Are you in dire need of a better harness for your dog? Joyride Harness is here for you. Both expert dog walkers and dog owners get excited when going for a walk. It’s good to see your dog enjoy interacting with the outside world to release energy. Going for a walk also aids in getting sunlight and fresh air for the dog.

The excitement dogs feel while going for a walk at times can make them yank on their leash. The result can be breathing problems because collars tighten around their necks. Your dog can get chocked when the leash pushes against the trachea.

A dog will always engage in the pull harness behavior when on a leash. The behavior results in constant neck damage when you choose the wrong harness.

Why Joyride Harness?

The harness is easy to mount, and a dog gets used to its with ease without classes. It eliminates the stressful struggle to become a breeze in dog handling. It comes in many colors that you are free to choose from them. The harness fits all dog sizes, from big Pitbull to Pomeranians.

The harness enjoys a wide range of positive customer reviews worldwide. It has more than 12,000 five-star ratings because of its design and the efficiency it gives.

Joyride Harness

The product has a full refund exchange within the first 60 days after buying. If it doesn’t serve your needs, you are free to return it. It also has a 365-day warranty. Joyride Harness has a free exchange if you buy a wrong size that doesn’t fit your dog.

Many dogs will pull dog harnesses whenever on a walk, but few will pull on a Joyride Harness. The Joyride Harness is a no-pull pet harness designed to offer your dog comfort. You will get an easy time handling your dog in all circumstances. The harness has veterinary approval and is versatile, making it easy to strap on your dog or remove it.

It’s made of durable and high-quality materials which won’t break down or tear with ease. The adjustable straps ensure that it fits even small dogs and puppies who are pullers. It doesn’t only end or reduce pulling. It’s also a solution for expert dog walkers and owners who have difficulty getting other harnesses on a dog.

Unlike other custom-fit dog harnesses, the adjustable Joyride Harness straps are secure. The neck and armpits of your dog aren’t irritated when you use the vest style harness. It gives the best fit for the chest and inhibits rubbing. When you use neck strap leashes and not the vest, they hurt the dog’s neck.

The side ring on this harness prevents your pet from pulling away during walk times.

Joyride Harness is the best high-quality harness to keep your dog safe. It gives you an easy time when outside for a walk to handle both big and small dogs alike.

How Joyride Harness Works

The harness is far much better than average puppy harnesses. It’s easier to put it on your dog and begin your walk. To have this done with ease, follow the following steps:

  • Slip the dogs head into the harness. The harness will slide into its place with ease, over the dog’s chest and not on its neck. It’s now ready for use.
  • Get the buckle attached to the clip. The clip of this harness is on the front part. The buckle connection and the hook are under the belly. The two ensure the harness is tight but comfortable for the dog. Ensure the strap has enough slack to avoid subjecting your dog to friction or pinching. You need to constantly check to ensure the harness attachments are safe and it fits well before use.
  • Attach Joyride Harness only on the provided adjustable points and begin your walk. It has many attachment points that you can use.

It’s not easy to go for a walk with a non-pull dog harness that you can’t strap and be ready for use in seconds.

The Joyride Side Ring Technology

The harness targets to bring to an end the pilling behavior in dogs using the side ring technology. The ring is on the side of the vest style harness. When you attach a leash on the side ring, a dog pulls away; the no-pull harness will force the dog to spin around. The dog finds itself facing you. It won’t yank forward in an attempt to race for anything that has attracted her interest ahead.

joyride Side Ring Technology

After several failed attempts to pull you, the dog learns that it gains nothing from the pulling. The pulling behavior of the dog changes. The harness has several attachments points you can choose from them. You will realize that the pulling discomfort is no longer a problem.

The EZ Grip Handle

Not all leashes are safe in all situations. You need a leash with a good grip to handle your dog firmly when the dogs get attracted to something. A good grip will also firmly hold your pet in the seat as you drive. The EZ Grip Handle of Joyride Harness considers all these situations.

The top part of the harness allows a firm grasp of the pet as you guide it through all the obstacles on the way. Working dogs also need this harness to make work operations easy. The materials used are durable and safe for the dog.

Comparison Table Between Joyride Harness And Other Brands

Joyride Harness Other Brands
Easy to put on and off on your dog.
Veterinarian approved.
Hard to mount it on your dog.
Most not approved.
Tight, secure straps. Straps loosen during walks.
Study and heavy-duty. Built to last. Cheap low quality.
Two perfect fit adjustable straps. One adjustable strap.
Side ring to limit pulling. Most don’t have a side ring.
Fit for dogs with sensitive skins/armpits. Bottom straps go into armpits.


The Joyride harness is a must-have product if you are a dog owner or dog walker. It won’t chock your pet, and you won’t strain your arm when handling your dog.