My Pet Peed Review

The most annoying thing pets cause is stains and odors from their urinal places and around the compound. These are common problems of Basset hound. They are very playful and friendly to human beings. During play, regular exercise, or walk around the compound, it’s expected that basset hound dogs will pick dirt.

When they get to the house, everything they encounter will get stained by the dogs’ dirt. They are dogs, and their thinking and perceptions are far different from how humans think. Therefore, it’s possible to get your basset hound dog urinating in the house, either some dogs peed on the carpet or even on furniture.

The house remains with an odor that makes it uncomfortable for people. The stains also will demean the cleanliness of the house. My pet peed is available to solve such situations.

19 Must Questions To Consider Before Buying Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover

What Is Mypetpeed?

These are common basset hounds that everyone relates to having as a pet. Basset hounds are an exciting combination of different personality traits.

You can find long-haired basset hound, as well as short ones. Some will have more skin than others, while some can have a skinny build. Furthermore, they are an older breed and come from a long line of Bloodhound supposedly.

Easy to groom Basset Hounds do not require too much upkeep in grooming. Commonly known for their friendly and devoted temper.

Periodic grooming upkeep will keep them giggling and healthful all their life. Basset Hounds are quite expressive and vocal about their emotions which, they express by barking and howling.

They will indeed make you clean more often, but they are easy to groom and maintain hygiene. These four-legged charmers are often sleepy, laidback, and have a lazy attitude towards life and daily routine activities. They are great swimmers, given their high bone density and heavy structure.

Why Should You Have My Pet Peed Spray?

You will enjoy a money-back warranty that comes with the product. It’s the best product you can test it without risking your money. Conduct the company when the product isn’t working on getting a refund of your money. In most cases, a money refund happens without returning the product.

There are thousands of reviews online from pet owners and basset hound dog breeders talking about the product.

You will get one on one help if you need it from the manufacturers of my pet peed.

Another advantage is you stand to lose nothing when you purchase this product. Whether it works or not, you lose nothing. Also, when you use it in the home, it won’t cause any effect to your basset hound dogs and the entire family.

Your home will not have any smell caused by basset hound dogs. You will clean everything entirely and squarely.

The product doesn’t require much effort in using it. You apply and give it time to work independently.

How Will You Use My Pet Peed Product?

My pet peed product works differently from the other cleaning products available in the market. Add a small amount of my pet peed to the stain and leave it to work. After some minutes, you only wipe out the area and dry it. The place becomes sparkling clean as before.

My pet peed works on the outermost layers with each application. If a stain has more layers in it, then it will mean you will repeat the cleaning process several times to remove it altogether.

Is My Pet Peed Safe For The Family?

Yes. My pet peed can be used in houses with kids, pets, and even plants. You can apply it when your basset hound dog is within. It won’t be affected at all. Cleaning can also happen in the presence of children. The only caution is to ensure that they don’t drink it. Touching it won’t affect them. The smell of my pet peed will not cause allergies.

How Perfect Is My Pet Peed Independent?

Having stains and odors in your house is not your fault. Your task is how you will clean them out since the cleanliness of your home, including your basset hound dog, is your responsibility. Many stain and odor removers available may worsen the situation. My pet peed deletes stains without leaving any marks or odor.

my dog peed on the carpet

Are There Stains That Can’t Be Cleaned By My Pet Peed?

No stain will stand the power of my pet peed. You will clean fresh stains at once. More rigid and stubborn stains will require patience, but in the end, you will clear them as well. What you need to do is to apply my pet peed on the stain and clean.

Repeat the process severally until you delete the stain. The number of times repeated in stain cleaning depends on the stain’s age and the layers that the stain has.

What Precautions Will You Put In Place While Using My Pet Peed?

My pet peed is friendly to the human body. The only precaution is to keep away from children since they might drink it, causing problems. Prevent conduct with eyes at all cost. When it comes to contact with the skin, a temporary whitening that occurs shouldn’t worry you. It’s the dead skin, and cleaning with water is enough to remove the dead skin.

Does My Pet Peed Prevent Dogs From Peeing At The Same Sport?

All animals pee at the same spot because of urine smell to keep domination or just as a habit. My pet peed is not created to be a deterrent. The only thing it does is to clean up the area leaving it without any scent that might attract the basset hound for dominance.

Can You Use My Pet Peed On Hardwood Floors?

Yes! It works great for hardwood floors without causing corrosion or any other effect.

Can The Product Clean Grout Tiles And Carpets?

Yes. Reviews from customers show that it works exceptionally well on many surfaces, tiles and carpets included. The application procedure is the same on all surfaces. Any place that has got stains from basset hound dogs or any other breed are all cleaned by my pet peed cleaner.

Does My Pet Peed Have Any Smell Effect?

My pet peed at times has a smell when you open it. When used in cleaning, the cleaned areas don’t get any smell effect from the cleaner.

You will clean the strong scent from stains of urine and other body releases of basset hound dogs thoroughly.

How Long Will You Use My Pet Peed?

This product has no expiry date. You will use it as more as you need it. It’s good to check on the cover if any expiry date is there, but my pet peed is lifelong in most cases. Buy the amount you need depending on the prevailing needs.

Does My Pet Peed Need Dilution?

No, it doesn’t. Mostly it’s used with the same concentration parked by the manufacturing company. Always refer to the instructions to check if there is a need for diluting, which is rare.

Do You Spray And Leave It?

Yes. Spray or pour a few drops of it on the stain, depending on the stain’s size and leave it to work independently. Peroxide content in the product works for up to 24 hours, breaking down odors and stains. Give it time to work efficiently. After some hours, wipe the stain or odor area to see if it cleaned up.

In incidences cleaning process wasn’t perfect, then re-saturate and repeat the process. Please wait until it works and wipe to clean the mess. You will have to repeat the process until you are satisfied the cleaning is perfect.

Where Will You Access The Product?

The product is currently available online with special discounts vis this link

What Ingredients Will You Find In My Pet Peed?

The active component in this product is hydrogen peroxide. It’s why it’s advisable to wear gloves when using my pet peed, especially if you have susceptible skin.

What Shortcomings Will You Face Using My Pet Peed?

It works slowly as the results are not instant. You will have to wait for some hours before the scent or stain entirely gets cleaned.

Old stains are not tackled easily with my pet peed. Chances are some of them will not be cleaned thoroughly, especially the ones with many layers and ancient ones.

What Are The Stains And Odors Caused By Basset Hound Dogs?

The stains caused by basset hound dogs result from urine, dirt collected from the environment, and even saliva from the dog itself. They are all tackled by my pet peed.

The odor caused by basset hound dogs results from urine, feces, and other lousy smell collected from the litter bin and other dirty places. All these bad smells are cleaned by my pet peed.

puppy pees on carpet

Can You Apply My Pet Peed Directly To Your Dog?

No. despite my pet peed having no effects on the dog, it’s not advisable to apply it directly to the animal. It contains hydrogen peroxide components, which may irritate the animal to some levels.

Only apply to the stains and smells caused by the dog. If your basset hound has a smell, wash it clean with the cleaning detergents for basset hound dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does My Pet Peed Really Work?

Ans: Pet stains and odors aren’t your fault, believe it or not… In reality, most pet stain and odor removers on the market today not only don’t work but also exacerbate the problem. With each treatment, My Pet Peed will work on the outermost layer… You may require to apply it again for tougher/older stains and odors.

Q2. Is My Pet Peed Sold In Stores?

Ans: The product is not available for purchase in stores. My Pet Peed is available for purchase on our website or through Amazon.

Q3. Is It Possible To Use MPP In A Load Of Laundry?

Ans: Yes, MPP can be used as a pre-treatment. Spray the clothes, comforters, and other items, let them sit for a few minutes, and then wash as usual.

Q4. My Pet Peed Contains What Chemicals?

Ans: Developers utilize a customized mixture of stabilizers, oxidizers, inerts, and a commercial-grade and percentage peroxide base.

Q5. What Kinds Of Stains Does MPP Get Rid Of?

Ans: It’ll work on everything that comes out of a human or an animal. Pee, puke, excrement, and blood are just a few examples. It also removes stains from coffee, red wine, tea, ink, soda, cosmetics, and a variety of foods.

In Conclusion

it’s your responsibility to take care of the environmental cleanliness and the general hygiene of your basset hound dog. The dog is playful and thus prone to cause accidents that may cause stains and odor.

Basset hound dogs can make mistakes and pee on the floor or around the house, causing urine smell. Have the best cleaner like my pet pee cleaner always to solve these problems.