Your dog is a faithful companion who will always be close to you at critical moments in your life and has become a precious family member over the years. And you are a responsible person who only wants the best for him. This is why you are most likely interested to know the main characteristics of high-quality dog food. Whether you are looking for kibble or wet food, the meals you offer your pet could have a crucial effect on his long-term development. And respecting the nutritional values required for his growth could allow you to enjoy his company for many years to come.

Investing in high-quality dog nutrition is essential for any self-respecting pet owner. But your options are almost limitless, and so are the brands operating in the Australian market. To make sure you get only the best products, it’s best to go to an experienced manufacturer that meets the quality standards set by the Australian government, and here we could list brands such as Taste of the Wild, Meals for Mutts, Ivory Coat, or CopRice.

It will also be essential to target a product that is suitable for your pet’s age. When they are puppies, dogs have different nutritional needs than adult canines, which also applies to other types of pets. Are you searching for only the best dog food for your fluffball? In this case, you need to examine the main qualities of premium pet food closely. What are they? We propose to find out in the following paragraphs, where we will also discuss the difference between the nutritional needs of cats and dogs and the importance of choosing between kibble and wet food.

What To Seek In Premium Food For Your Fluffball? 

Dogs are the most popular pet in Australia, with our country being home to just under 6.4 million canines. And for them to thrive, it’s crucial to meet their nutritional needs. Want to buy only the best quality canine food on the market? In this case, you should turn to brands that use only meat of known origin and that, in the composition offered, can balance the amounts of proteins, carbs and fats required to provide energy to our four-legged friends. The meat in the delivered meals should not come from animal byproducts or be enhanced with artificial colouring or additives.

The food you choose should be free of fillers such as soy or wheat that may not meet your pet’s nutritional needs and should comply with the quality standards set by the PFIAA. Do you want your pet to have a strong and healthy coat? In this case, you may want to look at brands that add healthy fats such as Omega-3 to the composition, and you should discuss with your vet what foods your dog is allergic to. For example, Maltese may be sensitive to grain-rich diets, which should be avoided, while German shepherds are prone to Eosinophilic gastroenteritis, and their meals must be closely monitored.

How Are Dogs’ Nutritional Needs Different From Cats’? 

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets found in Australian homes, but their nutritional needs are varied, which their meals should reflect. Dogs are omnivorous animals, meaning high-quality dog food can also incorporate plant-based ingredients full of nutrients and minerals. On the other hand, cats are carnivores, and their digestive system is not designed for carbohydrates, so premium cat food needs to be richer in proteins and, in many cases, wetter. Cats have a lower thirst drive than dogs and take a good part of their water intake from the consumed food, which makes them prone to dehydration.

Both cats and dogs need protein to strengthen their muscles and maintain optimal energy levels, but compared to dogs, cats need much more, and their metabolic rate is different. Cats also cannot process taurine, so kitty food needs to add this amino acid. They can also not create vitamin A from beta carotene, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system. In general, felines need more nutrients added to their food, and their dietary needs are more complex.

Kibble Vs. Wet Food: What To Choose? 

If you are interested in acquiring high-quality canine food, you can choose between wet food or kibble. Dry food has the advantage of being shelf stable, can be stored longer, does not require refrigeration, and may be more suitable for messy eaters. Moreover, kibble encourages teeth health, can help if your pet is overweight, and is generally cheaper than wet food. But many brands at different price points manufacture kibble, and the ingredients used may sometimes not be to your pet’s liking or even cause minor allergic reactions. Moreover, kibble is low in moisture and is not recommended for dogs with kidney issues.

Wet dog food, on the other hand, is more palatable for most dogs, often contains fewer preservatives, successfully covers the nutritional values of any breed, and is high in moisture, which can help hydrate your companion. But wet food has a shorter shelf life, requires storage in the refrigerator once the package has been opened, and is, in many cases, more expensive than kibble. The best of both worlds might be combining wet and dry food, but that depends on your dog’s preferences and the budget you dispose of.

Your Dog Is Great

Why should you invest in high-quality dog food? You should because your dog deserves it. Your pup is a loyal companion who fills your days with joy, who has become an essential member of your family, and who, if he could talk, would become your best friend. Dogs love us with everything they have and only want to spend time in our company. The least you can do is invest in treats or foods that will appeal to them and provide the nutritional intake they need.

You are a hard-working person, and because of this, you probably don’t have the free time to spend every moment with your pet. But what you do have instead are the economic possibilities to transform your pet’s life and spoil him. A well-fed dog is a happy one, and today, you have all the information you need to make a wise decision about your pup’s nutrition. From kibble produced by manufacturers like Advanced to wet food made by brands like VeganPet, your options are almost limitless, and you can always purchase the perfect food for your companion’s needs.