Is your dog infested with fleas and ticks? It’s a draining process to fight ticks and fleas on pets. It’s hard to administer conventional flea treatments, and in most cases, they don’t work.

To keep your dog in a constant vacuuming frenzy, you need to overcome fleas. A dog can get fleas and ticks from outside. It’s also expensive to have monthly treatment plans. To overcome these two factors, you need to get the best tick and flea collar.

Seresto flea and tick collar is a perfect tool to remove fleas even in very severe infestations. Seresto Tick and flea collar will give you peace of mind, and you will cherish the time you will spend with your dog. Designed by Bayer, Seresto flea and tick collars provide low protection and treatment.

They distribute the flea and tick repellents to the whole dog. In this product review, you will get an in-depth analysis and understanding of the collar. You will know how it works for you to decide whether it’s viable on your pet.

What Is A Seresto Collar?

It’s a soft, molded dog collar with flumethrin and Imidacloprid to repel and kill ticks and fleas. The collar is non-greasy and odorless that has a safety release catch for use when your dog gets trapped. The collar has two active ingredients. They work together to give up to eight months of protection against ticks and fleas. They include:

  1. 10% Imidacloprid

It’s a chemical that mimics nicotine in tobacco which is toxic to sucking insects. It will block the central nervous system from sending signals to the entire body parts. It’s very harmful to insects than to birds and mammals. It works against the larvae and adult stages of lice and fleas. The chemical is not carcinogenic and thus safe for use.

  1. 4.5% Flumethrin

It works to repel and kill ticks in the larvae, nymph, and adult stages. It also blocks the central nervous system from properly functioning. The chemical is safe for people and pets. It works well even on ten-month-old kittens.

It’s easy for cats to contract fleas than dogs. The cat flea categories are among the significant dog flea cases. It made scientists conclude that if a collar works on a cat, then it will work on a canine.

The Bayer Seresto Flea And Tick Collar

You can buy this Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar product on amazon.


  • It comes in small and Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar large dog adjustable sizes.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Water-resistant.
  • It has two primary ingredients – Flumethrin and Imidacloprid. They collaborate to kill flea larvae, fleas, lice, and ticks on contact.
  • Doesn’t need monthly treatments.
  • Eight months effective period.
  • Easy to use alongside tags and other extra collars.
  • Releases components in slow and small concentrations.
  • Works well on cat collars.
  • Ingredients also treat sarcoptic mange.

How Seresto Collar Works?

The two active components fuse to form a synergistic action. The polymer matrix of the Seresto collar is the storage area for the collar. The concentration of the two chemicals is higher in the middle layer of the collar. When the chemical molecules move near the collar surface, their concentration level reduces.

They then make a microlayer. As soon as the microlayer gets in touch with the pet skin or hairs, the components get released. They thus spread to the entire body of the dog, including the tail. The synergetic action produced kills ticks, lice, and fleas on contact. It makes the collar effective both for prevention and treatment.

Because of the time needed to build up, a dog starts receiving protection within 48 hours. At times it may take a longer time. It’s advisable to give your dog this collar one week before the flea outbreak seasons.

When using chemicals to treat ticks and fleas, the effects reduce with time. Other flea prevention measures will need you to redo the medication process. The Seresto collar slowly releases the chemical properties. It ensures that the dog gets a continued 8-month protection.

The non-greasy collar is water-resistant that will work well even if a dog goes swimming or walks in the rain. You have the freedom to remove the collar before swimming or to bathe your dog.

There is no reason to combine the Seresto collar with other products. They include Advantage, Frontline, or other topical flea medications.

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What Does Seresto Kill?

Seresto collar targets ticks and fleas, including the flea larvae. The collar also kills chewing lice and sarcoptic mange.

seresto large dog collar

Is The Collar Safe For Dogs?

The collar works well for most pets above the age of five weeks. Dogs may have a different reaction to the Seresto collar components. You need to be keen to spot the element sensitive to your dog for you to avoid the collar. If you are staying in a region infested with flea allergies, then you have no option.

The benefits you will get from using the product are more than the risks of having an unprotected dog. Some dogs will have short-lived hair loss or mild delocalized skin reactions. People who touch the product may have skin irritation, but this effect should not cause an alarm.

The collar has a safety measure of a unique safety release mechanism. It allows dogs to release themselves when trapped or doing other things. When you buy the product, you need to seek guidance from a qualified veterinarian.

Is Seresto Collar For Fleas And Ticks Safe For Pups?

Seresto collar works on puppies above five weeks to get rid of ticks and fleas. The product is available for all dogs, large and small pooches. You need to carry out a stringent background check to find a super suitable product.

Can Pregnant Dogs Use A Seresto Collar?

It’s not clear about the safety of the product on lactating and pregnant dogs. The Imidacloprid component needs caution when using it on these special dogs.

How To Use Seresto Flea Dog Collar?

It’s simple to mount Seresto on your dog. The product comes in a transparent bag inside a tin that you need to open first. It’s safe and normal to get the product having a small amount of white dust. The dust is stearic acid that helps save the collar from the mold.

Wrap the collar on your dogs’ neck and connect the end to the buckle. It gives the collar a reasonable size that you can adjust to fit the neck. For a collar to be comfortable, your two fingers should fit between the neck and the collar. The excess collar needs trimming but don’t over trim if you are placing it on a growing dog. You will have an easy time when adjusting the collar as your pet grows.

The collar has three reflector clips to fix on it to make it visible at night. Seresto collar is safe to use together with the usual collars.

seresto flea and tick collar for dogs

How Long Will It Take For Seresto To Start Working?

The fleas already on your dog get an attack from the collar within 24 hours after applying the collar. For reinfesting, fleas get killed within two hours after coming into contact with the pet. Seresto collar kills fleas before they lay eggs.

For ticks, Seresto repels them within 48 hours after application. The new ticks on your pet get killed within six hours.

How Long Does The Seresto Collar Last?

In normal circumstances, the product is effective for up to eight months. The circumstances include bath once a month, normal sunlight, and normal rain conditions. Frequent bathing and swimming reduce the effectiveness to five months for flea protection. The ability reduces to seven months for tick control.

What Are The Best Seresto Collar Sizes For Your Dog?

Seresto collars are in two sizes of small and large. You can adjust the two sizes to fit the neck circumference of the pet.

  • Seresto Collar For Dogs Under 18lbs (Small Dogs Under Seven Weeks)

It’s a Seresto flea collar small dog for pets that have a neck circumference of up to 15 inches. For pets with a smaller neck than 15 inches, tighten the collar. The tightness should fit your two fingers between the collar and pet neck. Trim the excess and leave an inch length past the buckle.

  • Seresto Collar For Dogs Above 18lbs (Large Dogs Over Seven Weeks)

It’s a Seresto large dog flea collar for dogs weighing more than 18lbs with a neck circumference of up to 27 inches. The length is adjustable to fit your dog’s neck.

Side Effects Of Seresto Collar

The side effects of the collar are rare and mild, but there are chances of them occurring.


Some dogs will experience slight itching, especially for those not used to collars. The condition seizes in a few days, but it’s good to be keen to avoid collar snug.

Hair loss

It results from mechanical irritation, but it goes within one or two weeks. Don’t remove the collar unless the effect spreads or persists.

Skin reaction

Minor skin irritation or reactions may occur on collar areas on some dogs. The effects resolve within a short time. Remove the collar and contact a veterinary officer if the skin becomes reddened. Do the same if the skin becomes very irritated.

Where Can You Buy Seresto Collar Online?

You can find the Seresto collars in a wide range of stores, including online ones. Amazon and chewy are the two typical online stores to buy the collar. Be keen when buying from third-party sellers to avoid counterfeit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial cost of the product is $70 retail price but $7 for a monthly fee.

How Different Are Seresto Collar Tick And Flea Different From Other Products?

Seresto fits most dogs and gives long-lasting protection against ticks and fleas. When compared to other products like K9 Advantix II and NexGard, Seresto’s duration is more.

Most tick and flea treatments protect against tick and fleas. Seresto has extra protection against sarcoptic mange and chewing lice. Some Seresto collars protect dogs against mosquitoes that may spread heartworm.

It reduces the effectiveness period if your dog baths more often. It makes it a bit expensive. To be on the safer side, bathe your dog once a month.

How Do Dogs Contract Lice?

They get lice from things or other dogs they touch. Lice are common in areas with a high dog population having poor hygiene. Some of the regions are pet stores, puppy mills, and kennels.

How Do You Know A Dog Has Lice?

Lice are tiny black bugs you can see with naked eyes on a dog’s skin. You can see their eggs (nits) in white flake clusters. You can check your pet using a comb but ensure you wash your hands after the process. A vet officer can also give correct analysis.

What Should You Never Do When Removing A Tick?

  • Jerking the tick away.
  • Pulling out using fingers.
  • Burning it while lodged on your pet or you.
  • Don’t use chemicals while it’s still lodged in your pet or you.

After removing the tick, clean the wound and rub it with alcohol. Apply disinfectant ointment.

What Chemicals Should You Avoid In Flea Collars?

Some flea collars might have these chemicals that you need to avoid.

  • Amitraz

It’s carcinogenic and can affect the pet’s endocrine system.

  • Carbamates Family Chemicals – Propoxur, Carbaryl, And Fenoxycarb.

They are toxic to the central nervous system of your pet. The chemicals are also risky to children and other animals.

  • Organophosphates (Tetrachlorvinphos TVC)

They are carcinogenic and toxic to the endocrine system. The chemical also affects the central nervous system of people and animals.

Is Seresto Collar Legit?

The Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar for dogs is legit, but counterfeits are many in the market. To get a legit product, buy it from a reputable source. When you receive the product, check to be sure it’s authentic.

It’s easy to apply the collars. They are fast-acting, long-lasting, and available without pet prescription. The collar comes in two sizes that you need to adjust to fit your dog’s neck.


The best way to fight tick and flea problems is to prevent them from occurring. They can be hard to overcome if they attack your pet. When they infect your pet, it creates an avenue for parasites to get into your house. Whatever comes in contact with your pet now becomes a carrier of the parasites. You will have to vacuum and clean everything touched by your dog. You will need natural care flea and tick spray reviews to assist you.

The flea collar comes in to help you overcome this complicated process. The collar is a first-line defense system against these parasites. It will protect your dog for eight months under normal circumstances. You can opt to use the collar alongside flea treatment pills and other regular collars.

Check the collar for poisonous chemicals that can affect your pet. In case of any persistent side effects, contact a veterinary officer for help. The above Seresto flea and tick collar for dog’s review is helpful to your quest to get the best flea and tick treatment for your pet.