There are almost two months and a few weeks left before Christmas! Aren’t you excited? No? Is it because you could not find the right basset hound gifts for a friend who loves or owns one?

If you need recommendations as to what to give your lovely friend, then you have stumbled upon the right place! In this article, I will provide you with some of the top basset hound gifts I found while scouring through countless online catalogs and marketplaces.

Best Gifts For Basset Hound Owners

Common Problems With Basset Hounds & Gifts That Should Assist With Immediate Solutions!

Just like other dog owners, basset hound parents also encounter some problems that may or may not be unique to their chosen dog breed. As a good friend, you can help alleviate their headaches by giving them the right gift for each specific problem they experience.

Here are some common problems basset hound owners usually encounter and the perfect basset hound gifts we recommend you to give them this upcoming holiday season.

Situational Challenge: “My basset always keeps running away when I try to set obedience and set training!”

Dog Obedience Training


In case you don’t know, basset hounds are one of the few breeds that are difficult to train. They can be stubborn and lazy. If they didn’t find anything beneficial in following your orders and in respecting you, they would not do so. This is one of the most common and overwhelming problems that basset hound owners have.

If you are a friend with one, then you probably witnessed their frustrations. If you are a dog lover and owner yourself, you have probably suggested a few tips and tricks you used to housebreak your dog. Some worked, but most didn’t.

Best Basset Hound Gifts:

  • Leash and Harness

A high-quality harness and leash can tremendously help any dog owner. Aside from walks, your basset hound owner friend can use it as a way to keep his or her pooch restrained during obedience training.

Try searching for the good one for a basset hound. Most manufacturers stylized their harnesses and leashes according to breed. This way, you have a better chance of snagging the right size and fit for your friend’s basset hound.

You can take this a step further by looking for a leash or harness that glows in the dark! Yes, some manufacturers provide lightsaber-like leashes for owners who can only walk their dogs at night. The light would serve as a warning for motorists and a safety tool for your friend as well. This is indeed the perfect basset hound gift for busy parents!

  • Treats

Okay. We know that giving a gift that is consumable is a no-no for most. But, if it can help your friend by at least cutting costs on buying treats, why not give one, right? We suggest that you compensate it by offering, say, a month’s worth of treats. Or if possible, provide gift cards or certificates they can use to buy the treats themselves.

Situational Challenge: “Currently going out of stock with my wipes to keep the drool off my lovely furniture, help!!”

Another disadvantage that basset hound owners encounter when it comes to the breed is the constant drooling. Wet spots on the couch, carpet, tables, or anywhere their dog always resides seem to be a regular thing to them. Of course, nobody should be tolerating it. Not even a basset hound parent.

  • Lint rollers and packing tapes

If you can’t give them those new robot vacuums (they’re tad expensive, we know), then maybe you can provide something cheap and handy instead. Lint rollers are useful tools in rolling off all the shed fur from the couch and carpets.

Unlike the vacuum, your friend can keep the lint rollers near the furniture where their dog usually shed its hair off. Since they are cheap, you can give this in sets of 2s or 3s. For small and stubborn tufts of fur, most owners swear by the efficacy of packing tapes in removing them.

The viscous friction quickly absorbs the stubborn hair that lint rollers cannot reach. Of course, like food, packing tapes are consumable, so you might have to give them supplies that could last a few weeks or so.

Situational Challenge: “My lovely basset is too darn bored without me! I just can’t be around him all the time as I, like everyone, have to work!”

Even though basset hounds are generally satisfied with lounging around, they can still get bored out of their minds. And, as you know, if dogs get bored, they find ways to entertain themselves. Often, the entertainment they see is something destructive and damaging, such as chewing on the furniture, kicking priceless vases, and spilling food and water around the home, among others.

  • Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

We have already covered and reviewed this particular toy in one of our articles here. But for the sake of new visitors (such as you), we will reintroduce this wonder product. Basset hounds love to eat. Add the fact that they prefer naps, and they become highly prone to obesity.

That is why most experts and dog owners recommend toys to keep them exercised even while indoors. Why not help solve their obesity issues by killing two birds with one stone?

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is not just a toy that owners can use for playing Fetch. Inside the ball is a small pocket where they can put their basset hound’s favorite treats.

However, merely catching and fetching the ball is not enough for your basset hound to access said treats. Oh no, sir. It has to work for it. You see, the treat ball is a puzzle and a chew toy at the same time. The pooch may have to rack its brains to crack the code that could open it.

This gives them a chance to stimulate their mind and boost their problem-solving skills. Aside from the mental benefits, the indentations and pockmark designs on the hard plastic layer can also serve as a teething toy for puppies and dogs alike. These indents can help clean and strengthen their teeth as well. How cool is that?

  • Doggie Cigars

Is your basset hound owner friend a fan of The Godfather as well? Wouldn’t it be cute if their own pooch can channel their inner mafia while sitting on the floor or couch and looking at them with sad, droopy eyes? In that case, this is the top foremost basset hound gift for them! Doggie cigars are chewed toys so your friend’s basset hound can use it legally. And No, the toys don’t puff smoke.

You can buy Doggie Cigars individually. But since it’s cheap, feel free to buy it as a set with six toys inside. Just like the real cigars, it comes in a small, rectangular box with a label. We believe that your friend-slash-basset hound owner would use it to channel his or her inner mafia too!

Situational Challenge: “My basset smells badly no matter what air freshener I use!”

We don’t know why, but basset hounds tend to pass out gas a lot, much to their owner’s chagrin. Also, they channel some kind of scent that is distinct among hounds. While the basset owner may get used to it, some may not.

If you have a problem with their basset hound’s smell while you’re at their home, giving them a basset hound gift that could mask or take away the scent is one way to tell them about it without offense.

  • Humidifier

Basset Hound Humidifier Gift

Yeah, we know that the most practical way to get rid of bad smells is to get an air freshener. But if you can provide a long-term alternative, why settle with that, right? Besides, air fresheners are harmful to the environment, not to mention that it is consumable and highly flammable.

Instead of giving your friend a month’s supply of air freshener, provide them with a humidifier. It is cheap, it lasts a long time, and it can add an aesthetic quality to any room-at least if you buy one that has LED installed in it.

To further help your friend, add his or her favorite essential oil such as vanilla or eucalyptus to the mix. All she needs to do is put a few drops of the oil into the water inside the humidifier, plug it in, and voila! An air freshener that not only keeps any room fragrant and relaxing but also helps in moisturizing your friend’s skin! This one is not just the ideal basset hound gift. It is the best human gift as well!

  • Vanilla Woof by Pepper & Tanky for Dogs

Unfortunately, your friend can’t always lug around the humidifier if he or she plans to bring their basset hound around for a walk. That is when perfumes come in.

Vanilla Woof is an Eau de Parfum spray made from France. Because it is made from one of the best perfume manufacturers in the world, you can be sure that this formula is strong and fragrant enough to ward off any basset hound’s “hound-y” smell away. This is especially useful during weeks or months when your friend’s basset hound is not yet scheduled to take its baths. Just 2-3 spritz can do the trick.

Situational Challenge: “My basset wants to swim, I am actually worried his short legs won’t make it possible!”

Basset hounds have shorter legs compared to other breeds. This makes them unable to swim since there is a likely chance that they might drown. For basset hound owners, the opportunity to teach their dog how to swim may remain just a pipe dream. That is unless you step in and save the day.

  • Personalized basset hound photo book

Yes, posting photos of your friend’s basset hound on Instagram and other social networking sites preserve the memory of the event and their pooch’s face. Still, nothing beats a real photo album or book you can touch and scrutinize up close. Aside from that, batteries die out, social media accounts get reported. Photo books, on the other hand, are not. That is if you order it from a photo store that gives high-quality versions of it.

You can ask some photo stores to layout the photo book in designs your friend would sure like, and send them the photos you want in the book. Depending on how intricate your designs are, the photo book can be done in 1-3 month’s time.

  • Maggie’s Way: Observations From Below Your Knees by Bill Stanton

What id you don’t have the luxury of time by your side? What if you are unable to provide enough pictures that can fill up a photo book? Enter Maggie’s Way: Observations From Below Your Knees. This photo book is a compilation of photos of Maggie, a basset hound owned by Bill Stanton, the photographer and compiler of said book.

It’s not just a simple and ordinary book, though. Bill used Maggie’s Way as a way to teach philosophy through the eyes of her basset hound. Your friend would surely laugh, cry, and learn from anything and everything written in it.

Situational Challenge: “I can’t get enough of basset hounds MERCH! I WANT MORE!”

Yes, we know basset hounds are just plain adorable, and your friend can’t get enough of them. Luckily, there are lots of stores that offer basset hound shirts, mugs, keychains, tote bags, even shoes that feature this wonderful dog breed.

If your friend is one heck of a basset hound lover, any merch that has a basset hound as a design is the top basset hound gift for him or her this holiday season.

Great Gift For Basset Hound Owner:

  • Dog life jackets

Did you know that there are life jackets especially made for dogs? Yes! This is a perfect basset hound gift for aspiring swimmers in any dog breed. You might have to estimate the right size, though, since you can’t really tell your friend that you’re planning to surprise them by buying a life jacket for their pooch.

Situational Challenge: “I Definitely miss my basset hound terribly while out of home! What can folks like me do?”

Basset hound owners who spend most of their day at work instead of at their pooch’s side know the struggle of a long-distance relationship, at least figuratively. After all, who can’t resist a basset hound’s sad puppy eyes and slobbering kisses? Even you do!

  • Personalized mug

Personalised Mug - A perfect gift for Basset Hound Lover

If your basset hound owner-slash-friend is a coffee or tea lover as well, then he or she would love to receive a mug with their pooch as a basset hound gift. Now, they can enjoy a steaming cup of their favorite beverage while staring at a cute photo of their basset hound baby. That would surely put a smile on their face!

  • Custom stuffed dogs

So we found a company that makes custom-made stuffed toys for owners who want a toy version of their pet. The Shelter Pups is an organization that rescues dogs and puts them in suitable homes. Creating custom stuffed dogs is one way to fund their charity work. To avail of their service, you can fill out an order form you can find on their website.

This includes sending a photo of the dog you want to mold the product to. If you can’t provide one (which would be a surprise since your friend most likely has tons of photos of their pooch in their social media accounts), you can give certificates as a basset hound gift instead!

They also provide one on their website. You might have to hurry and make a pre-order though. The holidays are coming, and they tend to receive a massive influx of orders during this season.

Tip: Your friend can either use the custom stuffed dog as a basset hound ornament on their desk-one way to remind them of their basset hound at home. Or, he or she can give it to their pet as a toy. Either way, your friend will surely love to have a mini version of their pet around.

Situational Challenge: “I want to give my basset lover friend a unique gift and personalized? Ideas, please?”

Yeah, we know giving mugs, picture frames, and an alarm clock with basset hound designs are so overrated. Why not make your basset hound owner friend’s holiday extra special by giving them a personalized gift? Here are some ideas.

  • Specialized dog drool towels

Dog Drool Towels - Basset Hound Gift

Unfortunately, no technology is available yet to make the drooling of a basset hound manageable. For now, giving your friend a new and fresh set of towels made especially for this problem could temporarily save them from replacing their old ones.

Situational Challenge: “Tell me WHY, please! Why is my lovely basset shedding so much! It’s out of control now!”

If you are always visiting the home of your friend who has been a basset hound owner for too long, you probably know the struggle of having to remove all the fur that remained stuck on your clothes. You also probably saw it clinging on their furniture and carpet. Finally, you have probably witnessed how difficult it is for your friend to clean it all the time even though he or she is tired from work.

Final Word

Okay, what if after scrolling through this long list of recommendations, you still can’t decide what to give your friend? Maybe you don’t know what the most challenging problem he or she is facing as he or she takes care of a basset hound. Or perhaps he or she already has all of these items (highly unlikely, by the way).

What to do then? Two words: just ask. In the end, you would much rather give something that would be of use to your friend. To be sure what exactly he or she needs, it is okay to ask for a wishlist. The gesture is, after all, universal during this season.