It is not without reason that the Beagle Hound is ranked as the fifth most popular breed by the American Kennel Club. The adorable hound has come a long way from hunting down small prey like rabbits in the UK hundreds of years ago.

Popular for its friendly nature and inquisitiveness, the Beagle is the perfect pet for families, with kids and other pets. Due to its popularity, there is every possibility of misinformation which may often lead prospective pet parents into making the wrong choices and settling on a Beagle Hound mix.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect, and what you need to know to give your pet the right atmosphere, diet and care.




Beagle Hound Nature: Temperament, Personality and Compatibility

Despite its origins as a scent hound, the breed has earned a reputation as being one of the happiest, outgoing and lovable pets.

Beagle Puppies laing with Ball min

Beagle Hound Happiest, Outgoing, and Lovable Pets Pet parents love naughty pets, and the Beagle will not let you down with its antics, most of which may be angled for food. The breed is determined, and this has got to do with its origins as a hardy scenthound, hot on the trail of hares.

It may, therefore, take a little bit of effort to train the Beagle. With patience and perseverance, it is possible to transform your pet into a well-behaved, well-trained, adorable, and energetic pet. Like Basset Hound, the Beagle is quite compatible with children, and other pets.

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Behavioral Traits that need to be Watched!

As a purebred scent hound, the Beagle is most likely to follow his/her nose and wander off in pursuit of strong scents. This is a trait that owners will have to put up with and take adequate care to ensure that the pet does not move out of open fences and homes. 

You are most likely to find the Beagle with his nose down in the ground trying to sniff his way into something. Another distinct characteristic that you need to watch out is the probability of howling. Boredom and lack of attention may see your pet regaling the occupants of your home with a howl.

While you may be used to it, and may, in fact, begin to like the tone, the same cannot be said of the neighbors who may find it a nuisance. You need to keep him occupied with playthings, or you need to engage him in some kind of activity.



Beagle Hound Nature

Beagle Puppies Always like to Engage any kind of Fun Activity Do not be misled into believing that your Beagle is underfed, by looking at its efforts to steal food. It has a die-hard habit of trying to eat anything that appears interesting.

How to Identify a Healthy one

Beagle Hound

The Good Pet among Beagle Puppies for Sale There are many characteristics that will help you to identify the right pedigree of beagle puppies. Here is a quick look at how you can identify some of the characteristics.  Though it is true that the manifestation of characteristics may change with maturity, you can discern the distinct traits of a good pet among beagle puppies for sale.

The Head and neck

The head needs to belong with a nice broad cranium. The ears should be of a length wherein the tip comes as close as possible to the snout when face down. The eyes either brown or hazel in color need to be set apart and are typically large in size.

The eyes typically have a fixed expression that is adorable. The snout is large and open with the jaws set level. Ensure that the upper and lower rows of teeth are aligned perfectly.  This will ensure that the bite is right and will not cause any future dental problems to your pet.

The neck is nice and strong, rises easily, not too long, of moderate length. The underside of the neck needs to be free from any skin folds.


The Coat and Legs

The coat is ideally close and hard of medium length. A coat that is either too soft, or thin is considered to indicate a not so healthy pedigree. Like a hound that is given to pursuing prey, the Beagle carries power in its legs. A healthy pet will generally have strong hips and thighs, packing in muscles. 


The Beautifully White Tipped Tail

Beagle Puppies Playing in the Grass

White Tipped Tail made Beagle breeds Cute & Beautiful A purebred Beagle will sport a white tipped tail. The tail is generally held high but is not to be inclined forward over the back. This trait was initially meant to help hunting parties keep the hound in view when in dense vegetation on a hunt.

The Beagle Hound Mix Ideal Color Combination

As a hound, the standard color of a Beagle is generally that of any hound color. The most popular ones are tri-color, which essentially is tan, white and black, with purebreds generally considered to have the black covering up as a saddle on the back, with the chest, legs and belly in white.

The tan covers the head and area around the black on the black. There are no rigid parameters when it comes to coloring, it is more of a standard that pet owners follow. The Beagle Puppies is sometimes wrongly and interchangeably referred to as the Basset Hound by individuals unaware of the difference.

This could be because of the apparently similar characteristics of the two breeds at first glance. However, both are different varieties of Hounds. Read the Difference between these two breeds: Beagle Vs Basset Hound

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Care Tips For Beagle Puppies

Unlike other breeds, the beagle does not have an unpleasant odor on its body. The only possibility of odor is when the pet dirties itself in the mud or dirt. It is therefore essential to give him a good bath to keep him nice and clean after a stroll outdoors or in the dirt.

Pet parents need to offer adequate time for exercise and play for Beagles. The hound is basically an indoor breed and it is best raised indoors. Giving them a Suitable Toy for Puppies can be their best things to play indoor.