Deciding to bring a dog into your home for the first time is a big decision. First, there is the concern of how well your new pooch will fit into your lifestyle, the extra work involved, the cost, and the responsibility for their medical care to consider. Of course, you should never make that choice lightly, but having a dog in the home can be an amazing life change. A dog will bring affection, loyalty, and fun to any home and provide you with years of companionship.

That said, even if you think you are fully prepared to have a god, it might be a good idea to ease yourself into it. Often having one dog will lead to more down the road, so there is no harm in making an easier choice right off the bat. Here are the best dog breeds for rookies to help you as a first-time dog owner.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever might just be the best dog for first-time dog owners. It’s almost like they were bred to be in the homes of new dog parents. They are very easy to train, so you can, at the very least, get them to listen to simple commands like sit and come. They are also very loving and loyal, and they will stick with their pack no matter what. They love company and friends and are always great when meeting other dogs on the walking path or at the park. They don’t need too much maintenance other than regular brushing and vacuuming up their shedding fur. They also happen to be adorable pets that will melt your heart immediately.

easiest dog to take care of


If you’re concerned about how your new dog will fit in with your family and children, then a boxer might be the way to go. Boxers love human attention and affection. They also particularly enjoy goofing around and spending time with kids. They are patient and kind and will protect your kids from any perceived dangers. They have a lot of energy, so they will fit best in homes that can give them exercise regularly. Boxers also don’t need much grooming, if any at all, so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra time on that activity.

best small dog for first time owners

German Shepherd

German shepherds are another very intelligent breed of dog. Training is one of the biggest challenges for first-time dog parents, so the smarter the dog, the easier training will be. They are so smart that they are the prime choice for police units. A german shepherd is very loyal to its pack, so you can expect yours to follow you around the house and protect the premises from any unwanted intruders. They don’t shed much, so grooming them is easy. With a german shepherd, you can bring one home and have it integrated with your family in no time.

best dog for novice owner


Many potential first-time dog owners are hesitant because they are concerned about certain behaviors. For instance, they don’t want to end up with a dog that growls or a dog that will make too much of a mess or damage things. With a Papillon, you can avoid those issues. For one, papillons are incredibly gentle and unaggressive. They are tiny dogs that can be easily picked up from any unsafe or messy situation, and they will be happy for the lift. They enjoy playing outside with kids, but since they are so small, they can get enough exercise indoors, making them ideal for apartment and condo dwellers.

low maintenance dogs for first time owners

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is another tiny pup. They tend to weigh less than ten pounds, but they also tend to have 100 pounds of sass and personality. They love to play, they love to show off, and they love to forget how small they truly are. They also happen to be hypoallergenic, so if you are worried about allergies, then looking for Yorkie puppies for sale would be a good first step. They do require daily bruising because they have long fur coats. You will also require professional grooming help from time to time to keep your hair clean and neat.

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Every year, the poodle ranks among the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and with good reason. For one, poodles are endlessly adorable and love to play and show off. They are also very smart and very easy on those with allergies and respiratory issues. In addition, there are three sizes of poodles, which means that you can have one that will fit within your living space, no matter what type of home you have. The only issue with poodles is that they do require some fur maintenance and professional grooming from time to time.

best dogs for beginners

Irish Setter

As a breed, the Irish setter is not the most popular. However, that does not mean that a beginner should overlook this gem of a dog. Irish setters love people and have sweet demeanors. They bond quickly with their pack and are extremely loyal. They love to play with kids but will also slow things down and spend time with seniors or people who aren’t as active. They train decently, but not necessarily because of their intelligence. They want to please everyone and will do whatever it takes to do that. You will have to brush an Irish setter a couple of times a week, but otherwise, they do not require too much maintenance.

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If you’ve never owned a dog before, it can be hard to grasp what to expect. The good thing is, there are so many breeds of dogs that there is bound to be one that will suit your lifestyle. So take a look at these examples, or do further research. You can end up with the perfect dog, even if it’s your first time.