nexgard chewables for dogs

To anything you will feed and medicate your dog, choosing the best brand and product is what you have to consider.

But because of the different brands being introduced in the market today, choosing which of the many options is best to use is difficult.

If you have not heard about Nexgard, it is time that you know more about it today, and assess whether it is for your most loved dog to use against tick and flea or you need to look somewhere else.

What Is NexGard For Dogs

So, what is Nexgard? This popular product, is the first chewable tick and flea pill. What made this a top choice is its taste. It is beef flavored and made to ensure that it will satisfy the palate of your most loved dogs.

Hence, giving it to them to treat their itch caused by fleas and ticks will not be as hard to do. You do not need to force them as they will be the one to ask for it. It will not only treat fleas and ticks but will also prevent them from coming back.

Created by Merial, NexGard has been around since 2014. Its active ingredient is Afoxolaner, an acaricide and insecticide that belongs to the chemical compound group, isooxazoline.

It kills the pests that get in your most loved pet, and in no time, they will have a more free and comfortable life.

Is NexGard Safe To Use

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when taking care of your pets. And since NexGard is licensed expect that NexGard is safe. It is best if the medicine is taken with prescription from a professional to secure safety, however, there are some shops that allow buying of Nexgard without vet prescription.

is nexgard safe

If this you will consider, make sure that you know how to administer it properly. You would not want to put your dog’s health at risk, by guessing how to serve it. Working closely with a vet is a must whether you are planning to buy it with or without doctor’s prescription.

You might be asking by now, “is nexgard safe?” Generally, it is, but if your most loved dog has previously been diagnosed with any type of neurological disorders like epilepsy, or your dog had experienced seizures, do not expect that professionals will recommend it.

How Does This Medicine Work?

You might be asking by now, how does nexgard work? This is served as a treat or delicious offering for your dog, but this is not the usual treat as it contains Afoxolaner, a known active ingredient for killing fleas.

It will go straight to your pet’s blood stream, and once the adult flea bites on your dog, they will be killed before they successfully lay eggs on your fur baby.

It binds into the nerve cells of ticks and fleas, and will soon block their communication, then over-excitation of the insect’s nervous system and afterwards will lead to their death.

There are different types of NexGard and each of them is categorized according to the dog size.

There is NexGard for 4 to 10 lbs, there is also Nexgard for 10 to 24 lbs, there is Nexgard for dogs 24 60 lbs and Nexgard for dogs 10 24 lbs.

Make sure that before you place order for nexgard chewables flea and tick for dogs, you exactly know the weight and size of your dog.

nexgard side effects

Are There Any Side Effects

To anything that is made of chemicals, expect that there are side effects attached to it when it is administered to pets. But since it is FDA approved, you will somehow feel more confident that it can bring more good to your pets than bad.

And since more and more shops online sell this medication without prescription, it is best if you still seek help and assistance from a vet to ensure that the medicine is being administered rightfully.

It is the vet who can decide on what is best for your dogs, so make sure that you keep your trust on them when using nexgard chewables for dogs. Some think that because their dogs love it, they assume that it is not as powerful hence giving it away like normal treats.

Actually, it is not the case as this comes with side effects especially when giving it in higher doses than it is supposed to.

Some of the usual side-effects are flaky, dry skin, lethargy, diarrhea, loss of appetite and vomiting. These are just usual but if the side effects last for a long time and/or it shows extreme side-effects, bringing your pets to a vet is highly recommended.

To simply answer the question, are there nexgard side effects? Yes, there are.


When you own a dog, you are like caring for a child. You have responsibilities for them, and it is your job to make sure that they are living peacefully and comfortably. When you notice that your dog is always scratching, or it seems like he/she is not comfortable, check on their fur for fleas and ticks. If you see that there is, using of NexGard is highly recommended.

What made this a good choice is it is not topical, hence whether you put your dog to bath, the effect of this medicine won’t go or even fade away. With this, you are assured that even after their bath, they are safe from fleas and ticks for a long time.

It is approved by FDA and it is licensed, hence you are sure, that it is not only effective but safe for your pets too. But since it is made of chemicals, you have to expect a few side-effects that may not require serious medical attention.

Although it is available without prescription, it is still recommended that dog owners still find time to speak with a professional veterinarian before administering this to their dogs. There are certain conditions where this is not allowed, and ensuring that your dog does not have any of this condition is a must before giving this delicious treat to them.