Breeding Guide For Basset Hound Parents

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Steps To Finding The Perfect Basset Hound For Your Family:

Probably you will find several Basset Hound breeders in Charlotte online. You need to make sure they're reputed and experienced.
Reaching Out To Charlotte Breeders for shortlisting.
What all questions should be asked for, from a breeder?
Any particular rules or regulations that are applicable in Charlotte that need to be considered?

What To Expect From Your Call With A Breeder ?

If you contact a breeder and simply ask, “Do you have any Basset Hound puppies?,” the shortest probable answer may well be A “No.”

Its a mere chance that the breeders have the puppies ready to be delivered, when you reach out to them. In most cases you’ll have to book your interest with the breeders and wait for a short period. A good breeder can get you the puppy in 15-30 days period but it may take longer as well so you can contact multiple breeders to increase you chances to quickest puppy.

Mostly the reputable breeders also ask questions about you and a brief history of your life with dogs. They try to understand your lifestyle and suggest the dog breeds accordingly. If you already have a choice for a breed, they will try to make you aware of the challenges you might face with a particular breed as per your lifestyle and home situation.

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16 Questions You Should Ask The Breeder Before Buying

Buying a pet!!……You need to follow what most of the veterinarians recommend. Get your pet from a breeder!!

Now comes selecting the right breeder and this could be intimidating.

Here’s a list of questions to ensure you buy a happy, healthy pet from a considerate breeder.

Let’s get straight to the point:

Q1. Are the parents of the pup ‘certified’?

Certain breeds could be at a risk for genetic issues such as heart problems, and hip problems.

This becomes the duty of the breeder to get their dogs assessed and tested properly for any such diseases and finally ‘certify’ them disease free.

You should do some homework by studying about the breed of your choice and then shortlist the genetic conditions, if any for discussion.

Q2. What are the sizes of the puppy’s parents?

By this information you will come to know how big your pup will be in future. You will be indicated about the dog size you are seeking for.

Q3. Will meeting the dog’s parents prove helpful?

Yes, of course, if this is possible then try to meet the pup’s parents and ensure that they appear in good health and evaluation of their overall temperament will be easy too.

You will be answered for the following:

Are they aggressive, well-adjusted, or shy?

Q4. Have the pups been socialized?

It is crucial for the puppies to get socialized which are 6 – 16 weeks old. When the puppies have been around other people and dogs of varied age and sizes they are exposed to positive experiences.

Q5. Are the puppies vaccinated?

How many shots have they received. Are there any pending round of shots?

Q6. Have the pups undergone deworming?

This is true, all the puppies are born with worms and routine deworming is recommended.

Q7. Have any of the pups been sick in the litter?

If this was the case, then check for any signs, diagnosis, or treatment measures.

Q8. How many veterinarian-visits did your pup have?

Have they been declared healthy after examination? If not, what were the problems? Have they received any medications?

Q9. What is the guarantee from the breeder?

Does your breeder give any guarantee with your puppy? Will they compensate if your puppy have a severe illness? A difficult topic this is, but pretty easy to cover-up than any facts if revealed later.

Q10. Have you any references?

You should confirm from the breeders if they have any sort of references about what they have sold in the past years. You can call their clients to find out about the breeder’s credibility. Were the clients happy or face any problems.

Q11. Are you in need of a breeder’s contract?

If yes, then what should be in it? Will the breeder take the puppy back if you are unable to rear the puppy due to any reasons?

Q12. Do you want to get your puppies neutered or spayed at a particular age?

This isn’t an issue at all, and plausibly the best to know prior to purchasing your puppy.

Q13. What is the family history of the puppy?

Get updated from your breeder about whatever information he has about the breed line. An example her: You can ask about the longevity of that typical breed. Ensure to note down this important piece of information somewhere as this will help you in monitoring about your pet’s health as they grow old.

Q14. What food are the puppies being fed currently?

Just keep in mind that irrespective of what they are being fed with, you should continue with the same food type for few days. This will reduce the risks of any gastrointestinal disturbances.

Want to change your puppies’ diet plan, do it gradually.

Q15. Will the breeder provide you certificate of sale or a health certificate?

You need to ask the breeder if they will offer you a veterinarian-issued health certificate for your pup. Also ask about the sale certificate, depending on your terrain.

Q16. Are you a member of any breed club?

If yes, then know about the club and references prior.

You will be quite confident and comfortable to welcome a new pet into your family, having enquired about all the above questions.

Responsible and proper breeding, socialisation, and appropriate healthcare will bring a huge difference in the overall health, happiness, and well-being of your puppy