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When springtime, temperatures start to warm while flowers open up as a welcome sign of the year. It’s the same time dogs with heavy coats shed fur. Kids in the compound will make fun of the fur and start blowing it in the air. The reason for dog shedding is to reduce the coat to feel cool in the coming hot season.

Excess shedding in dogs is not only caused by the change in climate alone. Factors that cause shedding in dogs include age, breed, skin and coat issues, nutrition, and stress. There are many options dog lovers can do to reduce the excess shedding in their pets.

One of the best ways to reduce this excess shedding in dogs is by changing their diet. Many foods are designed to reduce shedding in dogs, while other dogs are designed to stop shedding completely.

In this article, you will find a list of the best foods for dogs to lessen hair loss, tips on how to choose the best food for dog shedding, and supplements with other vital things to help a dog when blowing its coat.

Top Foods That Will Reduce Shedding In Dogs

1. Purina Pro For Stomach And Sensitive Skin


  • Grain type.

  • It has biotin.

  • 429 kcal calories.

  • 26% proteins, 16% fat, 4% fiber, 1.6% omega-6, 0.8% omega-3 and 180 mg/kg min zinc.

It offers the best formula to reduce shedding greatly. It’s a natural and enriched recipe with biotin and natural fatty acids that promotes a healthy coat or skin of a dog.

Purina pro for stomach and sensitive skin has prebiotic fiber that aids in digestive health.

Poor GI health can contribute to excessive shedding. It makes this formula better at shedding. It has real salmon as the main ingredient. Its oatmeal is an easily digestible source of carbohydrates.

2. The Farmina Food


  • Has five ingredients; dehydrated cod, cod, hearing oil, whole oats, and whole spelt.

  • It contains grains.

  • It has biotin.

  • 400 kcal calories.

  • The guaranteed analysis; 30% proteins, 18% fats, 2.9% fiber, 2.3% omega-3, 1.6% omega-6.

  • Has added zinc though the quantity isn’t given.

Farmina food for dogs contains unique and several grains. It’s rich in pomegranate, blueberries, and spinach, which are all superfoods. 

The recipe cod for farmina is added with dried yeast that aids in promoting a healthy coat and skin. The foods are enhanced with zinc and biotin that help in reducing shedding in dogs. Farmina cod, oats, orange recipe, and spelled are Italian premium foods.

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3. The Budget-Friendly-Crave Beef


  • It has five ingredients: beef, pork meal, chicken meal, lentils, and split peas.

  • It’s a grain-free type.

  • It contains biotin.

  • 454 kcal calories

  • Guaranteed analysis; 1.7% fat, 34% proteins, 3.5% fiber, 2% omega-6, no omega-3, and zinc with unverified percentage.

It’s a protein-rich food having different animal proteins that produce the first three components in it. Pork and beef are excellent sources of biotin. 

Apart from natural biotin sources present in Crave beef, there is added biotin to make the food. The food has no fish ingredients in it, and fish-based foods are good for shedding.

It’s an alternative food for those dogs who don’t like fish. The food also suits those dogs with grain allergies and sensitivities since it’s a grain-free alternative. In terms of pricing, this food is cheap compared to most dog foods for shedding.

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4. The Solid Gold Brown Rice With Pearled Barley


  • Contains five ingredients; brown rice, lamb meal, lamb, oatmeal, and pearled barley.

  • Contains grain.

  • Has biotin.

  • 335 kcal

  • Has a granted analysis of 22% proteins, 10% fat, 4% fiber, 0.3% omega-3, 2.5% omega-6 and zinc with unspecified amounts.

Hypothyroidism is a major disease that makes dogs shed abnormally than normal. Currently, there is no dog food made to tame this disease.

The only thing dog lovers can do is ensure their pets get a well-balanced diet full of important vitamins and vital nutrients.

Solid gold flocked food meets the standards of AAFCO of a balanced diet and is rich in omega- and omega-6 fatty acids. It has biotin enhancement with zinc. Both biotin and zinc are good for the promotion of healthy skin and coat in dogs.

The food has a reasonable protein amount, neither low nor high, making it a perfect choice for the adult dog’s needs. The lower calories and fats content is crucial in promoting dogs’ healthy weight.

The food has probiotics added to enhance a healthy digestive system, which is another important element that reduces shedding in dogs.

5. The Hills Prescription Dog Food


  • Has five ingredients; hydrolyzed chicken liver, corn starch, powdered cellulose, calcium carbonate, and soybean oil.

  • Contains grain.

  • Has biotin.

  • 354 kcal calories.

  • Has guaranteed analysis of 14% proteins,10% fat, 0.5% fiber, 0.3 % omega-3, 3.0% omega-6 and zinc with unverified percentage.

The hills prescription dog food is among the best foods that help dogs stop shedding due to allergies.

Even though dogs must shed, abnormal shedding resulting from allergies can be eliminated or curbed when a dog gets proper treatment.

Hills Z/D is a good choice for dogs with allergies. Though grains are part of the ingredients, these grains have no allergens in them. These grains make it suitable for dogs that might be having heart issues or dogs predisposed to DCM.

The formulation of Z/D makes it contain lower protein ingredients. It’s a perfect choice for dogs suffering from kidney problems.

6. The Orijen Six Dog Food


  • First five ingredients; fresh pacific mackerel, fresh pacific pilchard, fresh pacific flounder, and fresh rockfish.

  • It contains grains.

  • Has no biotin.

  • 465 kcal

  • Has a guaranteed analysis of 38% proteins, 18% fats, 5% fiber, 2.2% omega-3, 2.2% omega-6 and 100 mg zinc.

Orijen is food produced by a Canadian company that focuses on manufacturing biologically appropriate pet protein food.

The Orijen food is created from fresh, regionally ingredients.

The fish formula in it is wild-caught mostly from the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the first five components, it also has fish that makes it unique with high fatty acids that are ideal in preventing shedding.

Apart from the fresh or raw fish, the Orijen fish formula has lentils and fish to give the dog a good energy source. It also has different superfoods included in the recipe, like apples, kale, brown kelp, beet greens, blueberries, and spinach. All these help in the boosting of the immune system of the dog.

7. The Wellness Simple Dog Food


  • First five ingredients; salmon meal, salmon, potatoes, peas, and canola oil.

  • It’s grain-free.

  • Contains biotin.

  • 450 kcal calories.

  • Has a guaranteed formula of 29% protein, 14% fat, 5% fiber, 1.25% omega-3, 2.5% omega-6, and zinc with unspecified quantity.

Wellness simple potato and salmon is an ideal formula for dogs having allergies. The formula has no dairy, grains, fish, artificial colors, preservatives, and soy.

The food is meant for small dogs, and the kibble size is meant to reduce choking incidences.

Wellness simple is a rich fatty acids food from fish, flaxseed, and canola oil. The three fatty acids enhance a healthy coat and skin. Wellness simple has both prebiotics and probiotics, which help in better GI health that helps reduce shedding.

Wellness simple is an excellent choice to ease shedding. It’s also good for dogs having joint issues since it has glucosamine and chondroitin.

8. The American Journey Dog Food


  • First five ingredients; turkey meal, deboned salmon, peas, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas.

  • It’s grain-free.

  • Has no biotin.

  • 370 kcal.

  • Has a guaranteed analysis of 30% proteins, 12% fat, 5% fiber, 1% omega-3, 2.5% omega-6 and 140 mg.

American journey breed food is good for those dogs that shed excessively. It’s also perfect for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

The breed foods used are grain-free and have unique proteins like turkey and salmon, both good for allergic dogs.

Besides, salmon is useful to dogs with skin problems due to allergies or general hair loss. It’s because it helps in supporting a healthy coat and skin. Since this food is meant for large dogs, the glucosamine and chondroitin enhancements are ideal for joint health.

It has DHA that is excellent for young adult dogs transforming from puppy foods. The formula in this food has several probiotics that sustain a healthy digestive system and absorb nutrients and critical vitamins.

9. The Acana Light Dog Food


  • The first five ingredients are deboned turkey, deboned chicken, turkey meal, red lentils, and chicken meal.

  • Has no grains.

  • Has no biotin.

  • 348 kcal calories.

  • Has a guaranteed analysis of 33% proteins, 10% fat, 8% fiber, 1.2% omega-3, 1.5% omega-6, and an unspecified amount of zinc.

Acana light dog food is perfect for dogs seeking to reduce or maintain a healthy weight. It has high fiber and also contains lean proteins.

 The food has no grains making it a good option for allergic dogs.

The fit and light acana light formula is based on diets for dog ancestors, the gray wolf. It shows that the formula is rich in proteins. Its first four components are animal-sourced.

The acana light dog food has no biotin and has ingredients that are highly natural in vitamins like liver and eggs. The food enriches probiotics, glucosamine, and superfoods such as collard greens, pumpkin, and kelp.

10. Diamond Natural Dry Food


  • The first five ingredients include peas, salmon, potatoes, fish meal, and lentils.

  • It’s grain-free.

  • Has biotin.

  • 337 kcal calories.

  • Has a guaranteed analysis of 25% proteins, 14% fat, 5% fiber, 0.4% omega-3, 2.5% omega-6 and 150 mg zinc.

Diamond natural coat and skin recipes are highly holistic formulated dog food for dry skin allergic dogs and dogs with shedding issues.

 The food has added biotin, natural biotin, and amino acids that support a healthy coat that nourishes the dog’s skin.

Diamond naturals have a sufficient probiotics number to aid the digestive health in absorbing important nutrients and vitamins.

The food recipe has antioxidants and probiotics enhancements, both of which enhance a healthy immune system. The food has lower calories, which is a good option to sustain a healthy weight.

With all these important ingredients, the food is sold at a favorable price compared to other dog foods available. It has the value that your dog needs.

How You Will Choose The Best Shedding Dog Foods

Several factors are considered when selecting the best dog food for shedding. Ensure the food you choose addresses the specific issues that affect your dog’s health. When you want to depict whether the dog shedding is normal or abnormal, consult a veterinarian officer to assess the condition. Abnormal shedding dogs require the following elements in their diets;


Good food should have either a component that has natural biotin or added biotin. These components include organ meats, sweet potatoes, and red meat.


Zinc is often added to foods though it can come naturally in foods like shellfish, meat, whole grains, and eggs.

Omega-3&6 fatty acids

Fish-based food that has natural fatty acid sources are vital in aiding dogs who are shedding. Flaxseed is another excellent source of omega3&6.


Most dogs lose hair because of food allergies. Foods that might cause this condition are grains, beef, chicken, dairy, and eggs.

Supplements That Help To Reduce Shedding In Dogs

Apart from foods, supplements can aid in protecting dogs from excessive shedding. When a dog doesn’t respond to a particular diet, use supplements to get a perfect solution. They include;

PetHonest SkinHealth

The supplement has fatty acids, flaxseed, and probiotics. It is blended with kelp, oil, and superfoods that improve coat and skin health.

Nutramax Welactin

It’s a fish oil supplement which dermatologists recommended for the promotion of skin and coat health. It helps the heart, joints, brain, immune system, and kidney health.

Nutria-Vet defense

These are soft chews created by vets in aiding the reduction of abnormal shedding in dogs. They have a smoke flavor and are easy to give to dogs. They contain grain, making them unfit for allergic dogs, especially food allergies.


Give your dog comfort stay by addressing the primary source of shedding. Even though shedding is natural, it is often caused by factors that need to be addressed. Your compound will be clean from excess fur around.