Even humans are usually pretty uncomfortable in the summer months. That is why many people go to great lengths, like installing an air conditioner or a ceiling fan to make the temperature bearable inside their house. Many people, however, cannot afford this luxury for their dog. Even if humans could get their dogs in an air-conditioned room, their inability to sweat might not make much difference

When the temperature rises, we must care for the most vulnerable member of the family – pets. It is not surprising as our dogs are easily prone to heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and heat stress, making the climate conducive for them. There are several things you can attempt to make the environment comfortable for your pet and reduce the tendency of heat-related health issues. With some planning and creativity, you can survive the hot summer months with your pet without having much to worry about. 

Keeping your dog comfortable in the summer month is not rocket science; here are tricks and tips that can be of great help:

Encourage Them To Play Inside The Water.

If you can get your dog to play in and around the water, she will be comfortable. Let some of your outdoor activities involve playing in the water like swimming pools and lakes, which will be fun and refreshing. Have them fetch something from the pool, for instance. Go for a run and throw a ball in the pool. Stop and have your dog swim to get it. You will be astonished at how quickly their body temperature will come down and make them feel good. 

Make sure to have some old towel handy to dry her after the play is over, and you can consider dog clothes for summer to keep his body temperature normal.

How Can CBD help?

Keeping dogs cool during the summer is a concern for many pet owners. While there are various methods to ensure they remain comfortable, some are looking towards CBD as an option. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants, has been touted for its potential to soothe anxiety and promote relaxation in both humans and pets.

When a dog is anxious or stressed, it may pant or seem restless, which can exacerbate the feeling of heat. By potentially reducing these anxiety-related symptoms, CBD might indirectly help a dog feel cooler or more at ease during warmer months. It’s like providing a calming environment to keep their stress levels in check. You can buy CBD products online for your pet.

However, it’s essential to clarify that CBD doesn’t have a direct cooling effect on dogs. To truly ensure your furry friend is cool during hot weather, it’s vital to offer plenty of water, shade, and possibly even a kiddie pool for them to lounge in. If considering CBD for your pet, always consult with a veterinarian first and make sure to purchase products specifically formulated for animals.

Have A Lot Of Cold Water Available

In every situation, make sure there is fresh and cold water easily accessible to your dog. You might ordinarily be playing in your background or going out on a hike; the availability of fresh and cold water is essential to their comfort. When you are out on a walk, make sure to have a portable water bottle with you. Make him drink water every half hour or so, and go with enough water to last the entire time. 

One of the signs of dehydration in a dog is excessive panting. So when you notice this, get the dog to a shade as soon as you can. This is because too much water might not be a good idea as well. The water intake should be proportional to the dog’s size, and not everyone can estimate the daily water requirements of their dog, so keep it minimal.

Don’t Allow Them To Sit In A Stationed Car

On no account should you ever leave your dog in a parked car, not even with the windows slightly opened. The temperature inside the vehicle could rise and get to uncomfortable levels, which could be life-threatening at times. The Centers for Disease Control quoted that the internal temperature of vehicles parked and left in direct sunlight for a long could rise from 131F to 172F even if the temperature outside is below 100F.

If you are leaving on a road trip with your car, the breeze should keep your dog cool as long as the vehicle is moving. However, make sure to watch out for panting. If the dog is not used to traveling, the anxiety could contribute to the discomfort. 

Have Cooling Beds

When the temperature gets excessively high, everyone loves finding a cool place to relax, including our pet. As a result, it is common to see them sneak into a cool place (under the bush, bathroom tiles) to relax. How beautiful it is if your dogs could get a similar effect from their bed. This is where cooling beds come in. These are unique mats that have cooling gel lined in the inner part. Such mats have a comfortable surface that will feel cool even on the hottest days. 

You can position these mats anywhere, at strategic places for your dog to lie on. In the absence of cooling mats, you can put a baking tray in a freezer so your pet can lie on it when they feel uncomfortable. 

Consider Cooling Coats and Collars

There are some cooling coats made especially for dogs to bring down their body temperature and make them comfortable during the hot months. Such clothing is water-activated since the evaporation of water in the coat sucks away heat from the dog’s body, bringing down their body temperature. Cooling collars exist in various designs. Some come with unique self-cooling gel, while others need to be placed in a freezer or filled with ice. 

You can attempt something similar by wetting an old cloth and putting it into the freezer. As an alternative, you can wrap ice cubes inside it as they will do the same job. 


Excessive heat in the summer months can come with life-threatening effects for your dog. In extreme cases, there could be heatstroke which could lead to some complications in the dog. With the tips discussed here, you can keep your dog comfortable and avoid unnecessary health issues.