Do you know that a dog collar is one of the most necessary tools for any dog owner? Buy a collar first, even before you buy a harness or a bed for your pet. A dog collar will aid you in performing different tasks with your dog.

The duties include transmitting commands, safe and structured walks. It also holds ID tags, among others. When choosing a dog collar, be sure it’s not very tight to the extent of choking your pet. It shouldn’t also be too loose to slip out of your dog. Check to ensure it allows your two fingers to slip underneath it.

What is a Fi Smart Dog Collar?

The Fi Dog Collar is a GPS smart collar that uses a combination of GPS and IEFI to locate your pet’s location. It also tracks the total number of steps a dog has made the whole day.

The collar has a more streamlined and more excellent design than its competitors. It has a base station to aid in charging and ensuring safety in a home.

It transmits the alerts to your phone to notify when a dog moves out of the house. The battery is the best structure of the collar.

The collar can last for a month after charging. It makes the collar to be more efficient than the other intelligent collars in the market.

How does the Fi dog collar work?

The collar uses the AT &T network to locate your pet when inside or outside the house. It also uses Bluetooth and WIFI based safe zones.

GPS Tracking

The collar uses the LTE-M cellular network to enable you to track your dog. You can locate the dog anywhere and when you switch it to the lost dog mode. You will get exact time location updates in an emergency.

The collar also utilizes geofence detection. It informs you when your pet escapes from the compound. It uses the LTE and GPS connection and the collar base that you plug in your home to act as a location tracker.

Activity monitoring

You can track the number of steps your pup makes in a day and access them through your phone. The phone app will let you set daily goals for dog fitness.

It works as a simple pedometer to enable you to track the dogs’ steps using the mobile app. The app has an inbuilt goal of 10,000 steps, but you can set your plan.

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How does the Fi dog collar APP work?

The Fi dog collar needs the help of an iOS or Android app to work well. The collar doesn’t have a web-based interface making it hard to use it on a desktop. You start by creating a dog profile and then attach the base station to a home WIFI.

Set a safe zone area around this base and state its size to cover your property and home. You can only use one dog breed to create a pet profile. If you want to set multiple profiles, you need to have numerous Fi collars. It’s hard to switch one Fi collar from one dog to another.

What is a safe zone for the dog collar?

A Fi dog collar needs a Fi base that charges the collar. A safe zone is the perimeter range around this Fi base. It’s also the distance between the collar and the Fi base within the Bluetooth range of the dog walker.

The safe range designated by the base location saves on battery life. The GPS tracker will not need to pick up and track from the GPS when it’s aware it’s within the base station range.

What is the composition of the Fi dog collar?

The collar has a nice and solid construction. It’s slightly heavier than the regular webbing collars.

It has a matchbox size GPS and long-lasting metal hardware.

It has a quick buckle and loop for dog tags and leash attachment. The Fi collar is dog proof and chew proof and has one year warranty.

Is this Fi dog collar waterproof?

Yes. It will survive rainy seasons and occasions when your dog puddles or jumps into the pond/river.

How long does the battery of the Fi dog collar last?

The battery life depends on the pet activity. It can last from one month to three months between charges.

When you spend much time out of the house base station, the collar will use more battery power. It has to connect to a phone via Bluetooth and picking GPS signals when out of the phone and the home base.

How does the GPS tracker of Lost Dog Mode work?

You can activate the Fi dog collar lost dog mode using the Fi App. It turns the live location tracking of the dog collar to help you locate or find your pet. It would help if you did the Fi subscription.

It will help the Fi GPS act as a cellphone to ease the tracking using the phone GPS signal. It’s only applicable when the collar is not with the owner.

The lost dog mode lights a red light on the collar to enable you to spot it in the dark with ease. It also sends you a notification every minute to help in the tracking process.


dog Collar Tracking Device

Does the collar tracking device have a light?

Yes! The push-button on the Fi App lights the pulsing light on the collar. You can choose between the seven different colors. The light is essential for night walks.

How much does the Fi dog collar cost?

The initial price of the collar is $149. You need a GPS tracking plan and data storage that costs $99 for a year. For two years, the plan is $186, and for three years, $248.

The total cost of this collar for the two-year program comes to a total of $335. You can neglect the subscription and use the product only for activity tracking. The collar has a two weeks trial with a one-year warranty for total returns.

What's included in the Fi dog collar box?

The box has a mini-USB cable, a charger block and a base station.


The Fi dog collar is a robust dog tracker with perfect battery life in the market. It’s one of the best dog tracking collars you can trust.

It’s because of the battery life, robust good outlook and streamlined body. It’s an excellent investment that will give you great peace of mind.