The approach to select newborn Basset Hound Puppies can sometimes be flawed because of a variety of reasons. It is best to identify the traits of a particular breed and then look for those characteristics in a Basset Hound before selecting one.

It is also essential to start looking for a pup among the most reputed and reliable breeders. If you have zeroed in on this Puppy as your next pet, then it is time to understand more about the clownish and easygoing breed. Before you start looking for basset hound puppies for sale near me, it would be a good idea to check out all that you need to know about the pups and then start your search.

cutest basset hound puppies

The pleasant natured breed is quite adaptable and can fit in with your families with ease. Sociable, the small-sized pets are the perfect, safe choice for a family that raises other pets, or a family with growing children.  Here are top tips that will help you to make the right choice when you are looking for the cutest basset hound puppies.

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Taking cues from the appearance of Basset Hound Puppies

The full-grown pet has a typically rightly proportioned head size, with long ears that are drooping, with eyes that make them appear sad and forlorn. The facial skin is not tight, but loose. This is how a good full-grown Basset Hound will appear.

Therefore look for similar characteristics in the pup. Though it is true that some features in animals manifest only at a later stage many features are actually discernible at a young age. By looking carefully, you will be able to spot the distinct features and identify the appearance characteristics of this breeder.

For instance, the skull needs to be nice and round, the muzzle needs to be parallel to the top of the head, and the face needs to be relatively lean. The upper lips need to comfortably wrap the lower lips, while the upper and lower rows of teeth need to be aligned perfectly.

basset hound puppies for sale

In other words, there should be no malocclusion witnessed in the bite of the dog. This will result in problems during eating.

Common Color Combinations

Though Basset Hound Puppies come in other colours also, the popular colour combination is the tri-colour, which is also regarded as the safest bet when breeding. The three colours are basically standard basset hound colours – black white and brown. However other colours are also known to be available, though relatively rare.

For instance, lemon, red, grey are other shades that may be available. It is important to note that the colour of a pup at around three months is likely to change as it grows, and this includes the extent and nature of the coverage. So, be ready to accept this change, if you have made your selection on the basis of an adorable colour combination.

Similarly, it is necessary to understand that some colours are an indication of disease. It is, therefore, safe to go with the normal hound colour combinations and not look for exotic colours, which may leave you with a very sick pet.

The average price range for a pup from a good breeder

Exactly how much are basset hound puppies? While it may not be exactly possible to place your finger on the cost for a pup from a breeder, when you look for miniature basset hound for sale, you need to be prepared to spend anywhere between $300 to $700 for a good one.

This, of course, depends entirely on the breeder , the actual Basset Hound Pup, the lineage, the AKC Certification, the appearance, the age, and distinct characteristics. It is necessary to check out the pedigree, as this will tell you if you will be able to train the pup and get it to adapt to your home and surroundings. Bear in mind, that the hound has stunted legs, which means that it is not meant to swim or to jump great heights.

Best Basset Hound Puppies

So, before you check out how much do basset hound baby cost?- take a look at the suitability of your home for the pet, and the suitability of the pet for your home. Both are in fact, two totally different aspects, and need to be seriously considered when picking one.

Look at the temperament of the pup

The temperament of the pup will give an indication of how the hound will grow up. A pup needs to be friendly and affectionate. There are no two ways of looking at this temperament when you are looking at basset hound puppies for sale in Texas.

This ideally needs to be the first filter when you pick a pet – the friendly nature and affectionate quality of the pet. Unless you happen to be an expert who is ready to take home any pet and give it all the care and affection to transform it into a loving and friendly natured one.

It is also important to ensure that the pet is not timid. As a hound, it needs to stand its ground, and should therefore not be timid or easily frightened. Similarly, an overly aggressive pet may be hard to train. It is necessary to get the pet to socialize and mingle freely with all members of the home and other pets. Therefore, ensure that you are not taking home a very aggressive pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is it a lap dog?
No, it is not a lap dog, it belongs to the Hound Breed.

?Height of average full-grown Basset Hound?
Grows up to 15 inches

?Weight of average full-grown Basset Hound?
Can weigh anywhere between 40 – 60 pounds

?The expected average life of healthy Basset Hound?
Around 12 years

?Which is the heavier among males and females?
The male of the breed can be typically heavier by almost ten pounds

?Tail characteristic?
Swept up in an arc

?The temperament of Basset Hounds?
Gentle, mild-mannered, less aggressive

?Wandering tendency?
Yes. Likely to pick up and pursue strong scents that may take it away from homes/gates left open.

?Food consumption?
Average, around 3 to 4 cups of food daily.

?Grooming requirements?
Average, not too frequent