For more than a century, the Humane Society of New York (HSNY) has worked to support the well-being of animals and the development of laws and regulations to protect them. From its early days protesting the inhumane treatment of working carriage horses through decades of providing shelter, veterinary care, and loving homes to dogs and cats in need, the Humane Society of New York has always put animals first. Here’s an overview of the impact the organization has had on the community:

Modern Facilities

Every year, the HSNY’s Vladimir Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center find some 38,000 neglected, abused, and abandoned pets in permanent, loving homes. Animals receive high-quality medical treatment in the organization’s clinic, with subsidized care provided to pet owners who meet need-based criteria.

Satisfied Adopters and Pet Owners

Numerous HSNY human clients have posted excellent reviews of the organization. Common refrains include that staff in the veterinary clinic are knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and exceed expectations in terms of quality of medical care. 

One satisfied pet parent wrote in 2023 that she had taken her cats to the HSNY’s clinic for more than a decade. She even drove there from out of state just to ensure quality care for her new dog. Another client who took her puppy to the clinic for spaying and microchipping services stated that the veterinarian “did an amazing job,” giving the dog a clean-looking incision that healed quickly. This, along with the pleasant and empathetic staff and the other friendly clients in the waiting area, made the whole experience positive.

Another reviewer wrote of the animal adoption center, “I appreciate that they trusted me” to become an adoptive pet parent. This owner said their cat then made them “so happy.”

“The Humane Society saved my cat!” wrote still another client. This user noted that their pet was seen for a needed—and successful—surgery the same day they contacted the clinic. The staff helped calm the owner’s nerves, while the surgeon kept them updated on how their cat was doing and provided additional information for future reference. “I will be making a donation,” this satisfied user wrote. 

These are only a few of the reviews that illustrate the HSNY’s dedication and sense of mission, and how it has touched numerous lives—animal and human—in the process.

An Active Community

One of HSNY’s central priorities is staying connected to its community of animals, animal welfare advocates, and humans who love animals. On its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, the organization regularly posts helpful tips, timely news items, and moving accounts of its impact on the daily lives of its clients and their cherished pets. The HSNY also leverages the power of its social media presence to bring attention to some adorable cats and dogs still waiting for their forever homes.

Joyful Stories

Buttercup, a bright-eyed tan-and-white female Chihuahua, graced the organization’s social media pages in August 2023 as one of its most adoptable pets. Buttercup and her caregiver were shown trying to beat the New York City heat together. A link in the post gave prospective adoptive families more information about Buttercup and how to move forward with an adoption application.

Other HSNY shelter pets who have already found their forever homes include Lola, a senior dog that was adopted in 2022. In August 2023, Lola was living her best life at age 9 1/2, shown in a pair of images enjoying the seaside on a vacation in Maine with her family. 

The HSNY’s care for its patients was well-documented in the images it shared of Jitsy, a little dog who came to the HSNY clinic for a check-up. The veterinary staff found Jitsy doing very well on the antibiotics she’d been prescribed for a cough. The look on the pup’s face said it all: She felt confident, comfortable, and completely at home with the team and the clinic. The HSNY noted its medical team’s satisfaction at being able to care for Jitsy and all their other patients. “We love,” said the post, “sending them home feeling all better.”

Generous Supporters

The HSNY and the shelter pets it cares for appreciate every donation from its generous supporters. Every gift is important, whether in the form of cash, matching gifts, corporate giving, or in-kind contributions. 

Thanks to the impact of its donors, the organization can care for animals like Bella, a delicate little black-and-white cat featured on its social media in July. Bella was trying out some new beds provided to the HSNY by one of its supporters. Prospective adoptive pet parents can find out more at the link provided.

The month of July was filled with photos of even more very adoptable pets, from reintroduction to May’s Cat of the Month, Bethany, with her newly healed broken leg, to the playful dog-buddy duo of Halo and Hamilton, to the gentle bonded kitten pair of Daisy and Dixie.

One of the HSNY staff superpowers, and one of the biggest perks of their jobs, is helping bring humans and animals meant for one another together. To find out more, visit