods discussed in removing stains. A paper towel is the best option. Instead of scrubbing, use rubber gloves that allow your fingers to work on carpet fibers.

Some Additional tips

Use a black light

Pets will continue to urinate in the same area when they smell the residue. A black-light flashlight will enable you to see any stain that you might have missed. Turn off all light in the compound and light the black-light over the region. You will see the stains as brown, yellow or green shades. Clean those regions well.

Stubborn stains will need professional help.

If you cleaned but no positive result came, then use professional help or tools. Rent a carpet cleaning device to clean the mess. You can as well use professionals in the field to offer the professional services you need.

Replace the padding

Stains might soak the carpet’s padding, and removing them won’t be easy. You will have to replace the padding or the carpet itself.

Limit future stains

Prevention is better than cleaning the mess. Train your pet not to stain the house. Use a crate for house training of your pet. Medical conditions might force a pet to urinate or poop always. Contact a vet to solve the situation. If it’s not a medical condition, then contact behavior professionals to solve the problem.

Cleaning pet stains shouldn’t be a challenging process. Ensure all the requirements are available and act on the stain when it’s still fresh. As a pet lover, always store cleaners with you since you must deal with pet vomit, feces, or urine in your home.