A dog has funny ways of communicating, and thus anything it does has a meaning. Many people misunderstand dog behavior problems. It’s natural for a dog to bark, but it’s essential you notice when barking turns to be excessive. For you to stop the barking behavior, start by determining what is causing the barking.

In controlling dog barking, ultrasonic bark control devices are the most used methods. The ultrasonic technology in this device is safe and effective to train all dog breeds. When used in obedience training, your dog will avoid destructive behaviors. They include chewing, barking, aggression, biting and digging.

Frequent barking is a frustrating habit. A petgentle device is a perfect tool that will help you tame the behavior.

petgentle dog trainer

What Is A Petgentle?

It’s an electronic and flashlight dog whistle used in training dogs when they should bark. It uses the principle of high-pitched sounds that dogs hate.

The device has infrared light that makes it offer dominance over your dog. If the dog withstands the ultrasonic sound produced, light the flashlight. It traps the dog’s attention and gains more control over it.

Petgentle training doesn’t need bark collars or any other control tools. The device is gentle and very effective in bark training without any adverse effects on you or your dog.

How The Petgentle Device Works

Petgentle dog trainer is a famous civil pet training device in use today. The pet trainer and the dog aren’t affected physically by the device. When you push the button, the machine will produce a high-frequency ultrasonic sound.

The sound is audible only to dogs but not to human beings. It’s because dogs have a remarkable hearing ability that makes them hear and sense this sound. To some dogs, the sound is quite terrible. The high-pitched noise makes the dog stop anything he was doing.

If your dog doesn’t respond well to the ultrasonic sound, press the light button to aid in the training. 

petgentle ultrasonic reviews

The light traps the attention of your dog, making it react well to the training. The light is also clear enough to use for night walks. When your dog exhibits destructive behavior, position yourself well with the device. Stand a few feet away from the dog.

The position should be clear for the dog to see you and point the petgentle device at it. Move close if the dog is friendly but for aggressive dogs, maintain some distance for safety. The device is a distraction tool to stop a dog’s bad behavior and not a punishment device.

How To Use The Device?

  • Calmly position yourself in front of the dog.
  • Point the device towards the dog, press and hold the ultrasonic button.
  • Move towards the dog slowly.
  • Activate the strobe light feature for extra stubborn dogs. It supports this ultrasonic sound.
  • When the dog stops barking, switch off the device and leave the dog to relax.
  • Use positive reinforcement whenever the dog responds well to the training. The moment it stops barking, you can praise it or give it a treat.
  • Repeat the training until the dog masters the concept.

Petgentle effectiveness

It’s a light, small and convenient tool to carry around. Its handy nature makes it practical to carry it everywhere whenever you are in the company of your pet.

Petgentle works on all dog breeds, from small to large. It also works equally well on both calm or very aggressive dogs. It speeds up the dogs’ learning process by solving destructive behaviors with ease.

The tools’ better performance has shown it’s a better alternative to any bark collars. You will achieve the discipline and training you desire your pet to achieve. The training won’t affect your pet in any way.

Does it work?

Don’t ever believe any available training tool can work well on your dog. When it comes to choosing training tools, check to ensure they will work on your dog type. They shouldn’t cause any harm to your pet. Some devices aren’t suitable for some dog breeds for various reasons.

For better results, use the device all the time. Dogs are unique and may have different reactions to the training they get from the tool. If the dog is very aggressive, wait until it calms down before you approach it. The moment your dog displays a positive result from the training, reward the dog with praise or a treat.

If your dog is a slow learner and doesn’t respond fast, it means your pet doesn’t understand the sound wave. Repeat the process five to six times for a few weeks for the dog to master the concept. It would help if you were patient with the dog.


  • 14.6cm length.
  • Black in color.
  • At least 20Khz sound frequency and 130 dB pressure
  • 2800MCD infrared light strength.
  • 130mA battery capacity and 9V power


  • Sound is audible only on dogs.
  • Trains all dog breeds
  • Stimulates hearing and visual senses other than controlling the barking problem.
  • The petgentle trainer has no side effects on you and the pet
  • Cheap compared to similar products.


  • The small size makes it easy to lose it.

Where To Buy The Product

The best site to buy the device is on petgentle official website. You will enjoy the best sales and discounts given. It’s also easy to raise petgentle complaints if any. The product is also available on other online vendors like Amazon.

In Conclusion

It’s good to stop unnecessary dog barking behavior to avoid the noise nuisance it causes. To achieve this, you have to be ready to work towards the goal. Get a proper and genuine training tool to aid you in the process.

The petgentle device is the tool to choose from the rest. From the many petgentle ultrasonic reviews available, it works to achieve the best results. Remember to keep it away from children as it’s not a toy for play.