Having a pet is an enriching experience but certainly comes with some financial responsibilities. So if you’re considering bringing a Basset Hound home, make sure you know what expenses come along with it. In this article, we’ll break down the costs associated with getting one, as well, as buying supplies, average monthly expenses, and surprise costs. This will help you determine if these pets would be suitable considering your lifestyle. Expect to spend about $200–$400 on getting a Bassett Hound pup and about $500–$2,000 on a reputable breeder.

Welcoming a New Basset Hound: One-Time Expenses

You should also budget for a one-off cost, including adoption or purchase fees, spay/neuter charges, and the basics of a collar, leash, food and water bowls, and bed when you first get your dog. In case you are getting your new buddy from a breeder, bear in mind, that breeding privileges have an additional charge attached to them.


A free Basset Hound can be obtained but will require some investigating and some time. Many animal shelters and rescues have free or lower “adoption fees,” especially for older pets or pets with special needs. Call your local animal shelters, rescue groups, or Basset Hound-specific rescues and find out if any are looking for new homes right now. Alternatively, you can search for free Basset Hounds near you on websites such as Petfinder.com Or Adopt-a-Pet.com. But bear in mind that an offer of a free pet may cause questions to be asked. For example; an owner is trying to get shot of a dog with serious medical conditions/behavioral problems in an innocent new home. So do your due diligence and spend some good time with the dog before you decide on a commitment.



The cost of adoption from a basset hound may vary among organizations. Usually, fees are usually anywhere between $200–$400. Some animal shelters or rescue organizations may have lower adoption fees for senior dogs, and dogs with special needs, or during special promotions such as National Adopt a Pet Day. These charges generally encompass spaying or neutering, immunizations, and fundamental well-being examinations. Other groups offer extra perks like free microchipping, dental care, or a complimentary vet check-up.



Whenever you decide to buy your Basset Hound from breeders, the price can vary depending on some aspects. But plan on spending five hundred to two thousand dollars for this. The cost of this puppy depends on various things like the breeder’s reputation, pedigree, and even if the dog or its parents ever won any awards. It’s important to do your homework and find a breeder who puts the health and safety of their pups first while maintaining those established breed standards.

Initial Setup And Supplies


A Basset Hound’s necessities (initial) expense you around $100–$300 depending upon the quality and amount of things you buy. Things you can’t go without; a collar/leash, food/water dishes, bed/basket, toy(s). Food and Grooming Supplies. Pet Insurance can be a good idea for unexpected vet bills.

List Of Basset Hound Care Supplies & Prices

Basset Hound Price

So How Much Do Basset Hounds Cost Monthly?

$100–$400 per month

This breed of animals’ average monthly care costs have varying factors such as the dog‘s location, age, their owners’ style or living conditions, etc. This includes food, shelter, supplies, grooming, medications, training, preventative veterinary expenses, and more The average costs include but are not limited to food, medical bills, grooming, accessories, and pet insurance for those with animals. Generally speaking, expect to spend between $100 and $400 per month. The most expensive times to own a dog are when they’re young and old, as both require extra medical attention.

Health Care

$50–$250 per month

The cost of monthly health care for your Basset Hound can vary depending on health conditions or location. But, save some cash on the side (around $ 50 – $ 250 ) each month for routine vet care of your pet. This includes routine care, regular visits, vaccinations, and parasite control. Regular dental care is certainly beneficial — and in some cases, medications may be required for things like allergies arthritis, or even skincare. Pet insurance is an added cost on the table, but it may cover major bills stemming from serious accidental injuries or illnesses.


$20–$60 per month

You can expect to pay $20-$60 per month for commercial pet-grade food depending on the brand and formula you choose. Basset Hounds Must Eat an Appropriate High-protein, High-nutritious Diet to Preserve Healthy Weight Control and Prevent Obesity. Instead, opt for dog food containing real meat such as chicken or turkey — nothing synthetic!


$20–$200 per month

The cost grooming of your Basset Hound can vary depending on where you go. But you need to save money somewhere between $20–$200 per month for Shaving. That includes bathing because your Baxter will have to be bathed regularly just due to his coat. Because of its shape, this area is very prone to ear infections due to the capability to accumulate dirt and moisture, hence requiring regular cleaning. Also, trim off your pet’s claws periodically, otherwise you would get hurt from their claws hitting against the ground as well, for them too! These tasks can save you money, however, a professional groomer has the skills to complete them expeditiously and with less stress to our dogs.

Medications And Vet Visits

$50–$200 per month

Medicine, vet bills, food, and treats can vary in cost, but you should expect, at the very minimum, between $50-$200 per month. Basic things like vaccines and heartworm preventative all fall under this category. It’s especially important for animals with ongoing health issues to have regular check-ups from the vet. They could require additional medication to deal with issues like hay fever arthritis or other things of this type. While there is insurance for pets, you can imagine those costs rising dramatically as the pet ages.

Pet Insurance

$30–$100 per month

Pet insurance for your Basset Hound falls between an average monthly cost of $30–$100, based on what level of coverage you opt for and who you purchase it from. ## Instruction: You are given a sentence from AI, rewrite in a way that it looks like a human Typically these basic plans include things like accident/sickness but will typically have an integrated care plan that includes wellness care, dental care as well as other alternative modalities. When it comes to health insurance policies, most providers make the decision on how high or how low a person wants their deductible. So you could reduce the amount you have to pay each month.

Environmental Maintenance

$10–$15 per month

But obviously, you have good behavior with your pets and very low maintenance for the premium level of this product. beds get worn down, we require an influx of new toys and restock on poop bags every day. This breed would shed even more at shedding the first time basset hound sheds indoors in the home or on a rug or pillow. And that should cost no more than $10 to $15 per month. However, if your dog leans more towards the separation anxiety side of things and needs additional training, you may find these expenses include fixing damages to your furniture, housebreaking problems, and other bad behavior such as chewing up the living room while home alone!

Basset Hound Price


$20–$50 per month

One thing great about a Boxer pup is that they absolutely enjoy playing with their owners, hence you can purchase this playmate toy from one of these subscription boxes to receive new toys every 2-3 weeks for your family doggie. These usually consist of some combination of toy, treat, and treats-for-puppy and run around $20–$50+ depending on which box you pick. These popular subscription services include BarkBox, Chewy Goody Box, and PupBox. When you subscribe, you’re spending more money each month — because, let’s face it, $15 bucks may not fit well into everyone’s budget, particularly if you have multiple pets or even children — and yet, subscribing saves you some money over time

How Much Does It Cost In Total Monthly To Have a Bassett Hound?

$100–$400 per month

It all depends on the specific circumstances in your part of the world (how much you spend on feeds as well as grooming, health costs, vaccinations of pets, insurance coverage, etc.) but generally speaking, the daily maintenance cost of these dogs varies over time. On average, it can cost between $20–$60 per month to feed a basset hound. Grooming costs approximately $25; healthcare runs between $57 – $352 a month. Pet insurance premiums typically fall in a range from $30/month to $100/month depending on which coverage you choose. But wait–there’s more–add in the cost of toys, training classes, and perhaps a few pet box subscriptions. The feed and maintenance costs, on average, range between $100 to over $400 per month, plus if your Bassett Hound has special dietary needs.

Additional Expenses To Consider

In addition to a regular monthly budget, owning a Basset Hound also comes with extra expenditures. Pet sitting costs and what pet care services offer range anywhere from roughly $30 – $75+ per day depending on the locale, type of service, and level of attention. Treatments for urgent medical care or injuries can end up being quite steep, anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Your pet may cause damage to objects in your home for which you will need to pay for repairs or replacement. This could include behavioral training (i.e.” training your dog not to bark at the neighbor”, “crate training” or “ obedience and rally-o training) which costs roughly $50-$300/session.

How To Buy A Basset Hound On A Tight Budget

One way to keep expenses lower with regards to being a Basset Hound owner is to purchase pet supplies and food in bulk or take any great bargains or limited-time deals, especially on large events like Halloween, etc. Focusing on the most critical pet care costs will allow you to save money in other areas of your pet’s care needs. Furthermore, saving on pet sitters and/or boarding fees can be achieved by enlisting the help of friends, family, or reputable local pet sitters at decent prices.

Basset Hounds Require Care And Grooming For The Same As Other Dogs.

Regular vet checks can help flag up any problems before they get out of hand and result in pricey emergencies- plus your pet will thank you for keeping an eye on its health. Learning how to groom your dog will help you cut costs (is even doable with practice). Local groomers often provide advice and specialized techniques suited to your pet that make the process smoother and less painful for them.

In Conclusion:

Pet ownership is very rewarding; however, there are various financial commitments with Basset Hound ownership that one needs to take into consideration. While initial expenses such as adoption or breeder fees or recurring costs such as food, healthcare, and grooming add up quickly making the overall costs of owning a Basset Hound expensive. It’s best to save about $500 even before you decide to get or adopt a basset hound, then establish a monthly budget of around $100–$400 to provide them with a comfortable life. Bulk buying, taking advantage of deals, learning how to groom pets, and using pet insurance can help to lower costs.